Southridge LLC for Your Financial Well-Being

There are a lot of people who have issues with their finances, whether they are an individual with a family or someone who is just trying to get a business started. If you need help with money situations you’re dealing with right now, Southridge is there to help as much as they possibly can. The way that this particular company works and helps their clients is by looking at the big picture while also working on the details of your personal financial situation. This prevents you from having to deal with financial problems on your own and know that you have professional help there when you need it the most. Check out LinkedIn to see more.

According to Newswire, Southridge has been around for a long time and is one of the largest financial institutions in the country. They have two main offices: one located in New York and the other in Connecticut. This enables them to reach a wide range of different clients without the worry that they are missing out on those who need their assistance. The folks at Southridge use a range of strategies so that they can cater to everyone’s unique financial situation. This means that you’re getting a customized experience without paying a fortune just to be able to get it. Many people have used Southridge Capital with great success, and it might be time for you to contact them as well.

Now that you know a bit about Southridge and how they are going to work for you, it is a matter of contacting them or visiting their site for more information. They are available to take your call and help when and if they can with just about any financial problem you’re facing. This might involve enhancing and improving a credit score that has been hit hard due to financial hardship or it might involve getting you ready to open a business and know that you’re going to need help. Southridge has been in business for a long time and is dedicated to helping you get back on your feet financially, no matter how difficult of a time you have been having in the past.

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Waiakea Water Leads The Way To Clean Drinking And A Cleaner Environment

Water is one of the most basic elements of life, and one we have long taken for granted. While the nutritional benefits of water have long been observed, the business of bottled water was once frowned upon. Spending hard earned cash on something you could virtually get for free seemed unreasonable to say the least. However, recent research has shown significant benefits in switching to bottled water, paving the way for a now $100 billion industry.


Today many bottled water companies are now in competition to win the hearts and wallets of today’s consumer. When we purchase bottled water, we are essentially seeking something different from what comes from our kitchen sinks. Some companies promise to provide 100% natural spring water, while others promise high percentages of alkaline and other essentials. (See more info about Waiakea Water on 10 Best Water: Volcanic)


Waiakea Water, a bottled water company based in beautiful Hawaii, is transforming the way we view the bottled water from the inside out. Starting with their filtration process, all the way down to the bottle. Established in 2012, the eco-friendly water company filters every drop of nature’s goodness through the Mauna Loa volcano. That’s right, running through 14,000 feet of porous rock straight to your bottle. How many can have bottled water companies offer that? Waiakea water also contains the RDI of silica, magnesium, sodium, and potassium, which contribute the high pH of Waiakea water.


Waiakea Water also prides themselves on sustainability and has committed themselves to riding our oceans of plastic waste through the world’s first of fully degradable bottles. Waiakea Water only use the highest quality RPET to make our bottles, bottles that are also BPA Free. Think about it, so many bottled water purchases mean that so many of those bottles end up improperly disposed of. When this happens, the wildlife who call the oceans home is greatly affected. By switching to fully degradable bottles, we can all do our part and significantly reduce the amount of pollution and irreversible damage that we are bringing upon our own environment. Waiakea Water has also won awards in the industry including Good Morning America and the World Beverage Innovation Award.


Finding a company that truly cares about their audience and their environment is rare, but Waiakea Water is leading the way. Click Here for more information.



Richard Blair Helping Austin, Texas Community with Sound Investment Solutions

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions. The main objective of the company is to offer investment solutions to people within Austin, Texas. Wealth Solutions allows clients to increase, protect and manage their assets. Richard Blair is highly experienced when it comes to investment solutions and has various qualifications and accreditations such as CES, CAS, CFS, and RICP. His dream has always been to use education and knowledge to help people become financially free. Wealth Solutions is based in Austin, Texas and operates as a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) company


Wealth Solutions works in a very strategic manner in the sense that it has a three-level financial plan that it uses to serve its clients. According to the Richard Blair, every individual has the capacity to create wealth. He believes that all a person needs is a solid plan which will make it easy for them to attain their financial goals. His aim is to provide sound investment solutions to the people of Austin, Texas. To achieve that objective, Richard came up with three pillars that are meant to help clients achieve their financial goals.


