Gregory Aziz Leading National Steel Car to Greater Heights

Gregory James Aziz is the CEO of National Steel Car, and has held this position since 1994 after it was bought from Dofasco. He is also the chairman of the board of directors and the president of the company. Greg studied economics at the University of Western Ontario. Before joining National Steel Car, he worked with Affiliated Foods, a food business that was owned by his family. He worked there for more than 15 years and during this time, the company grew tremendously and even started supplying clients in Eastern Canada and the United States. He worked with a few other companies before joining National Steel Car. Greg also chairs the board of directors of National Industries, Inc.


National Steel Car


National Steel Car is one of the leading companies in the rail industry in North America. It has grown in leaps and bounds ever since Greg Aziz became the CEO. For instance, annual production increased from 3,500 cars to 12,000 cars within just 5 years after he took over. The increase in production created more employment opportunities and the company now employs about 3000 people, compared to 600 before Greg took over. Greg possesses great leadership skills, and his expertise in engineering, manufacturing, project management and strategic planning have proven very valuable in his role as CEO. Under his leadership, National Steel Car has received the TTX SECO award several times because of the high quality of products it manufactures. See This Page.


The railroad industry is one that is ever changing, and in order to be successful in this industry, it is important to keep up with the trends. Greg is always up to date with all industry changes and uses his knowledge to lead National Steel Company in designing and manufacturing products that meet the evolving needs of the industry. Thanks to his foresight and visionary leadership, National Steel Company is always miles ahead of the competition. This is how the company has managed to maintain its top position all these years.




Gregory J Aziz loves giving back to the community and does this through the numerous philanthropic affiliations that NSC has. Some of the charity organizations that NSC sponsors include the United Way, the Hamilton Opera, Salvation Army, and Theatre Aquarius among others. Greg also sponsors the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.




Greg has been very instrumental in the growth and development of National Steel Company. Through company, he has made a great contribution to the railroad industry in Canada and in North America as a whole. Even with all his accomplishments, he does not rest on his laurels but instead continues to strive to ensure the company keeps improving.

Troy McQuagge, Successful President and CEO of USHEALTH Group

Troy McQuagge now resides in Coppell, Texas, as CEO and President of USHEALTH Group. As a former entrepreneur and corporate executive from Panama City, Florida, Troy earned his B.A degree from the University of Central Florida.

He started out in health insurance sales and joined Allstate Insurance in 1983. In 1995 he moved over to United Insurance Companies and joined the Student Insurance Division. He was promoted to President for UICI. By 1997 Troy moved on to UGA where his leadership skills set higher sales records for the company.

Troy joined USHEALTH Advisors in 2010, which is the subsidiary of USHEALTH Group. As the President and CEO of USHEALTH Advisors he managed the cost-effectiveness of sales of health insurance. He predominantly focused on customers under 65 years of age, to sell them the needed health insurance plans. Troy’s platform to achieve a solid growth pattern resulted in record sales each year that he was with the USHEALTH Advisors position.

With over 30 years of exceptional service in a competitive world, Troy has the proven record of being a dynamic person who is driven to succeed in every environment.

He has managed and succeeded in start-up companies, high growth companies and turnaround businesses. He has extraordinary communication skills and the ability to motivate and lead cross-cultural teams in resolving problems for any size business.

Under Troy’s leadership as President and CEO of Health Markets Agency Marketing Group, he achieved a total volume of more than $1 Billion in sales. In 2014 Troy was named President and CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. The company’s growth took off under Troy’s leadership and grew to be 10 times larger, with a share price increase of 1,093 per cent. This growth has been the highest sales growth in the past four years. Troy built up a winning and competitive strategy with his dedication and hard work to accomplish a high level of success for his company. Learn more about Troy McQuagge: and

Mr. McQuagge brings a great amount of insurance sales experience and administrative skills with him to his new position. He is the ideal choice to become President and CEO of the USHEALTH Group.

In 2016 McQuagge, CEO of USHEALTH Group, won the One Planet Award for CEO of the year. This annually held award ceremony honors CEO’s who have accomplished great leadership, innovation, organizational performance and exceptional corporate social responsibility.

Organizations from all over the world and from every major industry worldwide nominate CEO’s for this prestigious award. Businesses from both profit and nonprofit organizations, small businesses and large corporations can summit a CEO’s name.

