Thor Halvorssen Shines the Light on Human Rights.

With so many different cultures in the world, there is one subject that is apparent throughout even the most primitive cultures, Human Rights. It is in some shape, form or fashion an issue throughout the world. To battle this ongoing issue the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) was formed.

The Human Rights Foundation was founded in 2005 in New York to raise awareness and educate society as a whole on how to promote freedom and tolerance in regions that are plagued with human right issues. Their philosophy is simple. Target and educate world leaders, intellectual individuals and society as a whole, who have the influence in their countries to promote human rights within their respective cultures. They aim to accomplish this with seminars, publications, news and video media to initiate a movement forward in the right direction.

The Human Rights Foundation was founded by Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza, most commonly referred as Thor Halvorssen. He is a human rights activist and film producer that recognizes the need for education, throughout the world, of the travesties of the lack of human rights that many people continue to suffer to this very day. He decided to use his talents to get this very important issue out to the public. He stance is very basic. He states “I don’t care if these injustices are being committed by “right-wing or left-wing regimes. Havorssen is also the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum. It is a heavily promoted and successful festival that has grown immensely and is approaching the status of being as big as Devos Economic Forum.

Halvorssen was born in Venezuela. His father, Thor Halvorssen Hellum, and mother, Hilda Mendoza both have been the victim of senseless violence through government corruption. These experiences led him to found HRF and be what many call “a champion of the underdog and the powerless.” This is just the start of what is considered a very influential and rapidly moving stage of education of the people and the eradication of the injustices that prevent the world from becoming a more peaceful society as a whole.

Sanjay Shah and Solo Capital Partners take on cancer with acquisition of Radon Solutions.

Sanjay Shah, CEO of Solo Capital Partners, Dubai, and an active worker in the treatment of autism, is now fighting cancer with Radon Solutions, operating in several markets in the US to provide above-slab air pressure differential barrier technology to mitigate cancer-causing airborne radon contamination.

Radon Solutions Acquired By Sanjay Shah and Solo Capital Partners

Our work is now fighting cancer, too.
Lung cancer

And keeping you and your family or your business safer from one of its major causes, radon gas.

Here at Radon Solutions we’re happy to be working with Sunjay Shah and Solo Capital Partners in Dubai. The acquisition expands his interest in another, often-but-not-exclusively-juvenile-malady, Autism, and extends it to reducing radon-induced lung cancer.
We appreciate the additional ability we will now have to serve our customers.
Count on Radon Solutions for professional treatment, right from your first call, your first meeting with a knowledgeable Radon Solutions representative, your radon test, and right through the RadonAway installation and final startup.
Your Radon Solutions representative will help you understand the danger of airborne radon gas in your home or business. He’ll explain the way radon behaves in the lungs and why it is a major source of cancer, causing an estimated 20,000 deaths in the US annually.
He’ll (or she’ll – it’s not strictly a man’s world) explain not only why radon is deadly but also why it is stealthy and often misunderstood.
You’ll also learn why protecting yourself, your family and your employees has a simple solution.

Count on Radon Solutions to keep radon level low in your living or working space.

We know you’re aware of lung cancer … a friend, a fellow-employee or even a family member might be suffering from it. And, like most cancers, it’s not curable … and is one of the hardest cancers to even treat.
Radon Solutions branches are located primarily in areas where the typical air concentration of radon is at least 2 pCi/L (the measure of radon concentration) and in many of our areas the level of radon in the air is already “high” (4 pCi/L or more). Most of the time that’s a level people can live with but we humans sometimes interfere when we build our homes and buildings on the surface and cut down the radon’s ability to escape into the air.
Here’s why radon is a sneaky threat. It doesn’t stay in its pure form but when it spends its low radioactivity it “decays” (that nuclear term again) and, one molecule at a time, actually changes to another material. And that’s where it becomes dangerous.
While the radon we have breathed is in the lung, some individual atoms of radon will “decay” further, becoming a whole different kind of atom. In this form it is now a solid and will not leave with the exhaled breath and, even worse, it reacts with and joins the nearby lung tissue.
Here it stays, continuing to decay. With each step of decay it bombards nearby lung tissue with its nuclear radiation which stimulates it to grow rapidly … that’s cancer!

Here’s when you should worry about radon:
Because radon is heavier than air, often it is trapped underground within solid rock, and is not an everyday danger. It may eventually find its way to the surface and join the atmosphere where, most of the time, it is not a serious problem.
But when a building foundation is leveled or, worse, a basement is excavated by digging into the underlying rock, trapped radon is released, and, over time radon continues to be released from the rock below as it slowly but steadily migrates to the surface and becomes part of the atmosphere in your home or building.

And RadonSolutions can help

Start with a Radon Solutions state-of-the-art testing kit. Determine the level of radon that you are living with every day.
Your health, your family’s health, is important. RadonSolutions’ kits and trained professionals can help you discover if you’re in danger.
(color 3) AND WE CAN LOWER IT!
Your Radon Solutions engineer will show you how. A RadonAway Radon Mitigation System, designed, built and installed expressly for your building, office, factory or home will reduce those elevated radon levels to a level you can live with!

