Steve Ritchie CEO Of Papa John’s

Steve Ritchie, the CEO, wrote a letter to the customers apologizing for the former CEO’s offensive words. He said they do not reflect the company’s values or his personal views. The company will not tolerate any insensitive or racist language. He explained that the company is not an individual person, but a group made of 120,000 corporate and franchise team members. These people are members of their communities who work as local owners and operators. Experts are going to be brought in to audit the company’s culture, diversity, and inclusion practices. Goals will then be set based on their findings. The senior management team is hitting the road to ask employees and franchisees what steps need to be taken to get the company back on the right path. The company will be transparent and Steve Ritchie Papa Johns will lead this effort. The company wants to earn respect from the customers and thank all those who choose to remain loyal to Papa John’s.

Papa John’s website had another letter written by Steve Ritchie before this one that had less of a sense of compassion and direct apology. Steve realized that he made the error and corrected the problem in his second letter addressed to the customers directly. This letter showed vulnerability and a commitment to end such behaviors. He wisely stated that his personal opinions were far removed from the previous CEO’s views and that the company is more than just one individual. He also mentioned that his employees were hard working people who were a part of their community. He has promised to lead the effort and mentioned actions that will be taken in the company.

Steve Ritchie’s letter seemed to be an honest attempt to start the recovery process. This will hopefully be a good step in the right direction for Papa John’s, since they have plenty of competitors. See his latest status update on Twitter.

How To Be Productive According To Ted Bauman

Editor and financial writer extraordinaire Ted Bauman is taking his experiences and helping others with them. With an educational background and work in the non-profit sector Mr. Bauman is a good resource to learn from. To collect all the needed and latest information for his newsletter The Bauman Letter, Ted Bauman a wide spectrum of sources to get a more accurate look at the news. He also likes to use Stock Market Buy that is cheap and that Ted uses himself.

To be the most productive entrepreneur he can be Mr. Bauman does all his work early in the morning, when he is at his best. Luckily, his basement is his office, so he does not have to commute. Once he sends his daughter off to school, he instantly gets to work and writes at least a couple of pages each day. In addition to The Bauman Letter, Ted has two more newsletters called Alpha Stock Alert and Plan B Club. They all keep him busy so staying focused is crucial for him. Ted Bauman is also well traveled. In fact, he lived in South Africa and attend college at the University of Cape Town where he studied History and Economics. Mr. Bauman had a successful 25 year career there working in the non-profit sector, but changed his career when he got back to the United States. His education continued and he earned a BS in Business Administration from the The State University of New York. After that Ted got his MBA in Finance at Georgia State University.

When it comes to his current career as a financial writer, Ted Bauman followed in his father’s footsteps who was also one. Mr. Bauman takes a lot of pride in his work and is satisfied that he can help lots of people keep their assets safe and smartly invest finances. Mr. Bauman currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his family and loves to cook. In fact, the best $100 dollars he spent recently was on a really good rice cooker. He bought it from a local store in Japan and wanted to try something new. It was well worth it and Ted uses it all the time.

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HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm based in Los Angeles, California. Their primary goal is to build up a healthy relationship with clients through education, communication and above all excellent customer service. The firm’s objective is to pinpoint financial risk to enable individuals to take the necessary steps towards their financial goals. The organization believes in providing security & confidentiality to ensure customers are well protected. HCR Wealth Advisors works side by side with customers to keep them well informed on the current market activities and new investment plan opportunities that will fit their budgets. The organization has utilized this course of action for more than 25 years which has proven to be effective.

In regard to investing, as per, HCR Wealth Advisors obtains information from every customer about their finances, goals, and risk-tolerance to fully customize their investment portfolio with a blend of investments. Value investment includes the utilization of both significant (quantitative) and specialized (subjective) analysis. These enable HCR Wealth Advisors to create a multi-discipline approach to its customers.

HCR Wealth Advisors helps clients select investments and strategies that give the capacity to meet their financial goals. The strategies can also include private securities, mutual funds and private funds. Another precept of the group at HCR Wealth Advisors is to draw in customers in their own investment goals, enabling them to be dynamic participants in their wealth management process. These imply cooperating with customers to allow them to comprehend better their current investment plan, possible future and how life decisions can impact their future.

One way the firm connects with its customers is through an online portal. This website, which is offered to each new customer, is utilized to track the portfolio that HCR Wealth Advisors (@hcrwealth) manages and advises, and also any outside investments the customer wishes to include. By viewing their whole portfolio and costs, customers can get a full perspective of their budgetary plan and see their constant improvement towards their investment goals.

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U.S. Money Reserve Receive AdSphere Awards Again

AdSphere Awards honor top network brands and cable advertisers in direct response television (DRTV) field. DRMetrix, the DRTV research company, presents the participants for the competition. Angela Koch, the U.S. Money Reserve chief executive officer, revealed that their focused efforts in the DRTV sector are driven by the desire to provide creative work to the audience.

AdSphere monitors over 120 national networks and more than 7,700 brands. It identifies and awards top companies across a wide range of field categories representing the direct response television industry. The awarding firm also grouped DRTV campaigns in 20 major classes and 145 sub-classes. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Joseph Gray, the DRMetrix chief executive officer and AdSphere Awards founder, stated that the AdSphere Awards appreciates best-of-category promoters across four classifications that include short-form products, brand/direct, 28.5-minute infomercials, and lead generation.

He mentioned that entities that achieve this scale level demonstrate client popularity. Such organizations have exceptional creativity and execute media activities in an extraordinary way. These awards are the most inclusive for the DRTV field as they award around 70 honorees.

U.S. Reserve won the AdSphere Awards after The Perth Mint selected it as the exclusive American distributor of the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2018 Proof Coin Set of the 65th Anniversary.

The low mintage of the 2 oz. made the high honors more significant. The U.S. Money Reserve is distributing Proof Gold Coin, produced by the Perth Mint.

About U.S. Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve is among the largest private supplier of gold, platinum, and silver products issued by the United States was established in 2001 and has reported a positive growth over the years.

Many traders across the country depend on US Money Reserve to spread their assets in the form of precious metals like gold and silver coins.

U.S. Reserve trained numismatic and coin research professionals to equip them with market knowledge on finding products for precious metals traders at each level. The U.S. Money Reserve goes above the set standards to offer excellent customer services. It aims at establishing a lasting relationship with all clients.

U.S. Reserve operates from Austin, Texas. It has won the Best of Category Awards from the 2018 AdSphere Awards for the second consecutive time. U.S. Money Reserve was recognized for its superiority in the competitive direct response television industry. American’s Gold Authority or the precious metals distributor won the title again for Infomercials and Form Products.