Jazz Up Your Winter Hair Care Routine

It’s that time of the year where we must switch up our hair care routine to battle against the harsh winter days. During this time, your hair could be more prone to dryness with the increase of head-wear and not wetting your hair as often to avoid getting sick. This is a great time to try out more protective styles, products and if you don’t already, including an oil to your regimen. Jojoba, Moroccan and coconut oils are just to name a few that have proven to give luster back to the hair during this season. You’d also want to consider investing in a refresher spray. Refresher sprays are great for bouncing your hair back without having to drench your hair mid-week.

One product that I’ve used recently is Wen by Chaz Dean. I’m sure you’ve all seen the infomercials at some point in time about it. I remembered the diversity of women that gave their testimonials on Facebook about the product, so when my aunt handed me the hair care deluxe kit for my birthday, I didn’t feel too nervous. Like many girls, I’m very sensitive about my hair. Luckily with this brand, I was not disappointed.

The Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner has great slip for my hair and is thick enough to evenly coat my strands. Another plus with this conditioner, is that it made detangling a much easier process. I typically use this as my co-wash within my regimen because it’s good at cleaning out built up dirt yet making my hair feel very soft.
As I stated earlier, it’s great to have a refresher spray during this season. I use Wen Hair Care Sweet Almond Mint Replenishing Spray. It’s very light and misty but I notice the difference it makes after a few sprays. The best part is that it smells extremely good. http://www.wenhaircare.com/en_us/cleansing-conditioner.html

Just because its winter, it doesn’t mean you have to get lazy with your hair care routine. Make it fun by trying out some awesome smelling refresher sprays and don’t be afraid to try a new product that may enhance your regimen this season. For more information, visit wen.com.

Jeunesse Global as the New Fountain of Youth

Jeunesse Global Holdings LLC is a cosmetic company, started in September 2009 by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. The two co-founders had initiated the idea of the company after their retirement from a successful career run of entrepreneurship endeavors. The co-founders created a business strategy for their company in the direct selling industry, that gave an innovative platform for sharing new ideas into the market, also providing training and re-establishing support.


Jeunesse Global offers three types of products. The first being a pair of vitamins known as the AM|PM essentials. The AM vitamins are to be consumed during the day. It includes vitamins A,C,D,B12 etc. The AM formula also includes key minerals, Iodine, and copper. Other ingredients include soy and fish.

The PM vitamins are taken during the night, helping the body restore and rejuvenate with chief nutrients and proprietary blends. Same as the AM vitamins. The PM vitamins contain the same but added ingredients to the AM formula.

The purpose of these essentials is to slow down the aging process. The AM supplements increase energy supply in the body, thus heightening a person’s concentration skills while the PM supplements balance the body’s processes while the person is asleep.


A product tasked with the objective of reducing wrinkles, fine lines and showcases a person’s natural glow.

The Luminescence line contains six products. The products include the Luminescence™ cellular rejuvenating serum, Luminescence™ moisturizing complex, Luminescence™ advanced night repair, Luminescence™ youth restoring cleanser, Luminescence™ essential body renewal and Luminescence™ ultimate lifting masque.


An antioxidant nutritional supplement, blended from superfruits to protect the body against uncontrolled injuries. It is juicy and fitted to be easily carried from place to place. It contains no added sugars, nor artificial colors or sweeteners. The main antioxidant ingredients used are Resveratrol, dark sweet cherry, blueberry, concord grape, pomegranate, and acai. Additional ingredients are aloe vera, grape seed extract, and green tea. The product has been proven to be effective by the CAP-e Test for antioxidants.


How Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade has Helped CAOA to Grow

Brazil is the home of very successful people in numerous departments. One of these is Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade. The businessman is highly reputable in the community, especially because of the role he has been playing as the founder and leader of a company that is known as CAOA. The organization is very popular in the world. With one of the most respected professionals in the country serving as the CEO, the firm has been doing well, getting so much respect as the largest car distributor that is based in Latin America. The businessman has come a very long way in business. Car distribution is not a very easy industry, and in most cases, it attracts personalities who understand how to deal with large capital investments. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade came into the market with very minimal experience, but he has managed to lead a very successful life.

Just recently, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade was invited to share his views concerning the history of CAOA and some of the challenges he has faced when dealing with various companies in the past. The businessman says that his company has managed to conquer the Latin America market, but this has come after a lot of hard work and disappointments from the people he has been dealing with. When CAOA was founded many years ago, it came with so many controversies, and many people felt that it was not going to accomplish so much in the competitive market. Years later, the company CEO has proven everyone wrong.

The secret used by Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is not common in the car distribution department. The businessman and his team invested so much in the kind of partners it was choosing to work with, and this has made it thrive in all the circumstances. In the past, CAOA has managed to work with some of the giants in the market. Although some of the contacts ended in a tough way, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade believes that they helped his company to grow in a positive way. The institution wishes to retain its position in the Latin American market, regardless of the tough situations that keep on coming.

Rebel Wilson Spent Time Learning About Acting Experiences

As long as Rebel Wilson is acting, she knows she’s doing the right thing. She also knows there are things she can do that might make her acting career even better. Although she was satisfied with her career and the success she saw from her various comedy roles, she knew she could do more and be more as an actor.

