Whitney Wolfe Herd Creates a Better Social Media Platform

The dating app competition is really heating up. Whitney Wolfe Herd is the person that is really making it possible for more people to look at dating apps as a feasible way to find a mate in this new and exciting dating app atmosphere. There has been a stigma attached to dating apps in the past, but Whitney Wolfe Herd is the young attractive entrepreneur that has made women take a second glance at dating apps. Men are finding that this is a great app for them to consider because it provides a whole new way for people to embrace the concept of dating and letting the woman make the first move.

This may be the most exciting thing about this dating app. The fact that women can make the first move changes the course of everything. A man does not have to fall into the pressure of coming up with some great first line because the woman has to speak first.

Whitney Wolfe Herd was on the innovative side when she came up with this, and it appears that she is still stepping on innovative stones to social media by expanding the app with Bumble BFF and Bumble Biz. Whitney Wolfe Herd is a recent newlywed that is showing singles that there is a chance for love.

A plethora of people that look at her wedding are pleased to know that the creator behind the Bumble app is someone that actually believes in love. It could have been easy for Whitney Wolfe Herd to keep her private life private, but she is the dating app aficionado that appears to wear her heart on her sleeve.

Before Whitney Wolfe Herd started Bumble she had ideas to create an app that would address bullying. Instead she created the dating app that would help with minimizing sexual harassment and stalking through dating apps. She is doing her part when it comes to making women feel safer when it comes to the dating app environment. This is something that she has been passionate about from the start, and her common sense approach to creating a dating app has allowed her to gain a considerable amount of success in a very short time frame. Whitney Wolfe Herd is creating an environment where people are getting excited about dating again. She is changing the entire face of the dating app community, and this is working to her advantage with young single couples.

Gregory Aziz: The Jewel of World Manufacturing

National Steel Car is one of the biggest and best achievements titan Gregory James Aziz has every accomplished. It stands as a monument to his ingenuity and focus. Greg Aziz, or as he is sometimes called James Aziz, began his life in London, Ontario on April 30 of 1949. He was born into the very focused family behind Affiliated Foods. Aziz knew that when he grew up, he wanted to go into business for himself. This influenced his education because after he attended Ridley College, he majored in Economics at the University of Western Ontario. This education, as well as his family experience, helped create a star in the manufacturing industry.


Though Aziz wanted to go out on his own, he started at Affiliated Foods. While there he helped grow the company to become a leading importer of fresh food. They would import from locations such as Europe, South America, and Central America. This early success solidified his work and after 16 years with Affiliated Foods, he decided that he was ready to make something for himself. He began spectating opportunities to find something that would match his goals perfectly, that was when he found National Steel Car. Dofasco had decided to sell the company and in 1994 Aziz bought it from them.


The company had been a great freight car manufacturer in its day, it enjoyed a wonderful reputation and for many was even seen as a national treasure. While James Aziz wanted to preserve that history for the company, he did not want to ride on past successes. For him, this new venture was about proving himself and National Steel Car as the innovators they had the potential to be. He started looking at the manufacturing process and increased the workforce. The company only had 600 employees when he started, but Aziz grew that to almost 3,000.


Today, National Steel Car is one of the world’s leading railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing companies. It has put itself back on the map and earned the darling reputation it has enjoyed over the years. The company can produce over 12,000 cars a year, a substantial difference from the 3,500 it previously created. This increase has not caused a lack of quality. National Steel Car has held the TTX SECO highest quality award for their products since 1996. They are continuously adjusting their products to be sure that they always come out on top. National Steel Car is not only productive but a jewel in world manufacturing thanks to Gregory Aziz. Read This Article for additional information.

The Future of Money With the Oxford Club

The Oxford Club is a private organization located in Baltimore, Maryland. The company was founded in 1989. The company consists of investors and entrepreneurs. The Oxford Club has more than one hundred thirty thousand members. The goal of the group is to provide the members with the best ways to expand and extend their wealth for retirement purposes.

The Oxford Club has a monthly newsletter for their membership. It provides the latest trends and investments. The Oxford Clun is owned by The Agora and has expanded their services to more than one hundred countries worldwide.

The recommendations of The Oxford Club cover every facet of the market with a system that has worked for the Oxford Club in the past. Such things that are looked at by the Oxford Club are things like stocks, bonds, equity funds, real estate, and currencies. In an interview with Investment U, Adam Sharp explains what initial coin offerings are and Altcoins. Altcoins stands for alternative currencies.

