Avi Weisfogel supports Operation Smile

Several years ago, a surgeon known as Bill Magee decided to start a charitable organization that would perform free surgeries on children born with facial deformities. Together with his wife who worked as a nurse, the two formed an organization known as Operation Smile. Since the formation of the organization, it has done very well, spreading to several parts of the world.

Over the years, Operation Smile has worked with different countries using their local medical professionals, governments, hospitals and more organization in order to create different surgical care models to help young adults and children who are born with cleft palates or cleft lips.

Every year, the international charitable organization performs medical missions in different locations, and many people benefit a lot from them. However, for these missions to be successful, a lot of money is required. Medical expertise and equipment for use during the medical surgeries is quite expensive, and money is needed to acquire them.

Operation Smile wants to meet the needs of as many children as possible, so it depends on several organization and individuals for funding. Many nations need the surgical help, and this made the organization seek help from people who can.

Avi Weisfogel is a dentist based in New Jersey, and he is one of the people who have decided to start campaigns to help Operation Smile. According to a recent report, the dentist announced that he would be partnering with the charitable organization in order to help the children.

Avi Wesifogel is a respected dentist. He is very experienced in the area, and this is due to the fact that he has worked in the career for several years. He has specialized in sleep conditions, and he has played a significant role in helping other dentists and patients understand the relationship between sleep conditions and dental health. He has started several organization and seminars to train dentists, and his contributions are respected up to date.

Avi Weisfogel chose Operation Smile due to his love for children. He believes that children should be allowed to enjoy their childhood, without worrying about health and any complications. Watch Avi’s educational YouTube video below!

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