RE/MAX Aiming to Make it Big in the Big Apple

The RE/MAX real estate brokerage has decided to enter the New York City luxury real estate market in a major way, according to a recent article in Real Estate Weekly.

RE/MAX’s founder, Dave Liniger, bought back the company’s Master Franchise for the entire state of New York. He plans to get local brokerage offices started in New York City, then spread through the entire state. Liniger says he visits New York City a lot, and is anxious to add that territory to his company. He predicted it would happen quickly. He has assigned RE/MAX’s Terry Bohannon to head the head the team to bring RE/MAX to New York.

RE/MAX does have an office in Manhattan, but it has struggled. Liniger says it’s like transferring to a new high school. RE/MAX is known as a suburban brokerage firm, and real estate agents in big cities are different from those in the suburbs. Liniger says it’s a matter of finding the right leadership. They need to sell franchises to brokers with the right drive, ambition and style.

Liniger started RE/MAX in Denver back in the 1970s. It now has over 100,000 agents in the United States and 100 other countries.

The same article cites a real estate company that started up in the New York City in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger, and has become successful. That’s TOWN Residential. It’s become New York’s best firm for luxury real estate services. It handles the sales and leasing of luxury apartments. It also works on commercial and retail property development on the upper end. It’s one of the Top 50 Best Places to Work in New York City.

According to Heiberger, a real estate firm must be big, because it needs enough margin to market effectively. He also dislikes the concept of discounting, because that repels the high-end broker and fails to get listings of luxury real estate, the kind he specializes in.

He emphasized his neighborhood-centered approach to the market. He plans to have offices throughout Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn to fully represent the city. Before founding TOWN, Heiberger pushed Citi Habitats to grow into a major brokerage in the city.

Avi Weisfogel Launches a Campaign to Benefit Operation Smile

Operation Smile is a charity organization that got its start in the early 1980’s. It was founded by Bill and Kathy Magee. Bill is a doctor, and Kathy is a nurse. When they started the organization, they were mainly focused on helping children who lived in the Philippines. However, as the organization has continued to grow, it now benefits children who live in many countries around the world. In fact, volunteers who work with this organization live in more than 80 different nations. The majority of the individuals who volunteer with Operation Smile are trained medical professionals. They offer their time and resources to help children with facial deformities. This organization has now helped more than 200,000 children around the world.

Avi Weisfogel believes in the ideals behind this organization and feels that the work they do is exceptional. He is a New Jersey dentist. He has recently launched a Go Fund Me campaign that will benefit the international organization Operation Smile. Individuals around the world can donate money toward the cause. Once $2,000 has been raised, it will be donated to the organization. The main reason why Avi Weisfogel wants to help this organization is because it gives hope to children who have been through difficult situations in life. He feels that children everywhere, no matter what country they live in or what kind of economic background they come from, deserve to get the best healthcare available.  Check out his educational YouTube video below!

Avi Weisfogel has six children of his own. He and his family live in New Jersey. Avi is the owner of Old Bridge Dental Care. He works with patients on a daily basis in order to help them improve their oral health and their lives. He realizes that when a person has a healthy smile, not only do they have overall better health, but they feel more confident. They have what is needed to have higher self-esteem and take on new life challenges. Not only does Avi Weisfogel provide outstanding dental care to his patients, he is constantly looking for ways that he can provide better care. For this reason, he spends at least 200 hours every single year furthering his own education. If there is a better procedure available, he wants to learn about it. This is true no matter if it is something as simple as treating gum disease or if it is a whole new procedure that is used to place dental implants.


Oisin Hanrahan Says Handy Is Scaling Up

If you don’t know the name Oisin Hanrahan that is okay. We assure you that you know his company, Handy. Handy is a start up company that is taking the on demand cleaning industry by a storm. The important thing to understand is that Handy does not plan on stopping at just that service. According to Oisin if there is a hole that needs to be filled in any major city, Handy might be there to fill the gap.

For example, in addition to on-demand cleaning services, Handy also offers handyman services. This service also does quite well for Handy. It works well for the customers too. Here is why, as a client who needs these services, you have a problem that needs to be fixed immediately. How do you hire a service person you trust? This is where Handy comes in. Handy has already looked over the credentials of the handyman they are sending out. They are ready to send out the most reliable handyman to service your needs. This insures that you will get the highest quality repair guy. You are also guaranteed that he will show up and do the job right.

