Advice From An Experienced Financial Advisor

Well known to people like Tim, Mr. Timothy D. Armour, is the Chairman, Executive Officer and the Administrator of Capital Research and Management Company. Mr. Timothy is a leader and has been serving at the Capital Group Companies Inc. as the equity portfolio manager. Tim joined the group of companies in 1983 where he began his career working as a participant in the associate program and he has a vast experience in investment.

Timothy Armour began his career serving as an equity investment analyst at Capital Group where he was responsible for covering the international telecommunication as well as the United States services companies.

Timothy Amour was elected as the Chairman of the Capital Group together with other seniors’ members of the management committee. The leadership succession in the organization has been in existence from way before, and it was formalized after the passing of their Former Chairman Jim Rothenberg. During his appointment, Tim said that they were all mourning the death of their colleague Jim and that he was a talented leader who took significant action in the best long-term interest of the organization, their clients, associates as well as investors. Tim did not forget to mention that they owe their success not only to the dedicated team that works for the company but also their customers and associates. Mr. Timothy is a degree holder in Economics from Middlebury College.

Tim took the leadership of Capital Groups when the organization was taking top responsibility in the market. Capital Markets has collaborated with Samsung to advance active investment strategies for institutions as well as retail investors in Korea. The partnership is meant to pave the way for the upgrade its powerful equity investment capability. Timothy Amour said that their long-term plan is to majorly co-design the investment solutions for the purpose of fulfilling the savings, insurance as well as retirement plan of investors in Korea.

Tim is also a financial advisor, and in September 2015 he gave his opinion on the market violation that was sparked by China. Tim said that the United States had experienced six years of Bull Run and other parts of the world were not left out. During the Bull Run the United States markets were fairly valued and the valuation was stretched for some companies as well as sectors. Tim did not forget to mention that the market correction was not unexpected. According to Tim having market predictions is healthy, and it helps to remove pockets of excess.

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Sujit Choudhry: A Remarkable Professor Of Comparative International Law

Comparative Law entails the study of the similarities and differences between various laws of the world. It specifically involves the study of the differences in the legal systems across the globe. These systems are inclusive of the common law, the socialist law, the civil law, Canon law, Islamic law, Jewish law, Chinese law and the Hindu law. The comparative law includes the analysis as well as the description of foreign legal systems, inclusive of cases where no explicit comparison is made. Comparative law has become enormously significant in the modern world of globalization, internationalism and democratization.

Sujit Choudhry is a globally distinguished individual on comparative constitutional law. He combines vast-ranged research with a comprehensive field experience as an advisor to constitution building processes. Among the countries that he has offered advisory services include Jordan, Libya, Nepal, Egypt, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Ukraine and Tunisia. Sujit Choudhry’s research focuses on addressing issues such as constitutional design as an instrument for managing the transition from brutal conflicts or regimes to democratic and peaceful politics in ethnically divided societies. They are also known to address decentralization and secession, federalism, constitutional Courts, semi-presidentialism, minority and group rights, official language policy, bills of right and proportionality, constitution building, basic methodological questions in the study of comparative constitutional law as well as security sector oversight.

Sujit has also published numerous articles, reports, working papers and book chapters.

His edited collections are inclusive of The Migration of Constitutional Ideas (Cambridge, 2006), The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution (Oxford, 2016), Constitutional Design for Divided Societies: Integration or Accommodation? (Oxford, 2008), and also Constitution Making (Edward Elgar, forthcoming). Choudhry also serves the ICONS (International Society of Public Law) as a member of the executive committee. He is also on the Board of Editors in the ICON (International Journal of Constitutional Law) and the editorial board of the Constitutional Court Review too.

Professor Sujit Choudhry is a Founding Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. This is an organization that mobilizes and generates information to support constitutional building through assembling as well as leading to an international network of professional to finish thematic research projects that provide policy options to practitioners based on tangible evidence. Currently, Choudhry is a co-leader in three global collaborative research projects. These projects are inclusive of Dealing with Territorial Cleavages in Constitutional Transitions, Security Sector Oversight: Protecting Democratic Consolidation from Authoritarian Backsliding and Partisan Abuse, and Constitutional Transitions in Emerging democracies. Choudhry has also been the Cecelia Goetz Professor of Law at NYU School of Law.