It was an honor to be named CEO of the year, said Troy McQuagge. Troy gives credit for the CEO World Award to every individual who put their efforts forward to help grow the USHEALTH Group.

The employees were committed and dedicated to providing major solutions to the health industry. Their customers came first and they provided their customers with affordable innovative coverage that met their changing health care needs throughout the years.

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Gregory Aziz: A Living Icon of Hard Work and Perseverance

Gregory James Aziz was also known as Greg Aziz is the current chairman and chief executive of national steer Car Company. As the president of the company, the strikingly intellectual businessman is responsible for the administration of the company as well providing technical guidance to the company. National steel car is a leading railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing conglomerate. The firm is headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario.


Greg J Aziz became the chief executive of the company in1994. He has steered the rail car manufacturing company to greater heights since then. He currently leads a team of over 2000 team members and together they have endeavored to pursue the company greater dream. The company notwithstanding under his leadership remains the only North American railcar company that is ISO certified ISO 9001:2008. He expanded manufacturing capacity from 3500 cars per year in 1994 to 12000 by the year 1999. This tremendous achievement has made the chief executive become one of the most impacting business executives. More Information Here.

James Aziz is an alma mater of the Western University where he studied and graduated with a degree in Economics. It is therefore against this background that he has been able to propel the company to economic heights motivated by prudent management style and team work spirit.

Through the organization, the chief executive has particularly had a keen interest in corporate social responsibility. In Hamilton, they have sponsored Theatre activities the Hamilton opera, the United Way as well as Salvation Army. He has also encouraged team members to participate in food drives to support local food banks. The fact that the company manufacturing capacity has improved since Greg James Aziz took over the leadership of the company has created many jobs for the resident of Hamilton, and this has been applauded as a very incredible fete. On the environment, the chief executive has been very progressive lately leading the company to partner with Horizontal Utilities with the aim of ensuring the company adopts energy saving solutions for a sustainable future.

The chief executive is very active in social media such as Facebook where he calls himself Greg Aziz. This is premised on his realization that social media is an important tool for marketing as well as advocacy which the president is fond of, especially in areas of energy solutions. The president is can also be found on LinkedIn whereby he enumerates some of his most outstanding managerial and manufacturing skills.

Which EOS Lip Balm Flavor is For You

If you haven’t heard, one of the newest and most popular (and surprisingly affordable) cosmetic products out there is the EOS Lip Balm. Despite being small in size, these lip moisturizers are packed with enough antioxidant-rich vitamin E, jojoba oil, and soothing shea butter to revitalize any chapped lip. These hypoallergenic balms started out as a simple hydrating agent coming in individual flavors ranging from fruity, to fresh, to minty. Since then, EOS has grown in popularity and has even found its way into the hands of A-listers. This increased interest has not deterred the company from sticking to its roots of maintaining high-quality products at an affordable price, but it has encouraged for more lines of different flavors. Now, EOS offers visibly-soft, active, medicated, organic, and shimmer. The visibly-soft lip line is for lips to leave lips feeling much softer for those who prefer that compared to the regular line. The active flavor is meant to remain while breaking a sweat The medicated is meant to repair damage from dry lips, revitalizing the lip skin. The shimmer adds a bit of a sparkle during application. Lastly, the organic has the same effects and feel of the regular line, just made with organic ingredients. Have a quick glimpse of this amazing site,

So, which lip line is the best? Well, the most popular are the regular in Vanilla Bean, Organic in Pomegranate Raspberry, and Visibly Soft in Coconut Milk. However, the answer to that while all the products are great for day-to-day and dermatologist tested, preference changes from person to person based on what they want out of their lip balm. You can buy these great flavors here on The best part though, is that within these lines, there are still individual flavors from fruity, sweet, fresh, and mint. The range of functions, flavors, and colors in addition to its portability make this the perfect go-to product for anyone.

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How to Build an Amazing Classroom Community

What if you could create a positive culture, give students a voice, and share moments instantly with parents all from your phone? With ClassDojo, all these goals can be reached easily.

ClassDojo is an app that helps teachers to better connect with students and parents. The app enables teachers to give immediate positive feedback to children in the classroom. One feature is a digital high-five. If a child has been working on raising their hand before speaking, and waits to be called on, the teacher can send them an immediate high-five, which is a helpful positive behavior reinforcement strategy. The app is tied into PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports).