Oisin knows that Handy must go above and beyond the expectations of his customer base. He has a plan that will lead to global domination of the service industry. Place by place, city by city, Handy is taking charge and getting the job done. They do this by offering the highest quality service at cost effective pricing. In Handy’s short time the company has already reached an unbelievable amount of customers and experienced rapid growth. Handy is not worried about other companies because there are many copycats but, none of them do exactly what Handy does. As a result, Oisin Hanrahan has no doubt that Handy will be scaling up and continue to do so.

Demystifying the Myths Associated with Koch Bothers Network

For a long time, Charles and David Koch popularly known as Koch brothers had managed to operate secretively until a series of investigative reports began to appear in 2010. The reports from all quarters revealed that the two brothers were funding an anti-Obama campaign and creating a platform for electing Republicans. The stories about the two brothers’ political agenda and spending were interesting at the beginning, but the exaggeration paints different pictures and offers misleading information to the general public. To set the record straight and provide genuine information to observers of American politics as well as reformist here is a list of myths about the Koch brothers.

Despite the political activities of the two brothers gaining popularity after Obama assumed the presidency, they were reshaping American politics for decades. Koch brothers were responsible for funding academic research institutes such as the George Mason University and Cato Institute since the 1970s. David Koch viewed for vice presidency on Liberty Party ticket back in 1980. Koch brothers proceeded to fund more organizations that could use public campaigns to ensure their preferred policies were implemented by both the Congress and the state.

According to Forbes magazine, Charles Koch held the fifth position in its list of 400 richest Americans. The brothers spend countless amount of money supporting both education and political causes. Their ability to rally hundreds of families that are wealthy and conservative makes their network an influential one. The growth in numbers of seminars organized by these brothers indicates that their network is a joint project.

Some activists believe that Koch network is founded on self-interest. They majorly focus on funding activities of the two brothers in the environmental sector. However, the two brothers have campaigned against oppressive policies in the medical care, health reform, and social security sector.

The network supports most foundations and community-based organization, but the amount that goes to each group is minimal.

Charles Koch is an established businessperson and an active philanthropist. He co-owns Koch Industries and serves as its CEO as well as chairperson of its board. He graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1957 with an undergraduate degree in general engineering. Charles Koch furthered his education and graduated with master’s degree in mechanical engineering and chemical engineering in 1958 and 1960 respectively. His humanitarian activities revolve around research, educational projects, and policies that are geared towards advancing free-market views.

Highland Capital Management awaiting Argentina’s Re-Entry Into The International Markets

James Dondero who is the current CEO of Highland Capital Management recently said in an interview that his firm had predicted that something had to give in 2014 when looking at Argentina and what a resource rich country they were. At the time they were minimizing their production and depleting their foreign reserves. This set them up for failure. The country was a financial outcast due to the fact that they had price manipulations, very bad tax policies and large subsidies and this all led to a turning point. James Dondero and his team predicted this would happen as well as knowing that this will cause the bonds to trade at a higher price because they had to settle with holdouts.

The company, Highland Capital Management will be looking beyond just the sovereign debt and is also looking for other investment opportunities as well as starting an Argentina fund. Those other companies similar to Highland Capital that are also holding the sovereign debt might also be looking to reinvest into the country once they are paid. This is latest information from analyst Sebastian Rondeau and Jane Bauer from Bank of America Corp.

The same analyst also mentioned in a March 3rd report that there had been an expectation that those distressed investors would exit the country upon completion of the transaction but this is not the case as many funds are creating dedicated Argentina funds to re-invest in private equity, equity and debt. They believe the new bond is priced very well and is a good investment compared to other Argentina assets. For a full recap on the report please visit the Bloomberg Business website.

Jim Dondero or as most people know him, James Dondero attended the University of Virginia where he graduated with honors. He received Beta Alpha Psi and Beta Gamma Sigma which are the highest accolades from the McIntire School of Commerce. James studied a dual major in both Finance and Accounting. Jim is also a certified public accountant, chartered financial analyst as well as a certified management accountant. As well as being involved as the CEO of Highland Capital Management he is the current chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare and NexBank. Jim also serves on the board of the MGM Studios and American Banknote. All this has kept James Dondero humble and active within the community.

Investment Banking Success Is Strongly Related With Knowledge Of The market

Martin Lustgarten, an investor, majoring with investment banking can relate his success with the knowledge of the market he has. For great success, an investment banker requires great knowledge and contact with different global markets and country. Investment banking works well especially with international markets and can bring a huge fortune for those who are determined to pursue it. Lustgarten has established great connections with great banks in the whole world and has also operated a business in South America. He operates companies that he owns in Singapore, Hong Kong and Panama.

