Ara Chackerian as an investor to emulate and look up to.

In the business sector, Ara Chackerian is an investor who has created an impact in the society. The achievements obtained are due to his hard work, commitment to change society to be a better place and the passion he has. He has been successful due to his education among other factors. Ara Chackerian acquired his degree in marketing which paved the way for his success in starting and running of businesses.


Although he has invested in other channels, his investments are majorly in the health sector where he pursues the need to improve the industry. Ara Chackerian purposes to promote the medical industry to be more digital and fulfilling. It is for the reason that he has ventured into several businesses such as using his funds to facilitate BMC Diagnostics, funding the realization of more digital healthcare and giving strategies on ways to improve business among others. He gets the opportunity to partner with other investors and physicians to create more employment opportunities. Therefore, he works to reach to the society. Check out to know more.



According to Patch, to reach more people, Ara Chackerian uses the media platform through the use of a blog. At the venture, many people use the media as a source of conveying information as well as releasing new trends. It also helps to encourage and give hope to people to pursue their dreams through the display of data from successful people. For instance, the General Manager of Uber Inc got interviewed as a woman in business to share on a new trend. She has grown to gain a reputation globally due to the latest tendency in the industry concerning technology. The venture has impacted many in the society by making life easy.


Brooke Steger shares her experiences as a motivating factor. Ara gives the outline of her journey in business and ways to succeed. For instance, her start on the industry came after a realization on how to start and run an online business. The knowledge got acquired through the experience of selling products of games online, and she ended up learning how to build a website venturing into the business. Therefore, her story acts as a motivation to those who heed the mentors seen on the blog created by Ara Chackerian.



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