The app also provides SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) videos and activities. The videos are full of emotional behavior lessons with discussions and follow-up activities. Students enjoy the fun, colorful Dojo monsters featured in the videos.

The app also has a feature that enables students to create and update personal portfolios. Students can show off their arts and crafts, projects, update their personal student journals, and create voice notes. All posts are teacher approved to avoid any offensive or inappropriate content.

Communication with parents is important, and ClassDojo has made it easy for parents to be involved. Parents can view the Class Story and share videos and photos. Parents can also be private messaged and updated on their child instantly. Did your daughter go to school not feeling well? The teacher can update in real-time how your child is feeling. Another helpful feature of the app is that all messages and posts are instantly updated to prevent any problems with language barriers.

ClassDojo is an innovative app to help encourage students and parents, and provide a positive learning experience, available in any language, and can be use on any device.

Alexandre Gama’s Efforts and Dedication in the Brazilian Advertising Sector Have Been Felt Far and Wide

     Alexandre Gama is an influential individual in the Brazilian advertising and communications sectors. His contribution is also felt across the globe as he is the only Brazilian to sit on the Global Creative Board. He is an alumnus of the FAAP where he studied Advertising and Propaganda.

Career Path

Alexandre Gama started his career at the Standart Ogilvy advertising agent in 1982. He was engaged as a Writer for eight years. His next employer was DM9 where he worked as a copywriter. He then became a partner and Vice President of Creation for AlmapBBDO. Alexandre worked for Young & Rubicam as the chairperson, executive officer, and creative manager. He left in 1999 when he started his company, Neogama. He grew the company to an award winning level in just a few years in operation.


Alexandre Gama’s efforts have been recognized far and wide. In 2006, he was one of the seven professionals in Brazilian advertising in a survey conducted by About magazine. He was named the Officer of Agency of the Year by the Association of Professionals of Propaganda in its 10th Professional Contribution Award in 2006. He has since won other top awards in the industry including a Golden Lion at the Cannes International Festival in 2015.

Scott Rocklage – Highly Influential Figure in the Healthcare Management Sector

Scott Rocklage is well-known in the healthcare management sector as an innovator and an inventor, who has more than 30 patents to his name. He is the managing partner of 5AM Ventures, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the country, involved in researching and developing clinical trial drugs for various health conditions.

Scott Rocklage is the man who managed to get the FDA approval for the three drugs that were prepared by 5AM Ventures.

Thanks to the sharp business sense of Scott Rocklage, 5AM Ventures has been able to achieve many significant milestones in the last few years and has also been able to multiply its revenue manifolds.

Scott Rocklage understands the healthcare sector well, and it is because he has worked with and for many healthcare and life sciences companies in the past. Scott Rocklage has been associated with leading and pioneering pharmaceutical companies, including Relypsa, Novira, Catalytica, Cubist Pharmaceuticals, and Nycomed Salutar. Learn more about Scott Rocklage:

As a scientist himself, he supports research and development and has also held the research positions in many of the pharmaceutical companies he has worked in. Scott Rocklage understands that the only way to excel and lead in a highly competitive pharmaceutical sector is through research, which is where his expertise lies.

The three drugs of 5AM Ventures that Scott Rocklage got the FDA approval for mass production are Omniscan, Teslascan, and Cubicin. He has been associated with, and interested in science from his childhood and the interest grew as he grew older.

He has been able to head each of the companies he has been part of with complete dedication and has managed to get astounding results.

It is what showcases his leadership as well as business skills. Scott Rocklage has a very sound and impressive academic qualification, including B. Sc in Chemistry from California University and PhD in Chemistry from the famous MIT or Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

It is this combination of science and business skills that make him the perfect person to head a pharmaceutical industry. He continues to look for new ways as the Managing Partner of 5AM Ventures to expand company’s business and help it grow substantially in the next few years.

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Talk Fusion Embrace New Industry Award

There are precious few companies out there that completely redefine the industry that they are operating within. Talk Fusion, a video marketing and digital communication solutions company, has been doing just that for the better part of the past decade. Talk Fusion was created in 2007 by founder and CEO Bob Reina. Reina has capably guided the company into the future, deftly guiding them toward profit at every twist and turn. Now Reina and the team at Talk Fusion are basking in some of their hard won glory. Talk Fusion was recently announced as a winner of the 2016 Communication Solutions Product of the Year Award, presented by Technology Marketing Corporation.