Marcio Alaor’s Tips On Investments

Picking great companies for investment with lots of promise and strong financial performance is the key factor to profitable investing. Marcio Alaor, the executive vice president of BMG Group is an expert in this aspect who has created a number of strategies to come up with the right kind of players in the market. Netflix, the global leader of streaming videos and TV series is one such company on which Marcio Alaor is interested in. His reports on this company goes to show how well it has been performing in this industry as well as what future does it hold in terms of revenue and profit.

Investors always want to make sure that they increase the odds of success and focus on investing venues that have greatest potential for returns and growth. Marcio Alalor’s reports reflect just that. Netflix, in the recent years, have gone a number of substantial changes within the company and is ready to expand in more than 130 countries by the end of the year 2016. Its profit is expected to grow around 24% each year starting from 2016 as well according the report. The report further states the promising future that Netflix will have in major countries like India and the expected number of customers in a year or so. The report also gives investors tools to protect their positions in this company investment and to learn more about latest trends and technology.

Marcio Alaor has evaluated this company in great details and translated complex matters into easily understandable segments. With these reports, investors can learn how much risk in appropriate and how to weigh the investments to accomplish financial goals. The end of goal of Netflix through its expansion plans is obviously profit and these plans are carefully designed to generating profits by making smart decisions. The company is in a way competing against other similar service providers but its success is predicated upon its ability of consumers placing higher value on the products and services it offers compared to the rest of the providers.

Investors around the world can easily access reports generated by Marcio Alaor about Netflix, news, financial and performance metrics. The report is a draft that has the right kind of information after filtering out data that are irrelevant. Looking back at what Netflix has achieved so far, this company had all the signs of success expanding profit margins and growing revenues. Marcio Alaor offers a number of investment advice to his customers and investors as well. No matter what indicators they use to find good values in investment venues, his findings are of great help for long term and short term investments. He knows the simple and powerful truth about investing.

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Autism Rock on Forefront Towards Creating Autism Awareness.

Autism Rock is a foundation that began so as to gain insight on autism. It is run and owned by Sanjay Shah who is the largest contributor towards the charity. His dedication towards the foundation began when he had to treat and cater for his kid who was suffering from autism at the age of 4 years. All the contributions that are made to the foundation are then presented to the Autism Research Center that is based in Cambridge where Sanjay runs the place. It runs scientific studies on the mental disorder. Recent news from the center indicates that through magnetic resonance imaging, they can tell the disease affected a different part of the brain depending on the sex of the person. These results are the latest findings in the world of autism research.
Sanjay Shah was a medical student before joining accountants in the financial markets and investments. One of his greatest achievement was when he received a £19-million-pound bonus from the Capula Investment. He opted to open his brokerage firm and help clients by himself. Solo Capital was born after his decision and it is a financial service provider entity whose headquarters are in London. It is also licensed to operate within the United Kingdom. Sanjay also owns other companies located in places like Malta, British Virgin Islands, and the Cayman Islands.
His charity Autism Rock foundation raises money by organizing gigs around the world creating awareness of autism. Some of the artists who have managed to attend the shows include Kravitz, Prince and Snoop Dogg. Sanjay used to make contributions to families in India with autism affected kids. The costs he incurred when treating Nikhil, his son made him see the need for a charity organization that will enable every child with the disorder to get special treatment till they can fend for themselves. He uses his skill set as a Dj to organize functions a trait that he picked up when on campus.
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Sanjay Shah: Making A Difference One Concert At A Time

Sanjay Shah has seen success throughout his life in the financial world. After attending King’s College in London, Shah went on to work for numerous successful institutions, such as Morgan Stanley, Rabobank and Credit Suisse. Over a 20 year period, Shah worked as a highly regarded banker. Finally, in 2008 he found himself without a job. He started his own company, an investment management, principal trading and brokerage firm. He called it Solo Capital.

Solo Capital quickly expanded to two offices with over 100 employees in Dubai and London. The firm began to run itself and no longer needed his minute by minute attention. Shah needed to find another project to get behind. And he decided on autism. Shah’s son had been diagnosed with autism several years prior and he had actively given to the Autism Research Trust, which supports the Autism Research Center. In order to support autism research, Shah took up an old hobby, concert promotion.

The idea was born after Sanjay Shah received a surprise visit from Snoop Dogg at his Dubai home. Shah had loved promoting concerts during his college days so he called a local promotions company in Dubai and got them to agree to partner with him on a local event so that he could gain experience. This event was more of a trial run and did not include the charity aspect. They rounded up musicians like Joss Stone, Elvis Costello, Aloe Blacc and Xavier Rudd and nearly broke even with about 3,000 people in attendance.

The CEO of Done Events called Shah while they were in the middle of planning the event and mentioned that Prince would be willing to do a private event soon. So Shah took this opportunity to tie in the Charity, Autism Rocks. He got Prince to agree to do a private gig in London and they raised just over 3 million dollars.

Autism Rocks is only seeing more and more success in raising money for autism and they plan on continuing this success.

Source: Global-Citizen

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