Boraie Development And Shaq O’Neal Partner In Transforming The New Jersey Skyline

While the rest of the country boasts of advancements in the real estate industry and how different projects have altered communities and economies, parts of New Jersey continue sinking into oblivion. These include Newark and New Brunswick that haven’t seen a new residential development in over five decades.

The need to revitalize this community and change the narrative has seen Boraie Development, a New Brunswick company, and Shaq O’Neal, a Newark native, come together to establish high-rise residential projects that are now changing the cities landscape. Boraie would establish New Aspire in New Brunswick while Shaq led the development of a condominium tower in Newark.

About the Aspire

Coming up as the most prominent residential feature in New Brunswick, The Aspire is a mixed-use property featuring 138 residential units and over 10,000 square feet of retail. The luxurious residences comprise of spacious studios as well as one- and two-bedroom apartments. Residents here will also have access to a 24/7 doorman and private parking spaces with direct access to the lobby.

Boraie development also designed the building as a live, work, and play environment and features several amenities. These include a state-of-the-art fitness gym with an adjacent Yoga space and working spaces serviced by a highspeed internet and Wi-Fi spots. It also has a sundeck on the rooftop as well as a garden with enough space for outdoor BBQ.

Newark’s Shaq Tower

Even before its completion, the 22-story apartment block in downtown Newark, 1 Rector Street, had already been nicknamed ‘Shaq Towers.’ This was in reference to eth effort and investment made by the NBA legend in transforming his home town’s skyline. Shaq O’Neal had partnered with the state’s leading real estate company, Boraie Development in establishing the luxurious apartments, the first in the city in over fifty years.

The $79 million project will feature over 168 luxurious apartments with Shaq O’Neal poised to take up the top floor. The basketball star mentions that apart om being brought up in the city, he was motivated by his mother’s constant reminder of a time when the city used to be beautiful. To this end, he has also committed to establishing yet another 350-unit apartment in the city in partnership with Boraie.

More about Boraie development

The New Jersey-based real estate company was established by Waseem Boraie, an immigrant doctor from Egypt who moved into the city and took an interest in real estate. His sons have however taken up the mantle and can be credited with the ongoing and ambitious plan of transforming their company and family’s adopted home.

Dick Devos: Businessman and Philanthropist

The airport in Grand Rapids used to be small. Before the early 2000s, the airport’s traffic had died down, despite a revamp in 1999 that changed the airport’s name to Gerald R. Ford International Airport and promised bigger commercial flights. However, ticket sales were still down by 2000, and it was time for the airport to do something different. In order to make those changes, Dick DeVos reached out to the CEO of AirTran Airways.


AirTran Airways had a few terminals at the Grand Rapids airport. Dick DeVos knew the CEO and gave him a call to discuss how they could coordinate a ticket sales boom at the airport. DeVos had an idea. As the son of Rich DeVos, he had been working for Amway at the time as President, but later, he would become an entrepreneur and philanthropist.


Part of his work revolved around making Grand Rapids into a destination and bringing a booming economy to his hometown. His thought was that business travelers would come to Grand Rapids as a conference destination, and he began plans to build up the city in order to attract new businesses and conference interests.


Talking to AirTran Airways was a piece of this plan that would ultimately create the most economic difference for the city and the airport. At the time, the airport was struggling with sales, but once the new destinations were added, the airport’s growth took off. People were intrigued by the new destinations that included Orlando, Las Vegas, St. Louis, and Denver. Just by adding these “convention” city destinations, it was clear that Grand Rapids could take on some new business travelers.


However, much of the sales were also because the new destinations had more family-friendly and adult travel entertainment possibilities. The airport only seemed to benefit more as new destinations and more airlines came to roost, building the airport into a truly international destination transport facility. It would lead to renovations under the Gateway Transformation Project, which just completed its first phase. It cost about $45 million, but now the airport is much larger and has a business traveler’s center, as well as a new food court.


Dick DeVos was recently named to the Management Advisory Council for the FAA because of his achievements with Grand Rapids and the airport. His efforts have been recognized by many in the airline business, including the CEO of Southwest. However, DeVos remains quiet in any political aspirations. He is currently only helping the FAA once every quarter, discussing policies, regulations, budgets, and future growth options.


DeVos has been on the council for a little over a year now while still working with business leaders in his hometown. He will be continuing his efforts with the council for the next year, and he may possibly consider moving into other political circles. He currently joins his wife, Betsy DeVos, the 11th US Education Secretary on Capitol Hill.


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Oren Frank and his contribution to online therapy

Technology has come to make things easier. It has led to many online activities such as e-commerce and now many people can even access online treatment at the comfort of their homes. There are many online platforms which offer training to people on how to handle various health problems and also advises people on the right kind of foods to eat to avoid some health problems such as obesity, heart attacks, and diabetes. Mental problems are one of the health hazards that still remain a problem in society. They disrupt the normal functioning of the brain and is untreated, they can lead to other worse conditions. Read more about Oren Frank at

Many societies view mental problems like a bad omen and very shameful. Because of this, many people hide their family members with mental health problem so as to avoid the shame and ridicule from society. Lucky, the emergence of virtual psychiatric therapy has enabled curb this problem. Many patients suffering from mental problems have benefited a lot form the session offered by the online platforms. The people who offer the psychotherapy are the well trained and certified therapist who offer the right diagnosis that helps the clients. The client can simply communicate with the therapist by simply clicking on the app in their phones.

Talk Space is a mobile app that offers an online platform for clients to acquire the help they need from psychotherapists. The app provides special features that enable communication between clients and the therapist. Oren Frank is the proud CEO of the company and through his leadership; the company has grown to become a great online company. Oren Frank has employed a team of competent therapist who offer nothing but the best services to clients. He has also built a great reputation for the company. In addition to that Oren Frank is credited for designing b2c company which has enabled unlimited communication for the users.



Information about Sunday Riley as a beauty company.

Sunday Riley is a company which is majorly involved with the beauty products. The company provides products that help people to have good looking and smooth skin. Sunday Riley has some fans who are ever impressed with its services, and in most cases, they refer to the company as a smart and high performing entity. This brand, “Sunday Riley” is named after a real person. The person after whom the brand has been named prefers to ever stay behind the scenes. That has enabled the company to grow because most people keep guessing and wondering who the brand has been named after.

Sunday Riley products.

This company is independent, and it is based out of Houston, Texas. Sunday Riley has more than 13 individual products, therefore making it be regarded as a big company. These products have enabled the company to grow because they do meet the expectations of the customers, who are the consumers of the products. All the 13 products provided by the company, are skin moisturizing. It is not easy to confirm that all the 13 products provided by the company will be able to work out for every individual, but the reputation that has been built on these products are worth giving a try on one’s skin.

Among the products which are offered by the company include; Good Genes All In One Lactic Acid Treatment, Luna Sleeping Night Oil, Saturn Sulfur Acne Treatment Mask, among other products. One can access these products through online platforms and some authenticated stores.

Most people on earth have that thing on which they do hold onto so much. There are some who hold on to religion until the religion is regarded as a cult unto them. Some fans have held firmly to the products produced by Sunday Riley until this company has been termed a “cult” to them. This brand has more than 200,000 followers on Instagram.


Sunday Riley products are of great importance to the beauty of any human being, and it is, therefore, essential to join in acquiring one of the products, to give them a try on your skin.