Showing Off A Sense Of Fun And Fashion At Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall

Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall is a great place to take a vacation. People can take a vacation not just from their daily lives, but themselves. One of the best ways to do this is through fashion. Among the things that people are faced with in their daily lives is having to conform to the set of rules that have been placed on them by their jobs. Among the rules they have to conform to is their dress code. While most people can easily visit the closest mall, not every nearby mall has a wide variety of styles. Fortunately, for people in Brazil, Roberto Santiago has something that people can enjoy.

The mall has many fashion stores and designer retailer companies located within it. Therefore, people can look around and find their outfits. Then they can even save money with all of the low priced items they could find at some stores. They could easily find a room to change in. After that, all of the uptight vibes that they got from their jobs disappear and is replaced by the more fun and enjoyable presence that comes from picking out the right outfit. Customers get to walk around with an even greater sense of confidence.

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This is one of many advantages that people get to experience with Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. One example of a perfect day at Manaira Mall is stopping by and buying a really good outfit. Then after that going to meet with some friends or a date. One could either go to a movie, play games, or both. They could eat a good meal at the Gourmet area. Then they can relax at the lounge area.

One thing about Manaira Shopping is that it is a great place to go for all types of personalities. People that have the greatest sense of imagination are going to have the most fun of all of the customers. They could even find a photo booth to take pictures and create memories of the time they have spent at the mall. Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has enough features for one to walk away as a renewed person.

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Billionaire George Soros Stands Up For Progress

The Vision Of George Soros
George Soros is a billionaire but he has a strong belief in using his wealth to make the world better for other people. Particularly, George Soros is a strong advocate for open societies. In an open society your position in life is determined by your own interests. If you are born poor you aren’t necessarily held back by that or pushed into a career you don’t want. This is in contrast to a more traditional society on where one’s position in life is already chosen for you by a caste system or autocratic government. Although progress towards more open societies seemed like an inevitable goal 2016 gave him major disappointments.

What 2016 Meant For Soros
After a long political hiatus George Soros finally decided he wanted to return to politics on Politico. He believed the conditions were right to come out to support progressive candidates after the losses he saw in 2004 when George W Bush was able to win another term. However, things did not go well last year for progressives. Brexit passed and Donald Trump managed to secure the presidency. This has left many wondering how things went so wrong and others are looking for a solution to the problems they. George Soros is especially upset with the election results that came out on November 8 2016.

Recovering From The Loss
The Left is currently in recovery and George Soros is trying to do everything he can to help the Left recover. A major area of interest for George Soros is trying to find a way for Democrats to resist the early plans of Donald Trump on Snopes. He has vowed to do everything in his power to fight the plans Trump has for his first 100 days such as building a wall or his Muslim ban.

Where He Goes From Here
The future of American politics isn’t going in the direction that George Soros had hoped, but he is trying to do everything that he can to turn things around. Soros has allowed disappointments to discourage him from engaging in politics, but he refuses to let this happen now. He is doing everything he can in his power to preserve the progressive legacy and secure power for progressive politicians in the future as they fight Donald Trump.

About George Soros
George Soros is a hedge fund manager and one of the world’s wealthiest investors. He has a net worth of at least $25 billion with investments around the world through the Soros Foundation. In fact, it is often argued that he is the most successful hedge fund manager in the world or at least the most successful individual hedge fund manager.

Student’s Education Application

ClassDojo recently raised in excess of twenty-one million dollars for the funding of their technology company that connects students, parents and educators so that they can communicate easily and efficiently about the student’s academics and behavior in school. The normal system is that parents are updated about their student’s behavior during parent’s day or academic day hence caught by surprise. ClassDojo will enable them to communicate on a daily basis throughout the year thus consistent updates.

