6 Things You Didn’t Know About Investment Bankers

Ken Griffin of valuewalk is a common name that will always come up when discussing matters finance and investments. He has over the past 30 years started a Citadel Hedge Fund and led it to achieve international standards. It currently falls among the largest and most reputable hedge funds in the world.

What most people know about Ken Griffin are his achievements, especially in association with Citadel. The fact that he is the sitting president of the company and how he has grown the company from concept to international status is proof enough of his success. However, this article seeks to explore a host of other new and amazing things that you didn’t know about Ken Griffin.

o His Early life and Education;

Despite his acclaimed residence in Chicago, Kenneth was actually born in Daytona Beach, Florida. He was born in 1968, and it is here that he spent much of his early life and school. He, however, graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Economics from Havard University in 1989. It is here that his entrepreneurial spirit was born.

o How did he start-up;

Griffin was an investor in the making since his early life. This came to manifest when he joined campus where he was exposed to money markets. During his second year at Harvard, he started his first hedge fund investing in convertible bonds. His first investment capital amount was slightly above $200,000 raised from everyone around him; Family and friends including his grandmother.

When this became a success, he sought another fund almost $1 million which he also invested. Upon graduation, a certain investor; Franc Meyer gave him additional $1 million to invest on his behalf. In a span of two years, using this and his earlier funds, he had accumulated over $4 million which he used to start Citadel Hedge Fund.

o His love to give;

Griffin is an extremely generous man and is contributing to charity and community-based development projects. He at one time contributed over $11 million for the reconstruction of the church where he worships. Just recently he contributed $150 million to the Harvard University to the department that deals with the need students.

o His interest in politics;

Though Griffin is not an active politician, he has a deep interest in politics viewing it as the make or break tool to a nation’s economy. He has therefore continually funded campaigns for whoever he feels better represents the people.

o Leadership and international bodies:

Apart from being president of Citadel, Griffin also sits on many other national and international Boards and organizations. Among them include being the vice president of Chicago Public Fund Board. He is also a member of the G100, a group of 100 international CEOs that meet annually to discuss world economics.

o His Love for art:

This is interesting. Griffin is among the world’s leading art buyers and enthusiasts. In 2006, he was reported to have bought a piece of art from David Geffen for $80 million

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