A Brief Overview of Forefront Capital

Forefront Capital is an international financial services firm that joins with its subsidiaries to provide investment banking, capital markets services and investment management. Forefront attracts highly influential and respected business leaders. Forefront has a number of private and public investment vehicles that access market opportunities.

Forefront Capital was founded in 2009. The founder of Forefront Capital is Bradley Reifler. He is also the CEO of the group and of its subsidiaries Forefront Advisory, Forefront Capital Markets and Forefront Capital Management.

Reuters wrote that Reifler started his career early in 1982 by founding Reifler Trading Corporation- a firm that dealt with executing global directives. In the year 2000, Reifler sold Reifler Trading Corporation Company to Refco. Reifler is also the founder of Pali Capital, founded in 1995. During the period of 1995 up to 2008, Reifler was the CEO of the company and generated revenues that were more than $200 million, had over 200 employees and had offices in Latin America, United Kingdom, United States, Latin America and Singapore.

Forefront Capital announced in May 21, 2015, that it had launched a seed funding worth $10,000,000 for Forefront Income Trust, an investment organization. Forefront Income Trust generates income from differentiated lending opportunities that are aimed at specialty finance. The Trust deals with areas that are not related to equity markets and are properly collateralized, structured and selected in order to mitigate risk and maximize returns.

The Trust does not charge any management fee and distributes 8% of its net investment returns to the client. Forefront Income Trust prioritizes in the investor and does not make money until the investor has made money. The motto of FIT is that the success of the investor is connected to its own.

Bloomberg tells that an investment in FIT should be deemed speculative and full of risks. Shareholders stand to lose capital and this includes their principal. The trust may also not achieve its investment goal. The shares will not be listed on securities exchange. Therefore, one should not expect to sell their shares because this trust is non-diversified. No investment opportunity is full proof and the same case applies to Forefront Capital Trust. There are a few risks involved but as the saying goes, ‘no risk, no reward’, therefore this should not stop any potential investor from joining the Forefront Income Trust. According to the CEO of Forefront Income Trust, any client’s investments are properly guided to ensure that they get a flow of cash that they can understand and work with

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