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Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, the founders and directors of ClassDojo, said that the funds would be used to determine the features and content to be included in their application and increase their team of expertise. The new features should be useful to the participants during school days and also holidays. Teachers are able to create their accounts and create students daily schedules which are visible to parents. They can also take photos and record videos or voice clips hence update the concerned parents.  Read related articles on


The idea was first implemented in 2012 and grew rapidly to being the leading application used in the education industry. The application is currently serving more than hundred thousand schools in the vast United States and Canada. As of now, the application is yet to generate any revenue since the founders have concentrated in distributing the application. It has a confidentiality clause where the founders cannot use the information since it involves innocent children. The recent round of venture was sponsored by companies like SignalFire, ReachCapital and GSV. The sponsors view ClassDojo as any other social media platform but specifically built for educators. It is easy to envision parents and teachers buying content such as discussion guides, lessons, videos and custom yearbooks which can be used to increase the child’s knowledge. The application can also offer a payment platform for issues like field trips and lunch.

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One Cannot Go Wrong

Anyone who is seeking a true and serious professional in the realms of finance, investments or anything in between should seriously consider the efforts of Jeffrey Schneider, CEO of Ascendant Capital, a company dealing in unique investment specialties based out of Austin, Texas. He founded the company in 2008 and continues to lead it to this very day. Having originally procured his bachelors of Science degree from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Mr. Schneider has worked his way up the ladder of corporate success slowly but surely. He has contributed to a number of philanthropic efforts worldwide, including Cherokee Home for Children and the Gazelle Foundation. Before working with Ascendant, he worked with a number of highly reputable companies with the same area of specialty.

After many years of hard work and faithfulness, he moved on from working with Merrill and Lynch, Alex Brown and Smith Barney to becoming the founder and CEO of Ascendant Capital. Mr. Schneider resides in Austin as well. Ascendant Capital began with only 30 employees, and in five years of hard labor and perfect communication skills alone, Mr. Schneider has increased this number tremendously. Now the company owns over $1 billion in assets and stocks. Over 50 brokers, an endless array of family offices and 250 investment advising professionals are now a part of the team as well. The capital and income gained have been put into use for purchasing real estate car dealers, specialty technology companies and much more.

With hard work and perseverance, the company’s growth has become uncapped with no plans to diminish any time soon. Mr. Schneider seeks every opportunity that he can find in order to keep the growth rising at a more rapid level. One of his goals is to raise around $50 million per month, starting in this year 2017. The culture at Ascendant Capital connects itself to the overall company’s success. The environmental changes have encouraged a spirit of self-reliance, honesty, entrepreneurial spirit, motivation and trust in the brand. When any company aligns its interests with that of its partners, employees and clients, one cannot go wrong.

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Arthur Becker: An Intelligent Tech Investor

Arthur Becker, the current Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of Zinio, LLC, is a brilliant tech investor. He has decades of experience in investing tech industry, and he is a major beneficiary of the tech boom. He chooses the right companies that are heading to long-term steady growth as he mostly focuses on long-term returns and goals. His latest investments are in Madison Technologies LLC, NaviSite, iMPOWER and Zinio. He is also actively involving in the long-term growth of these companies by working with them.

Madison Technologies LLC is an Australian based manufacturer cum distributor of technology-based infrastructure and its hardware including networking, cabling, audiovisual disciplines, and networking. The firm is known for producing high-quality cables including coaxial, security, telephone, networking, data cable, etc., under the brand called Garland Cables. The penetration of telecommunication and technology deployment in the recent years are clearly pointing out Becker’s smart move.

NaviSite is a Time Warner Cable Company, is an international provider of hosting and cloud services including enterprise-class hosting, cloud-enabled hosting, services, and managed applications. It is headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts and has data centers, sales offices, and network operating centers in the U.S., U.K., and India. Considering the huge demand for cloud and host services, it is another great investment by Arthur Becker. Morgan Stanley predicted that cloud services will growth at 19.4 percent CAGR for till 2019, is a clear answer for his choice.

iMPOWER is a U.K. based consulting firm who specializes in consulting charity and helping organizations. The firm specializes in health, adult social care, children’s services, and local government advisory. Considering the social issues including the difference in the quality of life is creating a lot of opportunities for the firm to work on.

Zinio is an online newsstand with more than 6,000 magazines from different publishers in digital form. It also has 33 local news stands to address the regional needs. By serving in more than 200 countries through iOS, Android, Kindle, and Windows platforms, it has opened a huge market of opportunities.

