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Well known to people like Tim, Mr. Timothy D. Armour, is the Chairman, Executive Officer and the Administrator of Capital Research and Management Company. Mr. Timothy is a leader and has been serving at the Capital Group Companies Inc. as the equity portfolio manager. Tim joined the group of companies in 1983 where he began his career working as a participant in the associate program and he has a vast experience in investment.

Timothy Armour began his career serving as an equity investment analyst at Capital Group where he was responsible for covering the international telecommunication as well as the United States services companies.

Timothy Amour was elected as the Chairman of the Capital Group together with other seniors’ members of the management committee. The leadership succession in the organization has been in existence from way before, and it was formalized after the passing of their Former Chairman Jim Rothenberg. During his appointment, Tim said that they were all mourning the death of their colleague Jim and that he was a talented leader who took significant action in the best long-term interest of the organization, their clients, associates as well as investors. Tim did not forget to mention that they owe their success not only to the dedicated team that works for the company but also their customers and associates. Mr. Timothy is a degree holder in Economics from Middlebury College.

Tim took the leadership of Capital Groups when the organization was taking top responsibility in the market. Capital Markets has collaborated with Samsung to advance active investment strategies for institutions as well as retail investors in Korea. The partnership is meant to pave the way for the upgrade its powerful equity investment capability. Timothy Amour said that their long-term plan is to majorly co-design the investment solutions for the purpose of fulfilling the savings, insurance as well as retirement plan of investors in Korea.

Tim is also a financial advisor, and in September 2015 he gave his opinion on the market violation that was sparked by China. Tim said that the United States had experienced six years of Bull Run and other parts of the world were not left out. During the Bull Run the United States markets were fairly valued and the valuation was stretched for some companies as well as sectors. Tim did not forget to mention that the market correction was not unexpected. According to Tim having market predictions is healthy, and it helps to remove pockets of excess.

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