George Soros: A Better Plan for the Refugees

Public figure George Soros has spoken out about his view on the tragedy of the Syrian refugee crisis. He says that Europe has failed to act appropriately. He especially singles out the EU (European Union) in his recent article in Marketwatch. George Soros names the lack of a complete plan as a cause of what could be a larger problem very soon.

The reasoning is that many countries are not focused on the global community, but rather only themselves. Because of this, there is needless suffering on behalf of the migrants from the nearby countries such as Syria.

The answer to the problem is not to treat the migrants like sub-human animals, but rather to embrace them fully and create a plan to accommodate them, according to Soros. George Soros points out that Europe certainly has the capacity to accept the refugees. What is needed is a plan however.

The issue begins with Syria, because this is where most of the issues have taken hold. There needs to be more aid provided to them. With aid being given to Syria by the United Nations, it could make the situation better overall. Here is the plan that Soros laid out, in 6 steps:

First: The EU should commit to a certain number of refugees being accepted each year. A tentative amount to begin with is one million people.

Second: Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey must be helped quickly. They are very important in this fight, and this requires funding.

Third: Speed is so important because the quicker that the migrants begin to work, the quicker the situation will resolve itself. If migrants are treated like slaves at the borders, however, then this furthers the problem. Borders need to focus on treating people well and a special agency should be formed for this. There should also be a special group that helps process asylum seekers faster so they can resume a normal life.

Fourth: It is vital that safe travels are ensured from the front lines of military conflict all the way to the destination country of those seeking asylum. Key in this part of the plan are the countries of Italy and Greece. They sit next to the afflicted region and can provide a starting point for safety and further travels.

Fifth: Without financing, the refugees will have problems. The EU must step up to ensure that the asylum seekers to do not feel hopeless and thus fail to complete their journey.

Sixth: While NGO’s and church organizations have been a large help in this matter, they simply cannot do their best without appropriate funding. They must staff their offices and have technology to do their job. For this, the EU should step in and assist them.
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Perhaps most troubling about this situation is that it could have been prevented, according to Soros. Other plans don’t treat the refugees well. This plan will be a better way to accomplish the goal of safety and prosperity for everyone.

George Soros is a successful investor and charitable figure. He founded Soros Fund Management as well as Quantum Fund. He is a citizen of both Hungary and the U.S.

Through his work, Soros has helped Eastern European countries fight for freedom from communism. He continues to voice his opinion on political matters. He is self-identified as left-leaning.

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Chinese Banks Are Set To Lose Trillions In Equity If China Banks Continue To Lose Assets According To Investment Expert Kyle Bass

The exact amount of money that China has invested in its banking system and stock market over the last 12 months is enough to solve a couple of the major issues facing the world. But China isn’t interested in solving social issues, according to investment expert and hedge fund manager Kyle Bass. China is a capitalistic country with a communist backbone, and the result of that mixture has produced the second largest economy in the world. China is a formidable opponent, but Kyle Bass and other hedge fund investors have decided to bet against the Chinese by shorting the yuan against the dollar. Bass is betting the yuan is going to depreciate over the next two years and if it does he will make billions of dollars.

The fact that China is facing a recession that may be worse than the 2008 Great Recession shouldn’t concern Americans. But Bass recently talked about the possibility of a mild recession in the United States when he was interviewed by Fox Business News. Bass said the U.S. could enter a recession by the end of the year. But economists are predicting a serious recession, and it could start in 2016. Bass is known for his predictions. He predicted the subprime mortgage mess two years before it happened, and he recently predicted that the Japanese yen would depreciate.

In the brilliant article, Kyle Bass The Frantic Investments of a Desperate Gambler, it’s made clear he is the CEO of Dallas-based Hayman Capital Investments. He has made a fortune managing his hedge fund. Kyle likes to bet on risky assets and over the last eight years, Hayman Capital has been able to manage more than $80 billion in assets. That puts Hayman Capital in rare company in the hedge fund industry. Bass has managed to create issues because of his flamboyant attitude and unusual investment style. When Bass stood behind GM when the car company was clearly in the wrong over airbags and power steering mechanisms, Bass lost some credibility in the industry. When Bass supported the controversial former President of Argentina, Christina de Kirchner, when she defaulted on more than $90 billion in government bonds, he lost credibility.