Thus, all the investments of Becker are reported by to be focusing on innovation and latest trends. His deep knowledge in technology, and market and his foresightedness helps him to choose the right pick.

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Exploring The Uses And Benefits Of Comparative Law To Governance And Development

In the absence of laws that are progressive, a government would find it difficult to make progress. Most of the challenges that government agencies come across are complex and require complex laws that are designed to bring to an end these challenges. It may prove difficult to develop a new set of laws but with the right professional support the process may be easy and fast. One of the methods that has been proved to effectively offer reliable laws is using comparative law while developing new laws for an organization or a government.


Defined in simple terms, comparative law is a section of law where law experts visit different regions with the sole purpose to learn about the laws used by people of those places. Through research and study, they are able to borrow ideas that can effectively work to make the process of developing laws for their regions easy. Once they are done getting these ideas, they are ushered into a new system where they are allowed to come up with intelligent processes that effectively deal with problems. Comparative law is a field that has seen massive growth since its introduction in the early 18th century by European scholars.


Many countries across the world use comparative law in the development of new and effective tools of governance. One instance where comparative law comes in handy is during the constitutional development process. The government wants to have laws that are modern and suited to the problems the society faces and through comparative law this wish is easily fulfilled. Some of the governments that have invested in the development of comparative laws include China, which is one of the most developed nations.


Sujit Choudhry

 Sujit Choudhry is among renowned law professors who have impacted the world in a positive manner by offering solutions to many problems facing the world. His profession as a law professor has particularly been of use to different governments across the world. Sujit Choudhry specializes in comparative law and has helped several countries to draft new laws. More articles on


According to,Some of the countries where his support led to the development of new laws include Egypt, Nepal and South Africa. He has also been working with organizations like the World Bank and the UN during missions meant to offer better governance ideas and to help in peace building missions. Sujit Choudhry has also been conducting research on a number of areas including constitutional development, comparative law and peace building.   Based on

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Technologist Jason Hope & His Many Talents

Technology is one of the most popular and profitable industries on earth and it has been for many years. This is a multi-billion dollar per year industry and with so much new technology being introduced on a yearly basis, the sky is the limit when it comes to success. Have you ever heard of a guy named Jason Hope? Most likely you haven’t if you’re really not into the technology scene.

Just know that Jason Hope is one of the most progressive forward thinking individuals on the planet. He seems to have a hand in a wide variety of fields, which has built up a remarkable resume. He’s basically an “investment opportunity” in itself as he provides high quality support for the next generation of tech developers.

Jason Hopes has a passion for technology, but also he has a passion for helping others, which has given him the title “Philanthropist.” He works with younger individuals by helping them realize their potential, then supports them enough to get their ideas off the ground. You simply can’t ask for better service than this as there aren’t too many other entrepreneur who are willing to share their specific secrets to success. Having such a large education background, Hope is known by many as a technologist, philanthropist, entrepreneur, investor, and motivational speaker.

Eradicating diseases and other health issues are another big concern for this guy from Scottsdale, Arizona. He’s donated of thousands of dollars to charitable organizations as well as non-profit organizations such as SENS Research Foundation. Is there anything this guy can’t do? So far he’s done it all and it appears to be no end in sight. All in all, Jason Hope is doing his part to better society and he’s enjoying the perks of his very own labor.

Bruce Levenson’s Career Has Covered A Wide Spectrum

As recently reported on the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC is suing AIG/New Hampshire Insurance Company for a breach of contract. According to the lawsuit, the company neglected to pay a covered claim regarding a termination of employment. The Atlanta Hawks’ head coach was let go and the incident was properly reported and the contract appeared to cover a circumstance such as the termination of Danny Ferry. AIG refused to pay the claim. Bruce Levenson was the controlling partner of the Hawks at the Time and is part of the party that is filing suit against the insurance company.

