Avi Weisfogel Launches Go Fund Me To Raise Awareness Of The Need

Operation Smile is a non-profit program that is set up for people that are unable to afford dental care. This program collects money to help fund the dental programs for people that are low income and poverty stricken. Avi Weisfogel helps individuals by collecting money through the go fund me campaign. Avi is a dental professional that understands things and is trying to help. He is the owner of Dental Sleep Masters and also works with people that are having issues with dental appliances. Invisalign is one of the dental appliances that Avi uses on people that have teeth that are out of align.

On every street in every town there are people that are homeless and doing without things that most people take for granted. Good medical care and dental care are two of the things they do without. It is difficult enough for these people to find one meal a day. They struggle to find jobs that will keep them more than a few hours a week. This does not pay the bills. It does not allow them to have a tooth pulled when it needs to come out. People are doing without care. The Go fund me campaign is going to help many individuals receive the dental help they need. Avi is launching this campaign to benefit the Operation Smile organization. Every penny that comes into the fund will go to help others get the dental help they need.

Operation smile helps people all over the world. It helps people in areas where no one else wants to help. Children born with cleft palates are coming to operation smile for help. The parents are happy to learn that the organization helps people get dental surgeries and dental maintenance free of charge. Operation smile puts their money back into the community. The people are volunteering to help others by riding on the dental bus and serving people in the back alleys and poverty stricken areas of the cities.

Weisfogel is teaching people that it is great to help others in need. He is helping other dental professionals understand what it means to give of your time to help others. He is also helping others understand that a few hours donated each week is not a bad thing to give.

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