Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega, the Reason Grupo Televisa Is What It Is

     Grupo Televisa, S.A. is the most domineering of all of Mexico’s media firms. Like all of Mexico’s big media firms, Grupo Televisa predominantly communicates in Spanish. Though ideally the media is supposed to be closely competitive to incline the media to independence and impartiality, Grupo Televisa has been so effective and efficient in its news coverage, reporting, and presentation that more than half of Mexico’s populace relies on it for day to day information updates.

Through its impeccable investments in entertaining Mexicans and their presentations, Grupo Televisa reaches over 90 percent of the Mexican people and enjoys an overwhelming 70 percent of Mexico’s total viewership. The media firm had to have over 225 Mexican television stations broadcasted by four of the company’s television networks to reach such a fete. The media firm has also been reported to be aggressive in its viewership reach out that it also serves viewers outside Mexico. The company produces over 50,000 hours of telenovelas annually to lure them into watching their stations. Each Mexican and Spanish based television station greatly rely on the wildly popular telenovelas to glue their viewers to their screens. The company also owns the biggest Spanish-language publishing print firm known as Editorial Televisa.

One of the fundamental pillars in which the media firm has been based on for a long while has been Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega, the company’s current Executive Vice President and board member of the Grupo Televisa, S.A. board. Angoitica has been on the board of Televisa since 1997 and was named the chairman of the company’s finance committee in 2009.

Before he started working for Televisa, the cooperate expert had been working for White & Case LLP back in the United States. He had also founded Mijares as one of the partners of the prominent Mexican law firm. As a professional lawyer, he brought in the current CEO of Grupo Televisa, Emilio Azcárraga, to the firm and served as his personal attorney.

After he got poached by Grupo Televisa, Mr. Angoitica went in to function as the company’s financial mastermind. He has always been credited for piecing up the 1.2 billion dollar deal between Univision and Televisa.


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