Eric Lefkofsky Asserts that Business May Spell the End of Cancer


Billionaires typically think bigger than the rest of us; maybe that’s why they’re billionaires. Rarely are their thoughts more apparent than in The Giving Pledge, formed in 2010 to fuel philanthropy among the world’s wealthy elite. Some 154 billionaires in 16 countries had joined the organization as of June of 2016, with co-founder Bill Gates expressing surprise at the outpouring of support and another member fueling a dream infinitely larger than dollars and cents.

His name is Eric Lefkofsky, whom you may know as the founder of Groupon, an e-commerce site linking local consumers and merchants through offers on goods and services. His longer-term goals rest with Chicago’s Tempus Health Inc., of which he is chief executive officer.

Tempus’ ideal is to assist physicians in the care of cancer patients by providing real-time technology-driven data on the disease — data resulting from the years-long technological explosion that reveals them. Mathematicians, computational biologists, data analysts and software engineers team with doctors and clinicians in a search for the best possible medical results.

“We now can gather incredibly rich… data,” Leofsky says in a film on the firm, “but how do we analyze it? How do we help physicians while they’re treating a patient that might actually improve outcomes? That’s what Tempus is delivering.”

Tempus is currently focused on the treatment of breast, lung and pancreatic cancers.

Lefkofsky calls his approach to Tempus one of “accelerated disruption,” with technology leading the way in determining the pace of world commerce. Gone, he would say, are the days of the rotely sealed contract inside a smoke-filled board room.

“Disruptive companies,” Lefkofsky writes on the website, “are born every day. Someone has a great idea that offers a better choice in terms of price, convenience, service or functionality, and for a moment, they hold the keys to the remaking of an entire industry. Businesses that can understand and control the forces of technology will thrive in the coming years.”

The Giving Pledge is arguably delighted with its contributions from The Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which funds several Chicago-area programs in education, medicine, the arts and human rights endeavors. With Tempus, Lefkofsky has a state-of-the-art company designed to enhance and prolong the lives of those programs’ beneficiaries.

Lefkofsky, 47, is a Detroit native and a 1993 University of Michigan law school graduate.

Is New Zealand a Viable Tax Haven?

Geoffrey Cone is a lawyer who understands the complicated realm of foreign trusts and taxes. He may be one of the few people who really does understand how the laws in New Zealand relate to those setting up foreign trusts. In a detailed article published in the New Zealand Herald, Cone revealed a fact many who seek to park funds in the country do not realize: New Zealand is not a tax haven. New Zealand is far too transparent for this type of financial strategizing. Plus, the country does not have rules and laws in place designed to encourage foreign, tax-evading trusts.


Countries interested in establishing tax havens charge extremely low tax rates on those who put their money into those countries’ domestic borders and banks. New Zealand does not entice anyone with ultra-low tax rates. The reason wealthy people look towards foreign trusts is to avoid paying huge sums of taxes. Hence, countries that promote such activities must institute low tax rates for trusts. New Zealand, as Cone points out, is not doing this.


Cone also suggests that New Zealand is not about to change its laws to promote such behavior in the future. The country simply does not have an interest in facilitating global tax avoidance.


Geoffrey Cone does have an interesting legal background. A quick examination of his background shows he is qualified to discuss matters such as these. Cone has nearly 20 years experience as a tax and trust advisor. He has lent his expertise in places such as Spain and Italy. Latin America is another region Cone has familiarity with. Traveling experience does reverberate and enhance professional skills.


Cone’s knowledge is further on display in his article when he points out that transparency is a guiding moral compass of New Zealand’s approach to foreign trusts. What this means is, when foreign governments ask for information about funds placed in trusts, the New Zealand government is quick and thorough with its response. Those hoping to defeat tax bills in their own country won’t find New Zealand to be very accommodating.


Those who want to put money into a foreign trust do need to perform their research. Otherwise, they could end up creating a mess for themselves. Not understanding the rules, laws, and approach to transparency only creates problems for those hoping to use a tax haven to their advantage. And what value would a tax haven present if it yielded a totally undesirable outcome?


The Advantages of Shared Office Spaces

Shared office spaces are becoming increasingly popular among all different classes for tenants due to the varied benefits that they provide to tenants. The exact nature of the benefit that appeals to each tenant will depend on the individual needs of each tenant. This article will provide some information on the general benefits that are provided to those who choose to lease office space from shared office space locations.


Shared office spaces allow tenants to sign up for short-term leases that are generally located in prime metropolitan areas. These offices are operated by third party companies who either own or lease the space from the building themselves. These third party companies will sub-divide the office space into sub-units that tenants can lease to their exact size needs and provide shared services like receptionists, coffee machines, and utilities.


