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Many people already know that success in business depends on your knowledge of the market and favorable conditions when it comes to supply and demand. It’s also a well-accepted truth that if you can’t beat them join them. But sometimes, reality can get a little bit complicated when it comes to competing in business. And, this is specially true in the case of Amazon and the businesses already in place that compete with it. The waves and ripples that Amazon causes in the business world, due to its innovation and cutting-edge technology, make it a force to be reckoned with, to be sure.

However, there are other businesses that take the successful model Amazon uses to turn their own profits. So, when it comes to the truth that if you can’t beat them join them, there may be a clause that most people aren’t aware of. That is to say there maybe a little bit of wiggle room when it comes to whom to join in the fight to stay afloat in the business world. For example, there are three companies feeling a bit of a pinch from Amazon profits, but they are not exactly ready to fold and throw in the towel. For example, the retail chain Walmart is innovating its ways of meeting customer needs. They are offering more convenient ways to shop in store and also deliver certain items to their customer’s front door. Learn more at Seeking Alpha about Jess Yastine

EBay is another online business that stays competitive in the way of cutting-edge production cost. It already has a number of warehouses and a network of customers in play. The companies Kroger and Grainger are also key competitors when it comes to standing up to the Amazon behemoth. They are both offering cashier-less checkouts also known as U-scan equipment in their stores that make getting what customers need easier than ever before. It’s all about customer convenience, in cutting out a niche market in today’s technology-based economy. More info about Jeff Yastine at

What gives these companies a good chance of standing up against an Amazon is the fact that they already have their stuff together. They need very little work or fixing up, so all they have to do is take the right steps. Pointing out these little facts is something that Jeff Yastine does for a living. He is an educated man with credentials from the University of Florida. He is an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing and has experience with the Oxford Club. His experience with these organizations is more than enough to make him an authority, when it comes to investing opportunities. For more updates, visit:


ClassDojo: A Benchmark In The Educational Technology World

Today we live in a world wherein technology plays a significant role in society. It is used as a tool to be more productive in everyday routines and activities. There are significant transformations and evolutions in the technologies used by people. One of these advancements is the transformation of mobile phones. Mobile phones were used before as a medium for communication. It was mainly used for making phone calls or sending messages. Today, mobile phones can help you become more organized and productive. It allows you to gain more communication and information around the world with just one click. This is possible through the usage of mobile applications. Mobile applications are made to cater to one’s needs may it be for work, business, leisure, personal and education.

As versatile as a mobile application can be, the real challenge is to create an application which caters to the needs per sector. In the area of education, there are many educational technologies (edtech) available in the application world, but only a few meet up to their objectives and mission to create a communication platform between the students, parents, and teachers.

There is an application in the mobile app world which creates a parent, teacher, and student communication platform. The application named ClassDojo enables teachers, parents, and students to easily share and communicate regarding the activities, progress, and other school-related issues. The application can create a positive culture of classroom and schools. It is in fact considered as a ground-up change in the tech and the mobile app world. It is used in approximately 2-3schools in every neighborhood in over 180 countries including the United States.

The application ClassDojo had been a tool in creating community awareness and empowerment to educational sector of technology. ClassDojo’s success is because of the team it is composed of. The team behind ClassDojo is made of skilled, professional and experienced people with a broad background in education. They are also experts in the world of social media and the internet.

For ClassDojo, having a “wow” factor is not enough to consider an application something relevant. The relevance of a mobile application is measured if it meets the needs of the users and as well be able to give its primary objective – communication and empowerment.

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End Citizens United BackingConor Lamb to Dethrone Republican Tim Murphy

The elections need to be fair and transparent for the right political candidate to win and for the population to trust the government. These days it is seen that the political candidates who are supported by wealthy individuals and corporations are winning the elections while the ones that have no corporate backing fail to impress the population or win the elections. The elections are becoming glamorous affairs where millions of dollars are spent in the United States to woo the voters and the amount of money being spent on elections continues to increase with every passing day.

The Supreme Court gave a verdict in 2010 in the case of FEC and Citizens United that gave individuals as well as corporations the freedom to spend an unlimited amount of money in the elections. It said that any entity could spend their money as they wish to support the political party or candidate of their choice. End Citizen United is a nationalist PAC that was created by Tiffany Mueller in the year 2015 with the aim to overturn the campaign finance rules. She believes for the elections to be fair and neutral in the country, the campaign finance rules needs to be reformed. It is how the honest and just political candidates would be elected without the manipulation that is done by the large-scale corporations with their money.