The first pillar is specifically designed to assist all clients to draw a financial

roadmap. The main purpose of this pillar is to analyze a client’s financial status and determine his or her goals, strengths, growth opportunities and the ability to withstand risk. This first step is crucial because by understanding the financial background of a client, the company can easily help in designing a financial roadmap for them.


The second pillar, on the other hand, is designed to help clients in developing long-term strategies that suit their specific needs. This pillar is specifically designed to a client’s liquidity investment goals as well as liquidity needs. It is at this stage that Blair reallocates assets to ensure maximum benefit in a client’s portfolio. Richard Dwayne Blair also ensures that his client’s investments risk level is kept low.


Finally, the company has a third pillar where Richard takes care of the client’s insurance needs. This is after analyzing a client’s financial needs and helping him or her develop an appropriate financial roadmap. The insurance includes life insurance, long-term care, and annuities.Click Here for more information.


Richard Blair’s passion for providing investment solution services was influenced by his childhood background. Both his mother and grandmother were teachers and as a child, he could see how the power of knowledge could transform the lives of other people.

Igor Cornelsen And The Importance Of Diversifying

In order to succeed, it is important to diversify. While people may tend to put all of their eggs in their basket, they will be more willing to diversify if they are aware of the opportunities that are available. When people are more aware of all of the investments and other activities they could do in order to earn the money that they need for comfort, then they will find it easier to succeed. There are a lot of things that one could try. This is why it is important for one to look at a ton of opportunities that they could get involved in. Learn more Igor Cornelsen at Tumblr

Igor Cornelsen himself knows all of the opportunities that people have in order to profit. He knows the advantages as well. One of the advantages that people have when they are aware of all of the opportunities is that they are better able to find something that works for them. To make things better, they could improve their chances with the other opportunities. This makes it so that they will have a better chance at success. This is one of the reasons Igor strongly recommends diversifying on one of his tips. Igor himself has diversified.

When it comes to investments, one could even diversify from stocks towards other types of investing. One could invest in bonds and certain accounts that gain interest over time. When one manages to get a steady stream of passive income going, then he could be a little more comfortable with the amount of money he is gaining. One thing that could be said about passive income is that it could come in handy at times when someone is tired from all the work or is out of work. Igor Cornelsen sees a lot of advantages with passive income. One would be missing out if he did not give it consideration. Read more:

The Multi-talented Glen Wakeman

Aspiring entrepreneurs have a lot to learn from the successful path and experience of Glen Wakeman. He holds a degree in Finance and Economics from the University of Scranton. He was committed to the course and consistently followed this path of professionalism to his popularity in the business world today. Glen is driven by a constant desire to match ideas and money. This led to designing of software that helps in interpreting data with respect to planning for the business ideas (Dailyforexreport). As the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, Glen strives to mentor and walk the journey with startup companies to their success. He also inspires budding entrepreneurs to give back to their community even as they strive for growth and expansion of their respective business companies.

Glen Wakeman worked with GE Capital for approximately twenty years as a strategist in both finance and economics. As the company’s CEO, he managed to grow GE Capital’s assets to more than $12 billion. By the time he was leaving GE Capital for LaunchPad, the company had expanded its operations to nine countries equating to at least nineteen thousand employees. During his time at GE Capital, he founded Nova Four that he still uses as a platform for his mentorship programs to startups. The endeavor is also a source of his capital that attributes to his constant and consistent growth (

Besides, Glen Wakeman is a talented writer. He runs business blogs that are rich in information mainly tips for successful startups. In addition to this, he shares insights on technological advancements, emerging markets, and trends in the industry. Glen Wakeman is renowned for his passion and talent in investment across the world. Despite his popularity, he still makes time to share his experiences and success tips through blog posts. According to the LaunchPad Holdings CEO, maintaining and expanding contacts of friends and acquaintances is the secret to success in entrepreneurship. He demonstrates that first source of funds and consumers of a startups products or services are usually friends and acquaintances. The wider an entrepreneur’s network, the higher chances of faster growth. Glen Wakeman hopes to use machine learning as a solution to business problems.


