Beneful Company Synopsis

In 2001 Nestle Purina Petcare created the sub brand known as Beneful. It was an instant hit with consumers and it didn’t take long for the company to become one of the top five dog foods in the world. In 2012 Beneful gave Nestle Purina the most sales, earning about $1.5 billion dollars in revenue. The brand focus has always been the nutrition of their food. Employees and vets test and check the food diligently. The workers are animal lovers and most of them have dogs they feed Beneful products to. They wouldn’t feed their animals the company’s food if they believed it is unsafe.

Beneful has dry dog food, wet dog food, and dog snacks. The company’s dry food brand is called “Healthy” and is made with chicken, beef, vegetables, and grains. It has additional nutrients for dogs that have specific needs to help dogs keep a regular weight, shiny coat, and even increase muscle and cushion joints. There is even a blend designed for puppies to include a highly nourishing ingredients. Beneful’s wet dog foods, “Medleys”, “Stews”, and “Chopped Blends” were made for dogs who have trouble eating dry food or have digestive problems. They have different textures but are all made with either chicken, pork ,beef, lamb, salmon, or turkey mixed with vegetables and rice. Beneful also have snack brands called “Baked Delights” and “Healthy Smile”. The come in
cheese, bacon, and peanut butter, which were tested to be a canine’s favorite flavors. They have both crunchy and chewy parts to be good at cleaning and freshening a dog’s teeth. All of Beneful’s products are made with wholesome ingredients that taste good and are good for dogs to consume.

Beneful became popular with humans by using very creative advertisements and were both dog-friendly and human-friendly. A few examples are their commercials that had sounds only dogs could hear, causing them to go crazy whenever it aired, or their posters that were sprayed to smell like dog food, which also causes a lot of interest from dogs. Beneful even implemented interactive billboards in numerous subways. These billboards would react whenever a person got close enough and said person could play a fake game of fetch with a digital dog. Though their advertisements are much more normal now, Beneful still goes out of their way to show that dogs are their greatest concern. Every year Beneful has the Beneful Dream Dog Park Contest where they renovate local dog parks.

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