Another Success for Infinity Group Australia

Infinity Group Australia was founded by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker in 2013. In the last five years, the debt reduction company has experienced rapid growth, as numerous Australians have benefited from their services. Working to reduce debt, improve finances, and secure futures for Australian families is the main goa of the company. Now the Australian Financial Review has published their prestigious ranking list for 2018. Infinity Group Australia ranks 58 on the list of Top 100 Most Innovative Companies.


AFR’s annual list can be found in the Australian Financial Review, which will be seen by over 1.8 million readers. The list, which ranks companies from Australia and New Zealand, has been published for the last seven years, and is the only one of its kind. A group of experts in the industry and a leading Australian innovation consultancy, called Invention, compiled the list of more than 1,000 nominations. Entries were then rated on their effectiveness in addressing the identified problem, the quality and originality of their attempted solutions, the actual impact their company is having on the world, and the culture of the company, as well as other categories.


When accepting the award, Graeme Holm congratulated his team for their passion to do things differently. Holm is witnessing the materialization of his dream of helping Australian families. He started the company with the vision of being a personal trainer for finances. One family at a time, he hoped to help reduce the debt that average Australian’s were experiencing, and help the family develop a plan to invest and secure their financial future.


Infinity Group Australia reviews are positive with families also, as 100% of their clients have been able to pay more on a home loan in three months while working with them, than the client was ever able to do in twelve months on their own. The average client is able to eliminate close to forty thousand dollars of debt in twelve months. Clients are supported every step of the way with available guidance, advice, and services. The services include performance reports issued monthly, detailed reviews of progress, and assistance to develop, adjust, and maintain budgets.


Infinity Group teaches clients to work with weekly budgets, which are cash based. They help families identify wants versus needs, and learn to invest extra money for the future. Although the process is hard in the beginning, just as one might experience with a fitness trainer, once families begin to see the success, their financial stress drops, and there is more time to just enjoy family life. Learn more:

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