Chris Burch Venture Capitalist

Chris Burch, is an investor and entrepreneur. Burch is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, a company that he founded. Burch Creative Capital is a privately owned investment company located in New York. Burch is also the co-founder of the popular retail brand Tory Burch. However, it is his role as a venture capitalist for which he is most well-known. Chris has more than 40 years of experience in entrepreneurship and he utilizes this experience to make viable investments. Burch Creative Capital assists new businesses with seed capital. His company is responsible for the development of more than 50 businesses and the company’s commitment to innovation is unmatched.

The companies that Burch Creative Capital has invested in include a wide range of industries. These companies include everything from luxury resorts, to a raw food company and a health company (  This commitment to investing in diverse ventures has proven to be a winning strategy for Burch Creative Capital

As a venture capitalist, Burch has established himself as a savvy investor who looks for creative business ventures in which to invest. For Burch it is important that the company provide entrepreneurs with resources and wisdom that will assist them in succeeding. Burch asserts that the company is passionate about assisting entrepreneurs because their success is pivotal to economic growth and the products or services entrepreneurs provide are valuable to consumers. Without the presence of investment capital many businesses fail.

Burch is also known for his own creativity as it relates to gift giving and charitable donations. He is philanthropic in his approach to assisting a broad range of charitable organizations such as The Child Welfare League of China, Mt. Sinai Hospital and The Henry Street Settlement. Burch’s philanthropic efforts have been instrumental in insuring that communities across the world have access to the resources they need to live a healthy successful life. Regardless of his endeavors as an angle investor,Burch has also maintained an entrepreneurial spirit that allows him to see the potential in certain business and make investments that allow those businesses to thrive.  Read more of his entrepreneurial insights on

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Ted Bauman Skeptical About Bitcoin’s Future

As of late, Bitcoin has become one of the most widely talked about and sought after products in the investment world, and while the prospects associated with Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency as a whole seem to be on the upswing, there is one significant factor that may lead to its early demise – Bitcoin is slow. The editor of The Bauman Letter, Ted Bauman recently asked his readers to envision a time when Bitcoin has become mainstream, and it is needed to execute a quick transaction. Well, the problem is, at its current capability, a single transaction might take minutes, or even hours, while traditional credit card institutions, such as Visa, can process most transactions in an instant. If the technology for Bitcoin to catch up with traditional outlets isn’t created soon, it may not be able to compete over the long haul. Visit Ted Bauman at for more info.

As the editor of Banyan Hill Publishing’s Alpha Stock Alert, Plan B Club, as well as the Bauman Letter, Ted Bauman has had an extensive background in finance throughout the course of his 30-plus year career. While he was born and raised in the Washington metropolitan area, as a young man, he decided to emigrate to South Africa, where he would attend the University of Cape Town, garnering degrees in economics and physics. Once he graduated, Mr. Bauman decided to enter into the nonprofit sector, where he worked as an executive fund manager for nearly 30 years. In 2008, Ted Bauman returned to the United States, taking a position with Habitat for Humanity, where he worked in a directorial capacity regarding the International Housing Program. After a short stint, he joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013, choosing to delve into the world of writing and research on a full-time basis. As an expert on economic solutions, Ted Bauman utilizes his experiences traveling around the world, in which he visited more than 75 countries, to divvy information regarding how to safely invest your monies in different places. Mr. Bauman is a regular contributor to a number of international publications, including the Journal of Microfinance, Cape Argus, the Cape Times, and Small Enterprise Development. For the book, “Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally).” he recently collaborated with his father – former United States Congressman, Robert Bauman. Today Ted Bauman resides in Atlanta, GA, with his family, where he works mostly from his home office.



NetPicks Prepares Forex Traders to Trade

Forex can be rewarding and even a fun challenge once you have mastered the art of trading. Until then though, do not quit your day job. Since the advent of electronic trading, people have been flocking to forex brokers to open accounts. Most of these beginners struggle right from the start only to eventually surrender concluding that they cannot outsmart the market.  Guiding tips on

The forex market is huge. It is massive considering the amount of money which moves through it daily – $5.3 trillion. The market is decentralized and retail investors (small investors) own just 5.5% of it, constituting $282 billion every day. The big banks and institutions control the lion’s share of the forex market.  Read a relevant article,  click

However, a retail investor can be very successful trading forex. Most simply need guidance. It would be nice if you could go to Wall Street and hire a trading coach, but that is probably not practical. What traders can do is take advantage of NetPicks. In 1996 expert forex trader Mr. Mark Soberman founded NetPicks to help people new to trading.