As the interview opens Adam talks about the different types of Altcoins in the markets today such as Bitcoins and Litecoin. Sharp says that investors want to try to find something different and new in the market in order to expand their wealth potential. He says there are many other currencies out there besides Bitcoin. Currently, Bitcoin is the only currency with an open source. This means that the users of Bitcoin can use the code in any way, shape, and form. Bitcoin was one of the first Altcoins to hit the market and others have followed in its path. Bitcoin had an ICO or Initial Coin Offering in 2013 but not much has happened until now.

Sharp says that when Bitcoin first came out it dominated the Altcoin market. In three years the influence of Bitcoin has decreased to only half of the Altcoin market. Altcoins are becoming the future currencies of the market a little at a time.

This is one way that The Oxford Club can take a look at future trends. It can help investors make the right choice for themselves and grow their wealth.

Affordable and Quick Designer Siteline Cabinetry Available

An incredibly convenient new cabinetry service is available now through Siteline Cabinetry. This affordable cabinetry manufacturer offers high quality products that are affordable and easy to acquire. This service allows homeowners to design their own cabinetry without the long wait and expense that other brands require. Siteline only sells their unique products to authorized dealers. These dealers offer their services in assisting buyers in selecting the exact cabinetry products that will suit their personal needs and individual budget limitations. Siteline only requires a 4-5 week lead-time that differs from the extended time periods that other cabinetry makers require.

The selection with Siteline products is vast. While some of their services utilizes prefabricated materials, customers still have plenty of beautiful product choices that can be fully customized to specification. This company offers over 270 original products and gorgeous finish choices. Working with a qualified dealer ensures that customers will receive expert help, and this also enables customers to minimize the downtime when the cabinets are ready to be installed. These dealers also will install the chosen cabinetry or subcontract with a company proven able to complete the job right. Customers get the privilege of designing needed cabinetry for their kitchen, family room, home office, garage or laundry station.

Customers are loving this simple and low cost way to add spectacular looking cabinets to their homes that can be designed to provide customized storage functions. This company launched in 2015, but the man behind this brilliant company has been in the business since 1973. Pat Corsi believes in providing homeowners with products and services that fit into their lifestyles. His small company has now grown to over 200 employees, and Corsi has several manufacturing sites in two states currently. He started his business by catering to the individual home designer. Siteline continues to fulfill his original vision.

Customers can pick from 40 awesome door styles and numerous accompanying details. Siteline Cabinetry offers various decor styles from modern to traditional and every style interpretation in-between. Homeowners can get cabinetry that works in kitchens, bedrooms, game rooms and attic, basement or garage spaces.

How Gregory James Aziz Transformed National Steel Car

National Steel Car is a railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering company based in Hamilton, Ontario. Gregory J Aziz is the man at the pinnacle of leadership at the company. He was born on April 30, 1949, in Ontario London. He went to study at Ridley College and then went to the University of Western Ontario for his major in Economics.


Immediately after school, Greg Aziz started his path to success in their family food business, Affiliated Foods. He assisted the company to become a renowned importer of fresh foods in the world especially in South, and Central America and Europe. Most of the commercial raw foods markets in Eastern Canada and the United States depended on supplies from Affiliated Foods.


After working in the family business and seeing its transformation, James Aziz left London to seek new challenges in New York. Greg worked for various investments firms but later found himself with an opportunity to own a business. Gregory j Aziz was able to acquire National Steel Car from Dofasco, with an objective of introducing a once successful Canadian engineering company into the North America’s freight car manufacturing industry and reclaim its lost glory. Through a substantial capital investment and increase in the number of employees from 600 to 3000, the company was able to raise its manufacturing capacity from a minimal 3500 freight cars per year to 12000 per year. James Aziz was able to maximize National Steel Car’s capabilities by encouraging teamwork, innovativeness, and hard work. Click Here for additional information.


National Steel Car now tops the list in the railroad car industry. Its persistent chase for excellence in manufacturing and engineering has enabled the company to build new more advanced railroad freight cars every year. It is the only freight car manufacturer in North America that has received ISO 9001:2008 certification.


Gregory Aziz is also a philanthropist and is committed to charitable works. Together with the family, they sponsor the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Canada’s biggest and most attended agricultural fair. National Steel Car is part of the Hamilton community and thus gives back to it. It sponsors the Salvation Army, Theater Aquarius, the United Way, the Hamilton Opera and other local charities. Every year during Christmas, led by Gregory Aziz, National Steel Car organizes a party for the employees and their families; they also conduct a massive food drive for local food banks.

