Ara Chackerian- Dedicating his life to Mental Healthcare

Ara Chackerian believes that ideas come from individual life experience and the making of conscious efforts helps in engaging a person’s life positively. Ara is a serial angel, entrepreneur, investor and a philanthropist. He lives in San Francisco and is the co-founder of the famous TMS Health Solutions and managing partner of the ASC Capital Holdings.


The ASC Capital Holdings is a company that helps in uplifting start-up companies that deal with healthcare provisions while the TMS Health Solutions offers various treatments of the transcranial magnetic stimulations to patients suffering from the treatment-resistant depression.


Ara Chackerian life flows in helping people in healthcare fields with years of expertise in assisting the sector to interconnect with technology for better services. He has a grave concern and interest in matters pertaining youth and environmental developments making him a profound member on various boards around the Bay Area.


Ara Chackerian latest venture is on outpatient psychiatry space that caters to the building of diagnostic radiology centers through TMS Health Solutions. The company aims at providing a new device that helps in treatments of various levels of depression through using transcranial magnetic stimulation. For more details visit Crunchbase.


According to Ara Chackerian, the treatment and technology used by TMS Health solutions have a high potential of becoming the pillar of various psychiatric care. The therapy together with talk and medication therapy offers a practical solution to patients with major depressive disorders.


Ara Chackerian is a strong advocate for ending the stigmatization associated with suicide, and he states that over 100 people lose their lives daily. It’s believed that in America alone over 45,000 people commit suicide each other with the latest case involving celebrities like Antony Bourdain and Kate Spade. Ara states that people stepping up and talking about suicide in schools, churches, and even homes to prevent future occurrences and possible ways of stopping it.


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Ara Chackerian has served his career life in various management positions in different health care and services companies. He is the founder of Embion and Provider links and boasts of being an angel investor in various healthcare companies. Ara Chackerian went to Florida State University for his Business and Marketing degree. You can visit their website


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