NetPicks makes use of their video-based training regimen to get traders to think about the forex market as the pros do. The program covers all the bases, from fundamental to technical analysis. NetPicks coaches are available to reinforce the information learned from the videos. Each coach is an active trader with years of experience as well.

The program encourages traders to understand that trading is all about managing risk (  Preservation of capital and thinking defensively is contrary to the way most traders tend to approach the forex market. Mark Soberman is helping many new and aspiring professional traders to level up by adjusting their trading mindset.

NetPicks is not only useful for novices. Traders who have struggled in their trading have also benefitted by applying the concepts in the NetPicks training program. Sometimes it is just a minor fault in a trader’s approach which is holding him or her back. Your trading plan must first deliver what is known as “positive expectancy” if you are to succeed as a trader. With coaching and a solid system “positive expectancy” is what you can expect to achieve.

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Adam Milstein: Innovator, Inspirator

Adam Milstein, the Israeli-American philanthropist and real estate broker, has been known for his donations and participation to charitable causes for decades.


In 2000, Adam Milstein, a native of Israel, and his wife Gila, established a foundation for students with Jewish heritage to connect with the Israeli state to establish a bond that further connects them to Israel and the Israeli and Jewish people. He is co-founder of Sifriyat Pijama B’America, an organization that provides free books in Hebrew to teach Jewish values to children in the United States.


Adam Milstein has been an active member of the fight to stop anti-Semitism, in the United States–in particular on college campuses–internationally, and around the world.


As a writer and podcaster, Adam Milstein has vehemently opposed the Boycott, Divestment and sanctions Movement, which is bent on perpetuating the Palestinian cause, despite international law.


Milstein has long been a supporter of the Jewish people and of the Jewish movement. He supports the freedman of all people everywhere, but in particular, Milstein’s areas of endeavor have striven towards helping the Jewish people both in the United States, Continental Europe, and in Israel.


As a resident of Encino, California, Adam Milstein is an active participant in the local Jewish community. He and his wife, Gila, have three daughters and three grandchildren. Adam Milstein is the recipient of the American Friends of Magen David Adom Humanitarian of the Year Award. He has been listed among the 25 most influential people on “Jewish Twitter,” as well as the “Top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life.” Refer to This Article for more information.


As part of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation’s Innovation Competition, college and high school student’s ca apply for a scholarship of up to $15,000 for pro-Israel aspects, or for fighting anti-Israel aspects on campus.


Finalists will present their ideas during the Milstein Student Reception at the 2018 AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, D.C. on Sunday, March 4th. For more information, got to


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The Fun of Reading on The Tips From NetPicks

Making trades in the market could be very fun, especially if they turn out to be one of the favorable trades. However, these types of trades are a little rarer than someone on the outside looking in would think. Instead of just jumping in blindly into Forex, Binary Options or any other method of earning from the market. The best thing to do for people who want to earn something from trading is to read about it ( The best places to go in order to read is online. When looking for content to read online, the best place to go is NetPicks. Reviews on

When people visit NetPicks, they can go to the menu and look for the link that says trading tips. They just have to click that and then they will be taken to a page that has all of the content they need for learning how to trade. The content is regularly updated and features plenty of information about trading. These articles range in topic from finding a good trading strategy to figuring out to adjust to different market conditions. (  With all of these articles written by experts, reading these can be the difference between success and failure in the trading markets.

People get to increase their chances of profiting in markets such as Forex, Binary Options, Stocks and plenty of other markets. All the newcomers have to do in order to make sure that they are successful is read their content. This is the first thing to start. Another thing to do is find a way to get practice on the markets so that a better sense of how to do things is gained. Afterwards, people are able to make attempts to bring about some fortune from their trading. NetPicks is definitely good for helping people start their own revenue stream.

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