Charlamagne tha God : The Power Of Conversation


In a recent interview, with Buzzfeed news, The Breakfast Club co-host and author Charlamagne tha God sat down to advocate and help people understand the issues that people with mental disorders go through. The topic would quickly move to Kanye West and his recent increase in strange behavior particularly during his White House visit with Donald Trump. Charlamagne tha God understands why people are calling him out for his behavior, however, he also mentions that nobody is trying to help him

Charlamagne tha God also shoots down his critiques for being “wack” and “hypocrites” themselves because many in the business advocate for mental illness, however, when someone is yelling out for help people just make fun of him. Charlamange was quoted on Profile” as saying that all these critics do is “Kick him while he’s down”. He would further make a joke about “All Trump supporters must have some sort of mental issue”.

Later, Charlamagne would urge everyone on social media to take what Kanye is saying with a grain of salt, Kanye himself has admitted to having a bi-polar disease which he now claims to have been diagnosed. Overall, Charlamagne tha God states that mocking him and canceling on him is not the answer, instead, we should be urging Kanye to seek treatment.

In regards to his cancellation of an interview with Kanye, Charlamagne tha God said that the message would have been lost immediately, in essence, the interview would be seen as what other crazy things would Kanye say instead capturing the primary message of advocating for mental health.

Charlamagne tha God concludes his interview by saying that the conversation needs to continue, two black men having a conversation is very powerful and can benefit those people other there that might not be too confident in asking for help. Go To This Page to learn more.


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It is a well known fact that the American healthcare system is lagging in many areas. The industry is in a desperate need for innovative individuals to create ways to transform the industry. One person who is passionate about working towards these much needed changes is Deirdre Baggot.

Deirdre Baggot is an innovative and driven person who grew up with a passion for the healthcare industry and helping others. After high school graduation, Deirdre enrolled in college at the Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville. There she earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Nursing. After this, she continued her education at the Quinlan School of Business at the Loyola University in Chicago, where she earned her Master’s in Business Administration degree. Ms. Baggot later continued her education in Denver at the University of Colorado, where she earned her Doctorate of Philosophy.

Throughout her educational career, Deirdre Baggot has also established an impressive career history in the Healthcare industry. She started her professional career as a staff nurse at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. It was during this period that she decided to pursue the business administration educational goals. Find out more about Baggot at Beckers Hospital Review

After completing school in Chicago, Ms. Baggot left the area and relocated to Ann Arbor, Michigan. She lived there for three years and worked for the University of Michigan Health System. Her position there was the Administrative Manager and Business Analyst. She left Ann Arbor and moved to Denver, Colorado where she advanced not only her career but her education as well.

She stayed in Denver for four years before being offered a position with GE Healthcare Partners in 2010. This position relocated her to the Los Angeles, California area. While at GE, Deirdre created and implemented a system that would allow hospitals to bill and receive payments for the services that they had provided. This system allowed the hospitals to save time and money, and ultimately reduce costs to their patients. The system has been so successful that over 200 hospitals in the country have benefited from it.

In February 2018, Deirdre finally realized a goal of her own. She opened her own business, Healthcare Business Strategist. This new endeavor will allow her to continue to share her expertise and innovative programs to the many businesses that operate within the Healthcare industry.

Ms. Baggot is also a well known speaker at many medical conferences that are held each year. She has also been features on several talk shows to share her expertise. These shows have included All Things Considered, Planet Money, and Morning Edition. She was also recently interviews for IdeaMensch.