Now that Bass is supporting the famous patent troll, Erich Spangenberg, Bass is stirring the pot once again. Bass is shorting drug stocks when drug companies are called to explain why they have patents are certain drugs. Spangenberg claims the drug companies are overpricing drugs to improve their bottom lines. Critics say Bass is shorting the drug companies stock to improve his bottom line.

Charles Koch’s Surprising Views On The Clintons

Charles Koch was born in Wichita, Kansas. Koch was born to a second generation Dutch immigrant who founded and ran the company that eventually turned into Koch Industries. Charles decided to earn several degrees far away from home. He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he earned a bachelors degree in engineering and then 2 masters degrees in chemical and mechanical engineering. It was after receiving the degrees that Charles moved back home to work for his father’s company. Less than 10 years later, Charles took over the company and expanded its worth to 90 billion dollars by 2006.

Charles Koch is also very involved in donating, both to political causes and to charities. He is a staunch supporter of the republican party and the beliefs behind it. The main fight that Koch has gotten behind politically, is the fight over corporate welfare. Koch believes that the government should not be assisting businesses in that way. This type of tampering, according to Koch, leads to a heavy reliance on the government and very shaky economic stability. The surprising aspect of Koch’s beliefs is that the corporate welfare given by the government oftentimes would significantly benefit Koch Industries. However, Koch refuses to accept the welfare. Koch has also been known to be very charitable with educational institutions. These institutions include George Mason University, the Cato Institute and Wichita State University.

A surprising story has recently come out about Charles Koch. In an ABC interview, Koch revealed that he thought Bill Clinton was a better president than George W. Bush. He explained that the government’s reach and that the government’s spending, under President George W. Bush, grew so much more dramatically than it did under Clinton. Charles Koch explained that Clinton was not the best president but he was more fiscally responsible. Koch also admitted that Hillary Clinton might be the most preferable candidate that is currently running. Koch did not go very deep into this subject but he did say that he very highly doubted he would support her. The main reason being that her policies just do not line up with Koch’s policies. The article then went on to bring up how Koch had contemplated donating to an anti-Trump super PAC earlier in the year but had not and has yet to donate to a presidential candidate this year.

Why Highland Capital Continues to Grow

There are many investment firms struggling to survive in the current economic environment. Over time, it is important to look at what the successful companies are doing in order to stay in business. Highland Capital is a great example of a company working to stay at the top. Over the past couple of years, they have made a lot of great hires to keep their human resources one of the best in the business. James Dondero has done a great job of leading the company to new heights. Even during the middle of the recession, Dondero knew what he had to do in order to keep Highland Capital growing.

Everyone in the world wants to have more money at their disposal. Investment firms have a great opportunity to teach people how to invest their capital. Companies that can do this with great accuracy will grow their client base over time. Even during bad economic times, Highland Capital has always done a great job of helping customers succeed. This is one of the things that really separates this company from the rest of their competition. Over a long period of time, the results of this hard work show. There are many people investing with the company, and their name brand recognition gets better every single day.

Some people do not have any investment knowledge to fall back on. Average people do not get a lot of help from the big investment firms simply because they do not have as much capital to invest with. Highland Capital has done a great job of helping people with a low net wroth succeed. Dondero never turns a person away because they do not have enough money to invest with. Over a long period of time, this has allowed him to grow his company to where it is today. Anyone who wants to build up an investment firm company should look at the example that he has set. James Dondero has done a great job of hiring quality investment professionals into his company. In addition, even during bad economic times, Highland Capital has delivered a lot of value to shareholders. This is the recipe for success for anyone who is working in this field. Once again, James Dondero proves that he is one of the most qualified people in the industry for getting companies to the top.

Keith Mann Announces Scholarship

Education is one of the most important aspects of any society. Keith Mann is a business owner from the New York area who is passionate about helping other people succeed. Keith recently announced a 2016 scholarship to help people who are wanting to grow their life through education. There are a lot of people in the New York area who are wanting to increase the quality of local school. Despite a lot of funding from the government, the performance of the school system in the New York area continues to lag other states. There is a stark difference between private and public schools in the state. Keith Mann wants to get all schools to a quality level that will allow students to succeed.

Mann is one of the most successful in the state when it comes to starting and running a business. Over the past couple of years, he has turned his attention away from simply making money to helping other people succeed. This is the natural progression of people who have been wildly successful. Anyone who is looking to make an impact in the world today has the opportunity to do so if they have enough time and money. Keith wants to help children across the state and the country with their education. With the recent scholarship announcement, he is rewarding people who have given back a lot over the past couple of years.

