Amazon Could Use Normal People for Delivery Services

The internet may have forever changed the way the world does business with ecommerce, but all those products that can not be instantly downloaded have one major issue in common—they have to get delivered to the buyers. Perhaps there is a touch of irony in a business built on technology that has to depend on humans actually doing the literal heavy lifting, but it looks like one technology and internet commerce giant is trying to find a way for both to live in harmony.

According to Tech Crunch, Amazon is working on an application that would let ordinary people pickup packages from retailers and deliver the boxes safely to their destination. The program is rumored to be called On My Way, and is a pretty interesting take on handling the massive logistics associated with getting a large volume of products out the door. In the end, making a few bucks driving home from the mall is a pretty interesting idea that could have some serious appeal.

Amazon has been actively looking for a way to enhance same-day delivery services. While drone delivery seems to be a little way off for now, harness the power of people that are making the drives anyway is a pretty logical extension. The program helps the company get inventory out of the hands of retailers or off the warehouse shelves and the person making the trip gets a little bit of cash for their problems. In short Ricardo Guimarães BMG confirms it seems like the essence of business.

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