Applying Makeup for Prom Night

Your prom night is supposed to be a memorable event and one thing you can do is look your best with the right makeup. When choosing makeup you want to consider your skin tone, personality and the tone of the event you’re attending. Proms are formal events so you want to wear makeup that is flirty and fun yet still decent enough without looking overly made up. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors and styles of makeup, and you can find some neat inexpensive brands at a drugstore.

Try Lime Crime from Doe Deere

Another idea is to try Lime Crime from Doe Deere. Doe Deere is from Russia but now lives in the States. She is inspired by a desire to be bold in her approach to beauty and she enjoys helping women achieve self-confidence through makeup. Doe Deere’s Lime Crime makeup line is ideal for proms because the colors are bright and many teens enjoy bright colored makeup.

I’m Wearing A Red Prom Dress. Which Makeup Should I Wear?

Here are tips on wearing makeup with a red prom dress. For those wearing red dresses with orange undertones, coral colored makeup complements them well, especially for women with darker skin tones. Red lipstick still works with most red dresses but consider a rose shade to offer a contrast to your red dress. If you’re wearing a deep red dress, black eyeliner goes well with it. The smokey eye look can also be worn with your red dress. If your dress is burgundy, light colored makeup keeps you from looking too punk rock-like at your prom.

Makeup To Complement Pink Prom Dresses

If you’re wearing a bright pink dress, it’s best not to rock a lot of bold pinks in addition to the dress or you’ll look like Barbie. Instead choose makeup with beige, taupe or slight gold undertones so that the focus will be on the way you look in the pink dress. Neutral colored eyeshadow also works for bright pink dresses. Also look for makeup that is based on your skin tone so you’ll have a blended yet not too matching style to the dress. If you’re wearing a deep pink dress, go for bolder and even darker shades. Those with brown or gray eyes can get away with blue or lilac eyeshadow with a deep pink dress.

Don’t Forget Basic Skincare

Before you put on the makeup, you need basic skincare applied to the face. Start by washing your face with a high quality facial cleanser and then apply facial moisturizer to it. Let your face dry before putting on the makeup. If acne is a problem for you, use a strong anti-acne cream in place of regular moisturizer and never pop the pimples since this makes acne worse. Use some natural skincare remedies such as olive oil, mashed bananas, honey, lemon and aloe vera gel for the face since they contain vitamins that improve your skin. With these steps, you will look fabulous on prom night.

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