The major benefit for tenants of these shared office spaces are that the shared office spaces are for short durations and are priced based on the size and space of the that is needed. If a business were to grow or shrink the could increase or decrease their needed space. For businesses that are new to a market or are in their start-up phase, it can be difficult to project their needs out several years into the future. Shared office spaces take out the guest work and allow them to react to the market as needed.


For smaller businesses and individuals there are other advantages to shared office spaces. A professional setting is attractive to employees and customers who need to visit the office. A shared office space keeps people from working at home where they are easily distracted and often improves on the productivity of an office. In addition, shared office allows company’s employees the ability to network with other entities in the same location and can result in new business and contacts. Further, these spaces are re cost efficient than standalone facilities and provide rea savings to occupants.


As a final benefit many of these shared office spaces are in convenient locations that are near major transportation hubs that an smaller entity may not otherwise be able to afford. Take Worville which is located near Times Square. Workville’s NYC working office is close to Grand Central, Penn Station, and major Subway concentrations that allow employees to easily access their office.


When you visit Workville’s office you will see a beautiful professional setting that employees love working in. This helps to build morale and create and foster an environment which can help a business to grow and succeed.

Securus Technologies Announces Multi-State Campaign to Promote Awareness and Benefits of Video Visitation

Securus Technologies Company highlights over 2 million human contacts are made annually between inmates and their loved ones in the country. Securus Technologies Company is one of the leading providers of criminal and civil justice technology solutions to foster corrections, monitoring, investigation and public safety. The company has announced the launch of a new campaign as one of the best ways to educate the masses on the importance of the new Remote Video Visitation. The company has developed an application that lets seamless interaction between the inmates and their loved ones at home. This application has gained adoption on a massive scale.


For more than one month, Securus Technologies Company’s Remote Video Visitation service will feature in numerous infomercials and television programming as one of the most innovative ways to communicate with inmates. These infomercials will feature the interaction between the prisoners and their loved ones. Securus Technologies Company has this technology to promote the value of the Remote Video visitations and the connection they make in the lives of the prisoners. This feature is not there to replace the regular on-site visitation. However, they come as a way to complement each other. For those who live far away from the correctional facility and want to interact with their loved ones, they will find this feature ultimately useful. For this reason, Securus Technologies Company has announced its launch and consequent infomercial campaigns.


For Securus Technologies Company, nothing gives them more honors to connect a poor soul of a son to the loving care of his father at the most opportune moment. The company values the connection made between the inmate daughters with the mother this festive season. For this reason, they find this application one of the most useful demonstrations of the new world. The impression made by the Remote Video Visitation on the inmate’s life is long-lasting.



The Greatest Anesthesiologists are in Austin, TX

Capitol Anesthesiology Association (CAA), in Austin, TX, is where the nation’s top anesthesiologist call home. Although CAA is their “home”, most often these anesthesiologists find themselves on the road.

CAA delivers expert anesthesia services all throughout Austin, TX. They’ve built strong, lasting relationships with many medical facilities in the area. A list of hospitals CAA participates with can be found below:

1) Seton Medical Center

2) Seton Northwest Hospital

3) Brackenridge Hospital

4) Dell Children’s Medical Center

5) Seton Shoal Creek Hospital

6) Seton Williamson County Hospital

7) Seton Hays

8) Cedar Park Regional Medical Center

Hospitals are not the only game in town for the CAA experts. A full list of facilities serviced can be found by clicking here.

Services provided by Capitol Anesthesiology Association are:

1) General Anesthesia

2) Regional Anesthesia

3) Local / MAC

4) Pediatric Anesthesia

5) Obsteric Anesthesia

6) Cardiovascular and Thoracic Anesthesia

The very best anesthesiologist, in virtually every major healthcare facility, in Austin, TX, can be found at Capitol Anesthesiology Association. CAA delivers the best, period.

Eric Pulier Dedicated His Talents To Great Things

Eric Pulier has always had a knack for technology, and ever since he was little he has been showing that talent and putting it to good use. Before the age of 10, Eric had already began his work with computers, learning to program and even build his own computer. He took the next step once he made it to high school, as he started up his own online computer database business during the same period of time.

