Autism Rocks Appoints New Members In Its Board

Autism Rocks is an international organization that was started by popular British millionaire Sanjay Shah. The company was started several years ago, and it is currently based in the United Kingdom, London. The main aim of starting the organization was to create awareness about autism diseases. The organization also wanted to help fund research about the condition, and this way, people and the society at large will understand who is at risk of getting the condition, how to detect the condition early enough and also help the affected groups to access the right centers where they can get help fast.

Recently, the company has grown so large, and the management has decided to add more members in the board so that they can meet the growing demand of the company. According to Sanjay Shah, the founder of the company, the organization is moving to new parts of the globe, and more personnel are required in the daily management of the company. The new people who will join the board are Pete Best and Will Best.

The two new members are brothers, and they are having been in close contact with Sanjay for some years now. They started their friendship when they were still in the university, and they understand each other very well. Shah believes that his two friends are the right people for the growing institution.

Autism Rocks is a well-known invitation-only live concert and also a charity event that raises awareness and donations for autism research. This means that the two new members will be involved in the musical events, funds, and the management of the donation received.

Pete Best is a close friend to Shah, and he says that he knows him very well. He has been in the finance industry for over 21 years, and he has the required experience to handle the finance activities in the charitable organization.

Shah is also the founder of Solo Capital, a boutique investment company that is found in London and Dubai. He started the company after leaving formal employment several years ago. The company has done very well, making him one of the richest people in London.

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