A Helpful Guide To Writing A Wikipedia Article

To some people, editing existing Wikipedia articles is the order of the day. You may be among those I am talking about, but it does not matter since Wikipedia gives its users the right to edit unprotected pages. But let us make that a topic for another day, for now you are ready to write your own article. Writing your own article requires some few guiding principles to make the entire process smooth. This article will explain what is expected of you and what is not. When you commence on writing your article, you can use the Article Wizard to help you through toe process.

Some few guidelines that may help include:

1. Creating an article will require you to have a registered account where a username and password will be needed. Unregistered users can, however, submit their articles for revision and publishing at the Articles for Creation project.

2. Wikipedia accepts only subjects that are worthy for inclusion. If you are not sure whether your article is subject to inclusion, you can enquire at the Wikipedia Teahouse. It is recommended that you search Wikipedia for an existing article similar to your topic and practice making edits. Editing Wikipedia pages prior to writing our own article helps you learn the editing basics.

3. Gather references – reliable and verified sources are only used as references to exhibit notability on your article’s topic. Sources should be steady and continue to be in use for a long time. Books and news archives are the most recommended sources as compared to internet-based sources such as a simple web search.

4. Ask for feedback – you are at liberty to ask for feedback on articles you would prefer to create in various places such as the talk page of a similar WikiProject or the Teahouse.

5. Create your first article in your user space – you can commence by placing your new article on your userspace subpage. Ask other editors to assist in working on it, once it is ready place it in the “live” get onto Wikipedia. You can only move your article to the main article space when it is set for prime time.

Note that articles that fail to meet notability policies and verified published sources are at a higher chance of being deleted. Avoid writing articles about anything that is of your interest such as your company, yourself, your friends and controversial content. Short articles and copied content are also not allowed.

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