The End Citizens United aims to do their part by backing the political candidates who are for the reform of the campaign finance rules. The PAC collects money from the common people across the country and uses the money they raise to support the political candidates of their choices. It helps the honest politicians who don’t have the backing of the large-scale corporations get the necessary funds to fight against the massively funded politicians. Each year End Citizens United announces the list of politicians they back, and this year one of the politicians who is running for the 18th Congressional District in the Special Elections is Conor Lamb.

Conor Lamb is a Democrat who is standing in the special elections against the Republican Rick Saccone. The fact that controversies have surrounded Rick Saccone would be helping Conor Lamb in the polls. Moreover, the track record of Rick Saccone has been questionable as even after being an anti-abortion activist; he asked his mistress to abort his child. The End Citizens United has announced that it would be supporting Conor Lamb in the elections but so far has not yet come out with the exact figure of how many funds they would be channeling in funding his election campaign. The support provided by EUC can be constructive for the 33-year-old Conor Lamb, who has been gaining massive support from the masses in the region and more

Susan McGalla Helping Women Achieve their Career Goals

Everyone needs a bit of guidance and mentoring during their career to achieve success, and Susan McGalla believes that it is more important for the women in the otherwise male-dominated industry. Susan McGalla has achieved success in the corporate circle in a reasonably short amount of time due to her performance and ability to outperform the competition time and again through unique marketing and business strategies she has been able to devise and implement with precision. Currently, Susan McGalla is the Vice President of Pittsburgh Steelers Inc for Business Strategy and Creative Development. In the past, she has also held the position of CEO and President at Wet Seals Inc and American Eagle Outfitters Inc respectively.

Susan McGalla feels that it is crucial for the women today to follow their dreams and have a plan to achieve that. She believes planning is critical to achieving success, and that women should begin their preparation with focusing on education. Susan McGalla says that women should not go after small jobs, but instead focus on completing their studies and get degrees from reputed universities. Susan McGalla says that good educational background is the key to success in the corporate world, and women with the credible educational history would be able to achieve higher positions in the organizational hierarchy with ease.

Susan McGalla said that what companies need these days is to recognize that women are equally capable and responsible enough to handle top positions and to give them the opportunity they deserve. To accelerate such a trend, the companies should have in-house mentoring programs that would help the women get the essential advice from time to time to achieve what their target career goals. Mentoring programs are known to be more efficient in comparison to women support initiatives and groups that have been existing for years without making any real difference so far.

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If Jeff Yastine Says It, You Should Probably Do It

If you need investment advice, Jeff Yastine is the man you should talk to. He is the editor of Total Wealth Insider and became the editorial director of Banyan Hill publishing in 2015. Prior to to this he spent 17 years working for PBS as the senior correspondent for the nightly business report. That job allowed him the opportunity to learn a few things about investing from successful business people like Warren Buffett. His time on the show centered around teaching people about investing and giving them advice about potentially successful investments. Throughout all of his work he has adopted many different perspectives and covered various scenarios, explaining how they affect business. He’s covered everything from natural disasters to the housing market crisis in the mid-2000s. More info about Jeff Yastine at

Currently, Yastine is opening people’s eyes up to one investment that might be particularly successful in the coming years. He is encouraging people to invest in something called “Regtech”. The term “Regtech” refers to regulatory technology. Essentially, regtech companies use blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and other high-tech software to help banks and other companies ensure that they are following all the laws the government asks them to abide by. These days, more and more regulations are being enforced, which means it takes more and more resources to make sure they are being followed. Check:

In fact, it is projected that by 2020, banks will be spending about $120 billion per year in order to make sure that they are indeed complying with all of the regulations they are expected to meet. Presently, there are less than 100 small enterprises paving the way in the field of regtech. This means that investors have the opportunity to really get involved now, and potentially make huge profits over time. Though regtech will cost Banks less than their previous means of following regulatory practices, regtech companies will still being seeing so much more business that it would be smart for a person to invest in them. Jeff Yastine is the winner of a Business Emmy Award whose reputation speaks for itself. If he advises that people invest in regtech, it is wise that people give the idea some serious consideration. Learn more at Seeking Alpha about Jeff Yastine


Ian King’s Bright Career Path

When it comes to Ian King’s work, ethnicity he never has a boring moment. He is known by many as being a very passionate entrepreneur and cryptocurrency trader. Along with that, he also has well over two decades of experience in both analyzing and trading in the financial markets. Due to his passion that King has in the crytoasset market, he has become known as being one of Investopedia’s top contributors on the subject. His passion also lead him to be able to invent an innovative program that is good for helping everyday investors navigate through the likes of ripple, bitcoin, lite coin, monero and many more crypto tassels.

