Ara Chackerian: TMS Health Solutions Executive

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to some of the most innovative companies on the planet. One of these companies is the TMS Health Solutions, founded by Ara Chackerian, who is a San Francisco native. Ara wanted to establish his own business, but he has no idea what kind of business he will be starting. He seeks the advice from his closest friends, and they told him that the best thing that he can do is to start a medical business focusing on health. For Ara Chackerian, the idea sounds good, so he decided to do more research about the world of medicine. He found out that businesses in the medical sector earn so much because of their increasing demand, and when he finally decided to build a related medical business, he searched for some tips online and stumbled upon an article talking about the transcranial magnetic stimulation. You can checkout for more details.




The treatment uses electromagnetic waves to treat mental disorders, including depression. Ara Chackerian spent a lot of his fortune to do more sophisticated and detailed research about the treatment option, and he found out a way on how to duplicate the treatment successfully. After he obtained the procedure on how to perform the transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment, he started to build his clinic and invited people with depression to try out his new technology. Some of the first people who have tried his treatment reported that the instance of depression hitting them went suddenly low. These testimonials from the first patients have been reported around the world, and it resulted in his clinic being visited frequently by people having problems with their mind.



According to linkedin, Ara Chackerian welcomed those who wanted to try out this procedure, and he showed the people how it is done. When going under a transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment, the head of the patient will be soaked in electromagnetic waves. These waves are responsible for changing the mood or the personality of a person, in just a short period. Many people who are having clear symptoms of depression have shifted to this new product, and most of them are saying that the results are true and the treatment is making them happy.


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