View Source: https://remote.com/greg-aziz

Obsidian Energy Contends in a Competitive Oil and Gas Exploration Industry

Obsidian Energy produces gas and oil and is an intermediate-sized company. Its portfolio consists of high-quality assets that total up to 3000 boe a day. The company believes that its approach is the right one for delivering expected results for customers. Obsidian is also proud of its entrepreneurial spirit that allows it to succeed, thus far, in a highly competitive industry.


Obsidian Energy views itself as a company that operates from a base of discipline and passion to provide customers and shareholders with steadfast accountability. The company also takes into consideration its impact on the environment and communities in which it conducts operations.


Obsidian Energy was originally known as Penn West Petroleum Ltd. It changed its name to Obsidian Energy on June 26,2017. The company made numerous changes as Penn West Petroleum. Obsidian has several subsidiaries including Canetic Resources Trust, Endev Resources Partnership, and Sifton Energy Inc. Currently, the company has approximately 300 employees on staff. Those changes have brought the company to where it is today. Smart changes allow for the company to grow and maintain market share in an industry where players can quickly be eliminated for under performing.


Health and safety are also critical elements of the company’s mission. The company designs its programs and operations to protect itself and the environment. Obsidian’s management team commits all employees to safety training and operations improvement. Go To This Page for related information.


One way to survive the competitive landscape of today’s oil and gas industry is to take full advantage of sensor proliferation, big data, reality modeling, asset performance analysis, and 3D technology. This is all with respect to declines in oil production, cutbacks, and price changes across the industry.


Oil and gas companies must make exceptional use of technologies and processes that can keep them above water. This will aid them in staying agile and innovative even in challenging times. the likely trend will be more CEOs and CIOs working together to share information, knowledge, and even digital advancements. Obsidian Energy should continue to make an industry impact well into the future.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obsidian_Energy

A Life Line Screening Bone Density Screen Is a Quick and Painless Way to Determine Your Risk for Osteoporosis

Bone minerals like calcium and phosphorus assist in building bone tissue. Bone tissue gives bones the strength to withstand any pressure that can lead to fractures and is continually being lost and ideally is regenerated at a rate that keeps the bones strong.

Healthy bone density is between -1 and -2.5. When bone tissue regeneration does not keep pace with bone tissue loss your bone density can fall below -2.5 indicating a condition known as osteopenia a precursor to the more serious osteoporosis. Healthy bone tissue appears mostly solid, with what might be described as pinholes in it. In people with osteoporosis instead of pinholes, there are gaps in the bone tissue.

Those who have osteoporosis are more susceptible to fractures. Yearly, two million broken bones in the US alone are attributable to the disease. It is estimated that in the next eight years broken bones resulting from osteoporosis will generate $25.3 billion in medical costs.

Life Line Screening is now using Bindex the latest bone index screening technology. Bindex is a product of European medical equipment manufacturer Bone Index Ltd. As with all Life Line Screenings, the object of a bone index screening is early detection to help avoid a more serious health issue.

Initially, osteoporosis is symptomless so it is important to know that risk factors include being postmenopausal, a tendency to consume large amounts of alcohol, and a sedentary lifestyle. Low calcium intake tobacco use, and being small framed are additional risk factors. Hispanics, those of Asian descent, and Caucasians are especially at risk for osteoporosis.

If you fall into one of the at-risk groups listed above or are experiencing sudden back pain, deteriorating posture, loss of height, broken bones (fractures of the spine, wrist, or hip are of special concern) you should schedule an appointment for a bone density screening during one of the 15,000 screening events that Life Line Screening holds nationally.

During the quick and painless screening, Bindex will measure the middle one-third of the surface layer of the tibia (shin bone) using pulse-echo ultrasound technology to measure bone density and determine if you have or are at risk for osteoporosis.

There is no special preparation involved. Don’t wear pantyhose because the screening will involve removing your shoes and socks. Individuals who have osteoporosis or risk factors for it should be screened yearly.

To know more click: here.

Matt Badiali: Offering Investment Advice On Natural Resources

     Matt Badiali is a celebrated geologist having acquired adequate knowledge in the field. He studied at Penn State University where he graduated with a degree in Earth Sciences. He was an excellent student who was determined to succeed in his career. Matt decided to further his education by enrolling for Masters in Geology at Florida Atlantic University. After completing his studies, Matt joined the oil and mining industry where he started his career.