Bruce Levenson was not only the co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks but he also co-founded United Communications Group in 1977. He also helped co-found Tech Target subsidiary of IT Industry. Before he began his professional career he was living with his family in Washington D.C. and attended college at the University of St. Louis. He later attended law school at Amercian University. While he was attending law school he was working as a journalist for the Washington Star.

Bruce Levenson is an active philanthropist. He participates in the Hoop Dreams Foundation and the Have A Dream Foundation which helps provide an education to low-income families. He also is a U.S. Holocaust Museum donor. His grandmother was a Holocaust survivor. He also makes notable contributions to the Seeds of Peace and SEED Foundation.


Professor Maggie Gill – President and CEO of Memorial University Medical Center

Maggie Gill joined Memorial University Medical Center (MUMC) as VP of managed care/finance in 2004 and became head working officer in 2005. In 2011, she was named CEO and President of Memorial Health. Gill gives initiative to all VPs, senior VPs, and doctor pioneers at MUMC. She is more so specifically in charge of doctor relations, government relations, inward review, Memorial Health University Physicians (MHUP), orthopedic & neuroscience programs, the Heart & Vascular Institute, perioperative administrations, money related help, corporate interchanges, offices administration, and trauma services.

Gill spent five years as CFO at Tenet South Florida Health framework before joining MUMC. She was awarded with the Tenet Outstanding CFO grant three in three occasions. Amid her residency with Tenet, Gill worked at Palmetto General Hospital in Hialeah, Fla, Coral Gables Hospital in Coral Gables, Fla and North Shore Medical Center in Miami. Gill earned her honors bachelor’s degree with distinction at Florida State University before pursuing her MBA with distinction at Saint Leo University in Florida. She likewise finished course work at Wharton School in strategic thinking & management.

Memorial University Medical Center is a piece of the honor winning Memorial Health framework, which serves 35 regions crosswise southern South Carolina and southeast Georgia. Notwithstanding MUMC, the Medical Center system incorporates primary and forte care specialists, business administrations, and NurseOne, including the 24-hour call facility. The institution likewise had a noteworthy medical education program that offers training to occupants in family medicine, diagnostic radiology, internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics & gynecology, and surgery.

Remembrance University Medical Center (MUMC) is a philanthropic, 604-bed healing facility in Savannah, Georgia. The entryways were opened in 1955 and have developed into the most exceptional medicinal services supplier in the district. The facility is a provincial referral for cancer care, heart care, trauma care, high-risk pregnancies, children’s care, and high-risk newborn care.


Ricardo Tosto: A Business Attorney Can Help You

Beginning a new business, filing a divorce or filing an injury case entails legal processes which you might not be knowledgeable with. Hiring a lawyer will help you undergo these steps well armed with the appropriate legal information. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho can help you.

Having a legal adviser to handle your legal affairs is very much appreciated and it is a great way to free yourself from unnecessary troubles. It is very much a good idea to have a business lawyer or attorney even if you do not have difficulties as of the moment.

There are times, however, when you really will need the help of an attorney other than preventing difficulties, When the trouble has become a reality, you will need to count on your lawyer’s problem-solving skills.

When your liberty or finances is at risk, you will need a legal advisor by your side. These can be trying times and for this a legal representative will provide the answer. If you find yourself being sued or dealing with a dispute or a contract issue, a legal advice from a legal counsel is very important.

Ricardo Tosto is a renowned litigation expert with a track record of successful representation. He focuses on business and corporate law, and has obtained successful results for numerous clients. Even the best negotiation strategy can not always generate the results his clients deserve, so Ricardo Tosto litigates those dilemmas that he needs to in the interest of obtaining the best results for his clients.

Litigation, lawsuits and trials are not the objective in his practice. Resolution is. Ricardo Tosto seeks alternative will negotiate if resolution can be accomplished in the best interests of his clients without litigation. However, if his clients are not being treated fairly and reasonably, then resolution will escalate it to the next level. He takes whatever steps are necessary to protect his clients.

Ricardo Tosto also realizes the significance of maintaining confidentiality when dealing with litigation and enterprise. He will never go public with dilemmas for publicity. He ensures that his client’s confidential communications and business details will always remain so.

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