Eric Pulier had big aspirations for himself and in technology, which is why he decided to expand on his education after completing high school. He went on to attend Harvard University, earning degrees in both English and Literature, with a lot of extra activity within computer sciences. Following this, he even went on to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to further hone his technological and entrepreneurial skills. After Eric felt confident in his abilities and learning, he got started on his journey for success and moved to California, where he ultimately started up his first company. This company, People Doing Things, was the first of Eric’s successes, and was largely focused on helping find solutions for major issues relating to things such as education and peoples health care.

After he found success rather quickly with his first company, Eric was more than ready to move on to new opportunities, and he had many ideas he wanted to test out in the future, and this was his motivation to start up his next company, Digital Evolution. This company was another success for Eric, and it was even acquired and merged with US Interactive.

To date, Eric has founded more than a dozen companies, all based around technology, and many of which have focused on providing new innovations and ways of helping find solutions for problems around the world. That’s alongside Eric’s numerous contributions and efforts in humanitarian work, as Eric has donated to many charities and non-profits over the years, such as Starbright Foundation, and he is also part of the Clinton Global Initiatives.

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The Lovaganza Experience Is Rounded Out With Animated Series

The Lovaganza experience is set to hit movie screens around the world in 2018 with an accompanying animated series set to hit TV screens across the globe at the same time. As with many movies, especially those produced on the epic scale of “The Lovaganza Convoy” trilogy of movies, there is much more story for the filmmakers to tell with Lovaganza’s directors looking to do so with an animated series detailing the backstory of some of the characters; J.F. and Genevieve Gagnon, the writing and directing couple overseeing the Lovaganza project have recently made their way to Abbey Road Studios to complete the musical score of the animated series in iconic surroundings.

“The Lovaganza Convoy” and accompanying animated series will form the first actions in an entertainment package that will make its way around the world before a global event designed to inspire love and unity takes place. Lovaganza global event will take place in 2020 in eight locations to allow as many people as possible to take part in a celebration of the different cultures that make up the planet we live on; each different culture of the world will be represented in live performances and interactive exhibits the creators hope will aid them in providing a better standard of life for people around the world.

The first steps in achieving success in the goals of Lovaganza is to create movies and TV shows that are successful as they reflect the values the foundation stands for in bringing happiness and safety to people across the planet. Lovaganza’s founders have a history in the music and movie business, including the release of albums under different band names by writer-director Jean Francois Gagnon after working with many of the world’s top music producers. The need to develop a specific sound for the animated series from Lovaganza, and to continue the push for the best quality in every aspect of the production has seen a move to London’s Abbey Road Studios; these iconic studios have played host to some of the best known bands and orchestras in history who have now been joined by Lovaganza and award-winning arranger Chris Elliot.

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Quincy, Is the rate of crime growing in this once peaceful city?

Quincy is a growing city in the state of Massachusetts, U.S. According to 2010, United States census, the total people living in the city was 92,271. It is now the ninth largest city in the state. The city is an important southern hub for the metropolitan Boston. Quincy is the birthplace of two American Presidents namely John Adams and his son John Quincy Adams.


In 1792, the town of Quincy came into being after splitting from Braintree. The town was named after Colonel Joh Quincy, maternal grandfather of Abigal Adams, wife of the U.S. President John Adams. The city of Quincy has a rich patriotic history and people love to live in this growing suburb of Boston. All the major events happening in Boston can be attended by the citizens in Quincy with just one train ride. Many people love to settle in Quincy as unlike the city of Boston; it is great to have your house with a backyard, parking place and garden. Apart from that, the long 22 miles of coastline is excellent for boating and relaxing. The Blue Hills of Quincy is a great place for jogging in the morning, fresh air.


According to the U.S. Government statistics, Quincy has a Crime Index of 37 which means that it is relatively safer than 37 % of the cities in the U.S. However, with the increasing population, the crime rate has been increasing in the growing town of Quincy.

Amongst the notable crimes, the pizza robbery that took place on May 7, 2013, cannot be forgotten. The robbery happened at 9:30 pm at Quincy Circle in the Dayton Circle, South Brunswick. The victim was charged by an armed man to give his money as well as pizza. With this incident, armed robberies seem to be quite increasing in the city. Page Wood, 21 and Justina Hampton, 19 of North Brunswick were arrested in connection with this robbery. They also were found to be connected with other armed robberies that occurred in the past.


Apart from armed robbery, rampant shooting has also been seen in the town. On October 7, 2015, at about 9:30 pm, a shooting was heard in the New Brunswick Apartments leading to an innocent man getting injured. The Apartment is owned by a company based in North Quincy. The suspect was a man wearing a hoodie. North Brunswick Police Department is still investigating about the hooded man.