King’s career first began when he started working at Salomon Brothers as a desk clerk. Over time he managed to move on to being a credit derivative at Citigroup. It was after working at Citigroup that he then spent over two decades trading options in Peahi Capital as their head trader according to


In 2017 Ian King decided that it was time for his next career move and started working at Banyan Hill Publishing. There he was able to help their customers better understand the burgeoning crypto market. As of today, Ian is currently one of Banyan Hill Publishing’s weekly contributors towards the Banyan Hills Sovereign Investor Daily. With his contributions, he keeps all the readers up to date weekly on the latest crypto developments. As of today, King is working on being able to produce a crypto trading course, along with an investment advisory that he hopes to make available to the readers very soon.

Ian King states that he has been thinking for a while of a way to make digital money easier to access. He said that his whole thoughts on this idea first started after the end of the financial crisis. This was when the Fed decided that they wanted to lower interest rates all the way to zero. It was then in 2012 that King first put his idea into action. This was done by him first off meeting with a startup in Silicon Valley on At the time they were piloting an e-currency that would help to allow central banks to be able to print and also distribute a digital form of money. Since that day Ian King has been hooked on working harder than ever to continue to build on his first idea that helped lead him onto his career path today.

Roberto Santiago Career in Business

Roberto Santiago is a popular Brazilian who wears many hats. The businessman and entrepreneur has managed to thrive even in the competitive market. Although he has done very well in the market, people do not understand that Santiago has had humble beginning just like all other people. Roberto Santiago believes in the notion of starting low and working hard to get to the top. Roberto Santiago name has become a household in Brazil because of his dedication and passion for business. At the moment, Santiago is a role model to the people who want to become wealthy. His success story has motivated many people in the society.


Without the right education, it can be challenging for a professional to become a name in the modern times. Santiago has managed to attend some of the respected learning institutions in the country so that he could lay the foundation for his career. According to his resume, the businessman had the opportunity to study at an organization known as Pio X-Marist College in Brazil. While starting his education at the school, the businessman did not know that he was going to venture into the business world. Later on, when his passion for this department increased, the businessman decided to go back to school. This time, however, Santiago chose to do a degree in business administration at the University of Joao Pessoa.


After graduating from the university, Roberto Santiago got an opportunity to work at the prestigious Café Santa Rosa. Working in this company gave the businessman the experience he needed to successfully run a business. By the time he was leaving the organization, Santiago was ready to start his firm and make it successful. After several months, Santiago started his company so that he could supply packaging materials to manufacturing companies in the region. Thanks to the success of the organization, the businessman got enough capital to venture into the real estate world. The successful investor was fortunate to purchase a piece of land in one of the strategic locations in Joao Pessoa. The piece of land has made him one of the most respected individuals in the country at the moment.


After buying land in the year 1987, Roberto Santiago started the construction of a modern mall that would bring all the shopping stores consumers were looking for. In just two years, the large mall opened its doors to investors from all walks of life. The mall is called the Santiago Manaira Mall, and it has been operating since 1989. Over the years, the institution has increased its services and facilities to consumers, making it one of the most visited areas in Brazil. Despite the challenges in the market, people have invested a lot of wealth in the facility, and they have become successful.


Tony Petrello- World’s best business executive

Anthony Petrello is among the best CEOs from the United States. He is the CEO and president of the oil and drilling firm, Nabors Industries. This firm deals with the drilling of natural gas and oil. It is the best firm in the industry. For the time it has been in operation, there has never been a better time for the company like now. The company is currently the largest drilling company in the world. Nabors Industries boasts of great drilling technology that is applied in its operations as well as having the best drilling rigs in the industry.