Her success made her want to try new things and made her want to see the difference in the way she could handle her appearances. It also made her want to do more so she could try things that other actors didn’t have a chance to do. Since she is a plus-sized actor, she knows there are some roles she might have been barred from in the past but she also knows there are other ways she can make a name for herself other than just from comedy. Read more: Stunning Transfprmation Rebel Wilson | The List and Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book

Learning about different acting experiences isn’t always what makes a person a better actor, but it can be helpful. There are things Rebel Wilson learned that made her a better actor and that’s an important part of the way she did business.

For Rebel Wilson, it was important to try things that might help other people see the positive experiences she could use. It was also her goal to keep showing people they could make a difference and that’s a big part of the way the industry works. For Rebel Wilson, trying something new gave her the chance to learn about it and expand her reach. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2018/10/pitch-perfect-4-rebel-wilson and https://www.broadway.com/buzz/194108/rebel-wilson-to-play-jennyanydots-in-cats-film/

Career growth might not always be linear, but it can be helpful for people like Rebel Wilson. She wanted to expand her knowledge and try something new so she focused on roles she never had before.

New experiences made it easier for her to focus on the help she had and the things that would make her career even better. It also made her want to show people they could get more from their acting careers no matter what they had to do or what they put into the experiences they had.

Trying to expand different things and focusing on what they needed to do to help gave Rebel Wilson the chance to try out on her own. It also made her want to see there were things that could create a different environment for everyone who needed her help.

Acting is important to her and she wants to reach out and try different things. She also wants people to understand how hard she worked to get in the position and what it meant to her when she could try out for things on her own. Without worrying about the issues that came from acting, Rebel Wilson felt she had a chance to do even more.

The Chainsmokers Keep Getting Bigger in 2018

The Chainsmokers are known around the world and their fanbase seems to keep growing every day as their accolades increase as well. While their fanbase is one measure of success, the impressive amount of revenue that The Chainsmokers have been able to bring in is yet another. As of 2018, the DJing duo is the 2nd highest earning DJs in the entire world. Some of the music stars that the 2 beat out on the list put out by Forbes include Steve Aoki and David Guetta.

The Chainsmokers was co-founded in 2012 by Alex Pall before Drew Taggart left college at Syracuse University and joined Alex Pall in New York City. The 2 set out to pursue their musical dreams under Adam Alpert as their manager who still has the position today. When Taggart joined The Chainsmokers, Alex Pall left his position at an art gallery located in Chelsea, Manhattan so they could both pursue music as their full-time careers. While Alex Pall wishes that he had a more interesting backstory to the name, it was really just a combination of a love for weed and an open domain name that inspired him.

Their debut album Memories… Do Not Open continues to have impressive sales even more than 2 years after it was initially released in 2016. The album has since gone platinum since it was released and has made it to the top spot on the Billboard list of top dance/electronic singles many times. In fact, it has been in the top position more than every other album but 2 and recently beat out The Gorillaz’ Demon Days for the third spot. While the album had a few hit singles on it like “Paris“, The Chainsmokers’ Memories… Do Not Open is probably best known for “Closer”.

“Closer” was recorded by The Chainsmokers” in collaboration with the singer Halsey. She had already built an impressive following before the diamond-selling single was released, but its popularity sent her to new levels of popularity that she never expected to achieve so quickly.


Expert advice on Investment by Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman, an editor, focuses on the writing of newsletters to offer expert advice on investment and preservation of wealth. He has vast experience in the financial sector having studied Economics and History in his undergraduate studies. He has worked with international bodies and governments offering his input in economic matters. Ted Bauman has learned the relationship between politics and economics over the years, which has helped him in his efforts to provide expert advice to potential investors.

Ted Bauman is the editor of the Bauman Letter and advises clients that unexpected decline in stock prices is caused by opportunity-cost sell and the valuation-level sell strategies, which are based on rules and use of the software. He encourages the investors to concentrate on their plans, develop alternative investment strategies and get focused on achieving success in their investment goals.

Ted Bauman insists that patience is the key to success in investment. Few lucky investors get huge profits within a short time frame, but most successful investors receive substantial gains after some duration of time. He advises potential investors to consider investing in bonds since they are less risky and investors earn dividends on a monthly basis.

Ted attributes his success in expert advice on his ability to research and find new information and trends in the finance industry. He also says that proper time management has enabled him to remain productive in his career as a writer, always dedicating daytime activities on complex tasks. Ted gets inspired by his readers’ tendency to know about national and international economic matters. He says that his goal is to ensure he writes interesting articles that can capture his readers’ attention while also solving their investment challenges. Ted offers solutions using practical examples that are easy for readers to comprehend.

His experience while working as a junior officer has taught him the need to appreciate and value everyone irrespective of their status and leadership rank. Ted advises new entrepreneurs to remain focused to attain their goals in the future since failures will always set in. He explains that his past failures could be attributed to lack of sufficient information on the industry. He recommends people to love what they do and carry out research to succeed in different fields.