Banco BMG – 80 Years Strong

Banco BMG has proven itself to be a competitive force in the financial institution world. Founded by the Pentagna Guimarães family in 1930, BMG is one of the longest running, privately held corporations in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Working with individuals in both the public and private sectors, BMG is able to provide financing options from home equity loans for individuals to large business loans for corporations. In 1998, BMG decided to take on another venture and started to focus it’s sites on payroll loans and began leading the industry with their latest operation. BMG’s experience comes from having over 80 years in the Brazilian financial market, while boasting a very conservative credit policy that ensures strong security throughout the banking institution. This is what sets BMG apart from others in the banking industry.

Under BMG’s Vice President Marcio Alaor’s direction, BMG has been able to continue on in the conservative nature that BMG has been known for, while also creating new business relationships that have not only increased BMG’s bottomline but have also maximized the return on shareholders interests. Alaor was also appointed to be the head of their payroll loan department, a decision made in order to maintain independence when making business decisions.

BMG attributes its success to the highly skilled level of talent hired by the bank. Starting with Marcio Alaor, BMG considers their employees to be one of their great assets to their overall success. Teamwork and creativity are encouraged and seen as the solid foundation of what BMG continues to achieve within the credit and financial markets. A bank that started in 1930 as a commercial bank for both individuals and corporations and has stayed strong through wars and rapidly changing financial markets. With BMG’s ability to be just as flexible and change just as quickly with the market, and it’s strong workforce, BMG is able to continue to compete and stay strong in an ever changing industry.

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