Nabors Industries under the management of Anthony Petrello have been great. He is the person who has managed to transform the fortunes of the company. Before he joined the company, it was a normal struggling company. He came up with the energy that was needed to push the company to a higher level. Since he joined the company, everything changed. The company started recording improvements. The once-struggling company was expanding its operations to far and beyond. Nabors Industries is located in Texas. It has operations in more than 25 locations all over the world. Mathematics, Law, Business, and Charity: The Unique American Dream of Tony Petrello

Nabors Industries success has never come easy. It has resulted from the commitment of the management team. Led by Anthony Petrello, the management has made substantial changes in the company which has influenced the success that we see today. Anthony Petrello has implemented a strategy of acquisitions as a route for the development of the company. This approach has enabled the company ward off competition as well as helping it expand its operations to more countries. Nabors Industries have been on a constant trend of growth. This growth is expected to push the company higher and higher. The Real Story Behind Anthony Petrello’s Success as CEO of Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello has managed to drive the company into another level of success due to his ability to be innovative. He is a brilliant manager whose approach of coming up with innovative and new ideas have made Nabors Industries the best company in the world. As a business manager, he leads from the front. He has managed to succeed due to his personal efforts of establishing working methods to push this company to new frontiers. With new drilling operations in almost every corner of the world, Nabors Industries is expected to remain in a development path.

Stream Energy Looks to Clean Up the World!

Stream Energy is a dynamic company that provides energy, wireless, and other services to its clients in a proficient and cost-effective manner. The company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and was founded back in 2005. Have you ever wished for less smog to breathe in during your daily work commute in traffic? Do you wish for a company that cares about the environment as much as it cares about being profitable in this world? Well look no further than Stream Energy!

Stream Energy has placed an emphasis on clean renewable energy that is cheaper than the more expensive coal alternative that we see used in other states. Now Texas is not know for its clean energy policies like California where they have emissions policies in place but all that is changing in the future. Stream Energy has capitalized on the deregulation of the energy monopoly industry that was in place in Texas before and that allowed them to be at the forefront of the state’s new energy economy. Learn more at Weekly Opinion about Stream Energy.

How is Stream Energy different from all of the other energy providers in the state? Well first thing is that Stream Energy sells its energy products and solutions directly to its clients using its resources of independent clients to make a difference in all of the communities its serves in the state and beyond. This has allowed it to quickly grow into onto of the top selling energy clients now holding at around 8 million US dollars in profit. Stream Energy uses clean energy as solar, wind, or natural gas in a way that is safe for the environment and cost effective for the people whom its serving on a day to day basis. Read more at about Stream Energy.

As coal manufacturers and producers face rising costs of doing business, Stream Energy looks to fill in the gap by providing low cost-effective energy to a wide range of clients to include executive clients who represent a growing business sector for Stream Energy at this present day. Stream Energy will continue to innovate and lead the way to clean up the world by using clean energy in the state of Texas and beyond!


Jeff Yastine, a Financial Editor cum Journalist

When it comes to stock summary analysis, Jeff is a pro in the area. His predictions have been reliable to stock markets investors for quite some time, barely missing a prediction. His latest prediction on mergers acquisitions just made a high return over December just before Christmas. It was such a beautiful Christmas gift for those who invested in the area.

For 2018’s investment, Jeff Yastine focuses on Embraer and the Amazon competitors. Despite of having a 30% windfall by Embraer, Jeff explains that it is not the end of it as the Brazilian government is likely to sell its piece and as the biggest shareholder, it is going to sell at a good price.

The US retail sector is a place to look for as Amazon face competition from other global competitors. Several internet retailers are pairing against Inc. A focus of retail companies such as the EBay, the Kroger Co. and the W.W. Grainger Inc. though not the fixer uppers but profitable and successful companies will be promising.

According to Jeff Yastine, the three companies are expected to report a profit of not less than $ 15 per share and a 2% as dividend to its shareholders. Therefore, if one wants to invest in the market and have promising returns, they should consider these three Amazon.Com Inc. competitors.

Jeff Yastine serves at Banyan Hill Publishing as an Editorial Director. He is a successful journalist and editor of Total Wealth Insider. Out of his outstanding reporting, Jeff has been in a position to interview some of the most successful figures and from such interviews; he has been able to borrow knowledge which he shares in his publications.

His journalism career had seen him get nominated for the Emmy Award for extensively reporting on public infrastructure. He focused on infrastructure that was crucial yet underfunded bringing into light what could have otherwise remained unnoticed. He also formed part of the team of NBR journalists in 2002 who won the Financial Journalism Award of Excellence from the Society of Public Accountants in New York State.

He contributes weekly to Banyan Hill’s Winning Investor and Sovereign Investor Daily. His wide journalism experience helps him to easily identify opportunities which he publishes in these journals giving investors a breakthrough in what, where and when to invest in order to gain profits. He has been able to warn investors on markets which are likely to attract losses so as to keep off such markets.

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