Accounting Company IC System

The IC System Company was created in the year 1938. The Business recently celebrated its 80th year in production. The office atmosphere is productive, peaceful, and professional. A variety of accounting solutions are provided for clients. The IC system practices a set of important values at all times. These five values are people, performance, innovation, pride, and integrity. People in this Business are always treated with respect and loyalty. Performance is when they deliver exceptional results. Innovation is when employees create new ideas to profit the Business. Pride is when everyone does their best job possible. Integrity is always doing the right things. Employees are rewarded when seen displaying any of these skills. The leaders of the Company give out Core Value Awards to their workers several times a year. The IC System has seen the positive effects this reward system has on the Company.

Jack and Ruth Erickson founded the IC System. This Company offers several kinds of financial and accounting services. The Erickson family has owned this Business for over three generations now. The IC System is known for being Innovators in the accounting Industry. They offer receivable recovery services to clientele. Erickson’s Company is well known for a professional achievement they had in 1968. They were the first accounting agency to put desk top computers in place of type writers. This new technology helped make the IC System more productive and efficient.

The IC System has head quarter offices in the State of Minnesota. They provide financial services to clientele and customers. Their solutions are honest, profitable, and simple. Customers trust the IC System with their money. Clientele have long standing relationships with this profitable Company. The IC System is known for being an award finalist for three years in a row. The accounting award that they are finalists for is called the BBB Torch. The IC Business has shown for over 80 years why they have been so profitable (Tcbmag). They continue to be providers for management, financial, and accounting services. The IC System is a very profitable Business that continues to grow more successful every year.


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