Technology is going to change education greatly in the next couple of years. There are plenty of opportunities for people who are looking to invest in this sector of the economy. Over time, money will help a lot of schools take the next step for their students. No one wants to see students fall behind simply because they are from a certain area of town. Keith is on a mission to help the school system of New York City reach new heights. With all of the influence that he has, there is little doubt that he will succeed over the next few years with his plans.

Avi Weisfogel Launches Go Fund Me To Raise Awareness Of The Need

Operation Smile is a non-profit program that is set up for people that are unable to afford dental care. This program collects money to help fund the dental programs for people that are low income and poverty stricken. Avi Weisfogel helps individuals by collecting money through the go fund me campaign. Avi is a dental professional that understands things and is trying to help. He is the owner of Dental Sleep Masters and also works with people that are having issues with dental appliances. Invisalign is one of the dental appliances that Avi uses on people that have teeth that are out of align.

On every street in every town there are people that are homeless and doing without things that most people take for granted. Good medical care and dental care are two of the things they do without. It is difficult enough for these people to find one meal a day. They struggle to find jobs that will keep them more than a few hours a week. This does not pay the bills. It does not allow them to have a tooth pulled when it needs to come out. People are doing without care. The Go fund me campaign is going to help many individuals receive the dental help they need. Avi is launching this campaign to benefit the Operation Smile organization. Every penny that comes into the fund will go to help others get the dental help they need.

Operation smile helps people all over the world. It helps people in areas where no one else wants to help. Children born with cleft palates are coming to operation smile for help. The parents are happy to learn that the organization helps people get dental surgeries and dental maintenance free of charge. Operation smile puts their money back into the community. The people are volunteering to help others by riding on the dental bus and serving people in the back alleys and poverty stricken areas of the cities.

Weisfogel is teaching people that it is great to help others in need. He is helping other dental professionals understand what it means to give of your time to help others. He is also helping others understand that a few hours donated each week is not a bad thing to give.

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Tax Fraud Needs Better Compliance Management

Compliance officials wear a variety of different hats, however one that is especially important is that of tax specialist. That’s right: Tax Day challenges companies to assess their annual income and expenditures. This isn’t a one man task. Honest filers and fraudsters alike know that the IRS struggle to stay on top of potential fraud while assessing the contents of many an honest return. This is largely due to taxpayer identity theft.

This type of white collar crime exploded between 2010 and 2012, although the IRS reports that it is currently growing. How is the IRS trying to keep up with the new tricks of the multi-billion fraudulent trade? Heavily monitoring past stolen identities that have forged tax returns in the past to learn about what to expect from future fraudsters. Tax fraud is a common white collar crime that affects nearly every industry.

No every company knowingly files fraudulent tax returns. This is especially true for new companies just looking to file complicated expenditure reports. Compliance officers help these companies stay out of the IRS red zone through transparent and helpful advice. Extra security checks, in addition to company education efforts, are part of compliance’s role.

This is especially useful as congressional budget cuts are inhibiting IRS ability to collect a national $3.1 trillion annual tax bill. This is why fraudulent tax returns are an IRS and company nightmare. Neither side wants to deal with the complicated procedures in place to deal with these returns.

Helane Morrison represents a new brand of compliance officers and experts well versed in company compliance guidelines. Setting the bar for female administrators within the SEC, she has made a name for herself within San Francisco finance. Along with Morrison female compliance officers Valerie Caproni, Mary Keefe, and Carmen Lawrence are have many year experience in setting compliance standard for the finance centered regional hubs they are located within.

Morrison has reported that compliance efforts have tightened since San Francisco District Office had doubled. Going from 30 to 60 within five years, increased increased work loads have challenged the enforcement and examination staffs, but have made them even more competent in the major issues which are affecting the finance industry as of today.

She heads and office of professionals that investigate those who cheat investors. These types of schemes can often utilize tax schemes or simple embezzlement tactics. Morrison has been stern to ensure that the finance industry goes after companies and the individuals within them that make the financial industry a risky venture for those wanting a straightforward and honest approach to investing.

Autism Rocks Appoints New Members In Its Board

Autism Rocks is an international organization that was started by popular British millionaire Sanjay Shah. The company was started several years ago, and it is currently based in the United Kingdom, London. The main aim of starting the organization was to create awareness about autism diseases. The organization also wanted to help fund research about the condition, and this way, people and the society at large will understand who is at risk of getting the condition, how to detect the condition early enough and also help the affected groups to access the right centers where they can get help fast.