Technology Marketing Corporation, or TMC for short, has been awarding companies within the marketing industry for years if they pushed the envelope, changed the game, and elevated the status of their company in a big way. Every year Rich Tehrani, the CEO at TMC, will make an announcement whereupon he offers his reasoning for the award as well as who the actual winners are. This year Tehrani released through a statement, “True leaders within their industries, these honorees represent the best of the best products and solutions available on the market today.” Learn more:

For Talk Fusion the award came to them by way of their coveted Video Chat application. The Video Chat application has been changing the game for video marketers as it has made it easier than ever to connect in a face to face type situation. The Video Chat app is built on WebRTC technology and specializes in seamless video chatting across platforms, between people anywhere on the planet. Chief Technical Officer Ryan Page had kind words for his Talk Fusion cohorts, “This is just a testament to how efficient and innovative Talk Fusion’s team is.”

Bob Reina is never one to turn away from an award or the press that goes with it. Reina used the award as a chance to tout the hard work being done by his IT professionals. Talk Fusion, according to Bob Reina, will continue pushing and evolving into the future as far as the eye can see. Learn more:

Bruno Fagali, Brazilian Lawyer Everybody Likes

     Bruno Fagali is a leading Brazilian attorney renowned for his impeccable integrity. He is the founder of the law firm, Fagali Advocacy as well as Working with Nova sb as a corporate integrity manager. As an attorney, Bruno Fagali specializes in administrative contracts, urban law, administrative and civil liabilities processes, bidding law, regulatory law, public civic actions and many other important areas of law.

As a lawyer, Bruno Fagali’s sterling contribution to public good has been by way of his proactive actions to clean up public funds. That apart Bruno Fagali has helped many corporates to launch drives to introduce transparency within their organizations. He helped them by way of organizing training sessions as well as ethics drives.

Bruno Fagali’s law firm FAGLI places focus on public law, compliance, election and anti corruption, as he firmly believes that they are of the utmost importance in terms of fostering social equality in Brazilian society. It is rare for lawyers to have earned an extraordinary reputation on account of their unimpeachable integrity. Bruni Fagali is certainly that attorney and definitely a role model for many young Brazilians to not just take up law as a profession, but also as an agent of powerful and lasting social change.

Going forward one can expect him to continue to excel in his role as harbinger of good for Brazilian society. The fact that he not only has his heart in the right place, but is also eminently qualified to bring about the right kind of change makes it all the more fortuitous.

Eli Gershkovitch Brewing Genius

Canada’s got things in common with Russia especially on climate thus wheat growth as a similar activity. That’s why we here at Eli Gershkovitch have realized the potential in this wheat crop and are thus industrially fermenting it to make beer; the drink of the gods.
All the way from Vancouver to our offshore sales locations in Austria-Europe Eli Gershkovitch stands head high as the only north American beer company C.E.O quenching this summer thirsty throats. Here at Steamworks, we have all the necessary modern facilities not only to produce large scale beer sauce but quality beer to give you that tipsy feel. Since we opened Steamworks brew pub in 1995 at Gastown we as Eli Gershkovitch have grown in leaps up to our current 40000 hectolitre capacity brewery in 2013 called Steamworks craft breweries. We have markets in several Canadian provinces, USA, Italy and even in Europe. This alone should not only show the high demand for Eli Gershokovitch beer products but we challenge you to have it trickle down your taste-buds (
This is not novice beer for sure it’s something of a standard. Indeed for those of you who know that after a tiresome flight or drive they gotta relax with a bottle of Steamworks in their hands feel welcome comrades. Our beer is pioneer and standard for others to follow. Canadian beer is embodied in Eli Gershkovitch (Manta). Despite the presence of other brands, ours makes you realize the full potential of ‘Kanata’ in maximum exploitation of its agricultural resources not only for food consumption but luxury also, by the way, we are Canada and we gotta enjoy us. Steamworks craft breweries or Eli Gershkovitch as I call it has seen a broadening customer base over the last few years and I encourage you to join us in this wonderful journey of beer. Eli Gershkovitch is not just a lawyer or attorney based on his past but he is lager my friend; smooth cool larger I mean.

Check out Eli Gershkovitch on Twitter