Lustgarten made a fortune with the Venezuelan banks when the banks were facing a deficit of the dollar. He sold to the banks dollars but a relatively high price in comparison to the dollar market. The United States government tried to vindicate him as a criminal but he has worked with many countries in international deals, and they did not find any reason to accuse him. His knowledge of America markets is perfect, and he has the ability to conduct business in a different climate and markets an important aspect when one is dealing with investment banking. Many banks have had an interaction with Martin and Shell Company also made a deal with him; his investment goes up to Paris where he offers importation services.

Martin Lustgarten has also been a trader and made huge profits especially because of his ability to rotate in markets where the value of the dollar is high making more profits. He is also a vintage trader, and he loves it very much he imports expensive vintage products like watches and other accessories. Lustgarten is an Austria Venezuelan citizen, and he has strategic ways to handle investment banking like owning bank accounts in different countries globally. In total, he is estimated to have more than 50 bank accounts. His fortune has only been for the few years of investment, but his financial success is highly related to the firsthand information he knows about international markets and trading. Martin also advises that the important thing in investment is conducting analytical research of the market especially the risk involved. He and his family live in South Florida, and he loves spending more time with them. Follow Lustgarten on Twitter to keep up with news and other information.

Real Estate and The New York We All Know

New York City luxury real estate is a big deal and occasion for those finding themselves in that market. There’s no shortage of them either.

There’s a great deal of money on the line, so finding the right agent is no different from finding the right place to call home. Both need to live up to expectations.

Securing those rare accommodations can be a large task, and TOWN Residential is the reputable real estate firm who, within five years of service, has scaled the Big Apple to become a top service provider for the city at large. As it seems to always be, New York’s real estate industry is booming, and a lot of people are seeking pieces of the pie.

The agency specializes in commercial, retail, leasing, luxury accommodations, property development, precise marketing and even sales. The spectrum of success in these is where the firm’s name proudly stands upon. The firm’s staff of absolute professionals has been hailed as the secret to the realtor’s success in the NYC market.

Today, it’s no longer a secret, and in a market commonly known as not being for those faint in heart. Many have and are trying to breach this landscape, and yet few have succeeded. It takes a group like TOWN Residential to pave the way. The agency’s executive leadership consists of Wendy Amitland, Andrew Heiberger, Itzy Garay and Joesph J. Sitt.

As covered by Real Estate Weekly, the New York City real estate scene can be a steal with the right management and team combined. But as firms from the suburbs, those with national success and prestige are moving into the New York metropolitan market, it’s names like TOWN that are impressing NYC’s real estate buffs and moguls.

Outsiders–even those with tremendous track records–are not finding it easy to tap into the fast pace scene of New York.

This is a scene that requires a different type of management style and a staff who can relate to the voice and minds of city professionals. As agencies nationwide seek to get their share of the market, however, New York City shows no signs of diminishing its real estate opportunities.

New York Sees Impact of Interest Rate Rise

Luxury real estate in New York is real estate at a whole different level than any other major city. With its incredible history and the vibrant feeling that invests every part of this city, New York is the place that people want to be. Prices in high end real estate here have stayed strong after recovering from the Great Recession, and in the past few years prices have continued up into the stratosphere.

The new reality in New York, however, is that a slowdown is on the way. Interest rates are due to rise and this will have an impact on every part of real estate here. That, along with a stock market that continues to be unpredictable, will be an element of business here that must be faced. Investors who are realistic about the coming situation in 2016 will do well, however.

A recent article in addressed the situation and laid out what we can expect this year.

Prices on rental properties in Brooklyn and Queens will head lower as interest rates rise. Buyers will be slow to make final decisions on deals, and many will make more demands as negotiations go back and forth. Sellers will have to be realistic in setting prices to this new reality. Those that don’t will lose out in a big way.

One of the bright spots in the coming year, however, will be the involvement of baby boomers, who will have cash on hand. Many of these buyers will be buying into the “lower” levels of the luxury market.

What’s clear is that solid representation from experts in New York luxury properties is essential. TOWN is one of the top firms that has expertise in this area, and the real estate professionals at TOWN are ready to work with those who need their knowledge of New York’s amazing properties.

Since its launch in 2010, TOWN has risen to the top of the luxury residential real estate scene. When you’re ready to make it happen, call TOWN.