Recently, the company has grown so large, and the management has decided to add more members in the board so that they can meet the growing demand of the company. According to Sanjay Shah, the founder of the company, the organization is moving to new parts of the globe, and more personnel are required in the daily management of the company. The new people who will join the board are Pete Best and Will Best.

The two new members are brothers, and they are having been in close contact with Sanjay for some years now. They started their friendship when they were still in the university, and they understand each other very well. Shah believes that his two friends are the right people for the growing institution.

Autism Rocks is a well-known invitation-only live concert and also a charity event that raises awareness and donations for autism research. This means that the two new members will be involved in the musical events, funds, and the management of the donation received.

Pete Best is a close friend to Shah, and he says that he knows him very well. He has been in the finance industry for over 21 years, and he has the required experience to handle the finance activities in the charitable organization.

Shah is also the founder of Solo Capital, a boutique investment company that is found in London and Dubai. He started the company after leaving formal employment several years ago. The company has done very well, making him one of the richest people in London.

Helane Morrison is Upholding Integrity in the Corporate World

Helane Morrison plays a vital role as the Chief Compliance Officer. She holds this role at Hall Capital Partners. She also holds other positions within this firm. These positions include:
* General Counsel
* Managing Director
* Chief Compliance Officer
* Principal
The maintaining of high standards and integrity is vital within the finance areas of every business. Every business must uphold high standards in order to build the trust of every client. The set guidelines must be followed in the corporate world. A Chief Compliance officer must ensure that every guideline is adhered to by each and every employee.

Global Economic Crisis in 2007 Set the Tone
The global economic crisis struck in the year 2007. The tone had been set because institution were crumbling all around. The banks had to rely on bailouts from the government as unemployment rose rapidly. The tone of mistrust had started during this economic crisis. Individual all across America have since been wondering where they can place their trust. People are in need of assurance that their investments are currently safe. The overall trust level must be restored through consistent integrity by each and every business across all of America.

Restoring Trust with Ethical Behavior
The entire 2007 and 2008 financial crisis have left Americans in need. The need is to have their faith restored. The entire American economy must see ethical behavior being displayed in the corporate world. The trust will be restored with the assistance of Chief Compliance Officers. Helane Morrison is one individual who is already upholding integrity within the corporate world. Trust is slowly be restored because integrity is being upheld in the corporate world.

Helane Morrison and Compliance
Helane Morrison is an educated person and she has a solid background in law. She has a large amount of previous compliance work history. Her education background is highly impressive. She has attended the following schools:
* University of California, Berkley
* Northwestern University
She has also been involved within Boar and Advisor roles. These include the following:
* Regional Parks Foundation as a Board Member
* Hedge Fund Subcommittee. This is of the American Bar Association
Helane Morrison has a fine reputation that includes the upholding of integrity and compliance.

Yeonmi Park: An Escapee’s Story

To heard about hardships and struggles that other people encounter in other parts of the world is a good way of having things put into perspective. Such is the case for Yeonmi Park, a native North Korean.

Park, who is a well-known human rights activist, knows all too well what life inside the North Korean borders is truly like. She spent much of her youth in the country, not interested in freedom or even aware of what the concept of freedom was, according to her in an interview made by Daily Mail UK. Simple things such as food were what she considered to be the purest form of happiness at the time. In spite of this her story is mainly one of understanding freedom, which culminated in her family’s escape from the country into China and then settling in South Korea much later. Her story of the escape did not go unnoticed by the world, as current dictator Kim Jong-Un has gone on to produce videos on NK News that discredit the family and label them as traitors or foreign agents. Regardless, Park has continued to speak on her life and the true horrors and brutality that exist within the borders of North Korea.

In her early years, Park was born in the Hyesan district of North Korea, with her mother working as a nurse for the North Korean Army and her father was a civil servant for the Worker’s Party. Though her family was considered to be privileged at first, they began encountering hardships as time went on, a major one involving her father’s arrest for illegal insider trading activities. The event is what prompted Park’s family to try and flee the country, a daring move that happened when Park was only thirteen years old. The family did cross the border into China and were smuggled into Mongolia from there, with the aid of human traffickers and Christian missionaries. From there, after laying low for a while, the family eventually came to South Korea and started a new life there. However, Park’s father could not make the journey and passed away from colon cancer shortly before.