Matt is a strong believer in gaining more knowledge in his area of specialization. He has created extensive networks with teams, individuals and companies. He is dedicated to conducting research that would be beneficial to other experts in the field and form a pool of knowledge for scholars and investors. Matt is not only hardworking but has proved to be a reliable and keen individual who exercises diligence in his work. He has put much effort in ensuring that the information he relays to his readers is accurate and one collected through site visits.

In his career as a writer and geologist, Matt has travelled to various countries among them Iraq, Haiti, and Turkey. He has been involved in the drilling process in oil and experienced firsthand the mining of metals. He is also interested in agriculture and has reviews on several crops that he finds fascinating in his travels. Matt is passionate about his work and keen in ensuring the growth of his profession.

Matt has worked as a geologist with over twenty years of experience in the field. He also has vast experience in hydrology and consulting. He was involved in environmental issues where he offered consulting services to companies. Matt has grown his career into a respected investment consultant in metals, oil and other natural resources. He is a writer for the Banyan Hill Publishing where he offers advice to readers on investments in precious metals and natural resources.

Matt has written various articles on investment and the future of the oil industry. He joined Stansberry Research in 2005 as an editor for the Stansberry Resource Report. At Banyan, he contributes to the monthly issue by offering the readers information on investment. Matt’s articles available at medium.com include an article on corn. He asserts the declining prices of corn in the US market that was not expected by farmers. He is however optimistic that the prices will increase towards the end of 2017

The Expansion of the Child Education through PPP

The current mayor of the Marcelo Crivela has an objective of creating 20,000 chances in the daycare centers and the other 40,000 in the pre-school by 2020. This is meant to be achieved by the help of Public Private Partnership (PPP) that will provide services like construction and maintenance. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, who has a special knowledge in the infrastructure, says that the PPP is still carrying out feasibility studies.

The idea of PPP is similar to the first one that was conducted to schools in Brazil. Felipe Montoro Jens notes that the program is not new, especially to those who associated with Marcelo Crivella’s government.

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) has been hired for R$2.3 million and will provide the consulting services for the whole project. According to Mr. Jens, he says that IFC is a major non-governmental segment development organization in the upcoming countries. The institution employs financial resources, proficiency and their experience in administering high-quality services to their clients. Additionally, the IFC will also provide the consultancy services in determining the feasibility of the public lighting PPP in the City. Mr. Jens says that the contract is worth R$ 2.1 million.

PPP was established by law 11, 079 that dates back to December 30th, 2004. It provides the general guidelines for both bidding and contracting of the PPPs. The partnership of this private sector with the government is a great opportunity for the government to cater for the shortages of the resources in the provision of its services to the public.

According to the Felipe Montoro Jens explanation, the model deals with the contracting and based on the contract of the administrative concession as well as the private companies that are accountable for the for the construction and operation of the public belongings and services.

The Insights of Matt Badiali in the Natural Resource Industry

     Matt Badiali has more than twenty years’ experience in the Natural Resource Industry. Matt Badiali is also an editor of the Real Wealth Strategist. In an article titled ‘Corn Just Hit Bottom. Get Set to Profit’ he mentions that all prices are influenced by the feelings of investors. However, regardless of what drives an investor to buy or sell a share, it is a bet on the future. For the same reason, it is important to have sentiment indicators in the extremes. If the sentiments are too high, then this is an interpretation that it is not a good time to purchase shares and if they get too low then it is a good time to purchase the shares.

Currently, the market hates corn. From the report on the website, sentimentTrader.com, Corn has been at its lowest price since 2013 November. With the low sentiments, the price of corn soured 22% in a time frame of six months. When the corn price is not low, it is the sentiment extreme which can be used whether or not it is a good time to buy. The problem however is the record harvest which surprised the farmers in United States as the harvest seems like it will come in a record of 175.4 bushels for each acre. This is way higher than what was estimated for the October 2017 harvest.

It means the exports will also rise to an estimate of 150 million more bushels. The heavy crop took the market by surprise and pushed down the price at a time when many farmers were hopeful that the price would rise. The news forced them to sell their crops at a lower price than what they expected just to make as little as possible. This is why the sentiment indicator hit an extreme. This is known as capitulation whereby the people who are sitting on the side lines quit out of disgust. It usually marks the market’s low point which is also a good place for speculation.

Matt Badiali is an editor of the S&A Resource Report which is a monthly investment advisory on mining and oil energy investment sectors. Matt Badiali has studied Masters in Geology at Florida Atlantic University and is now pursuing his P.H.D studies in the same field. The S&A Resource Report covers various factors from the small exploration outfits to the equipment companies and some of the largest resource companies of the world.