Double-Sided Coin: Questioning Kyle Bass

J. Kyle Bass is a name known to many in the financial and business sectors here in the United States. His hedge fund which is listed on Wikipedia, Hayman Capital Management, was one of the first to correctly predict — and strategize against — the housing collapse of 2008, brought on by the vast amount of subprime mortgages.

And now, he has done it again. Along with Erich Spangenberg, known for his class action lawsuits against Silicon Valley tech companies, Bass has created a new venture, this time focusing on drug patents.

The venture, called the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, zeros in on drug patents that Mr. Bass and Mr. Spangenberg find to be weak, abusive, or illegitimate and then asks the United States Patent and Trademark Office to review the patents. The idea, according to Mr. Bass, is that any patents found to be lacking in legitimacy should be removed, thereby allowing generic copies of those drugs to hit the market and lowering the price of that drug.

Since mid-November of this year, the Coalition has filed 33 patent requests on 13 drugs. So far, only half of the review requests have been approved. Mr. Bass has announced that his company will see the reviews that are upheld out, and will not seek settlements out-of-court.

And while Mr. Bass may seem as though he is taking the moral road when it comes to fighting drug companies, protesting “evergreening” practices that keep cheap generic drugs from hitting the shelves for decades, that is not the entire story. Mr. Bass and Mr. Spangenberg profit from this venture, along with their investors.

It has been reported that both gentlemen are short-sellers of shares in the companies that they are challenging. This means that the Coalition can make a profit off of those companies, should the patents be deemed illegitimate. The company also holds shares in innovative pharmaceutical companies, allowing Bass to profit either way.

But is Kyle Bass a generous and well-meaning hedge funder? The answer is more complicated, especially as you realize that Bass has a less-than-stellar track record when it comes to investments made by his hedge fund. After all, the man does keep close ties with the former president of Argentina, who twice defaulted on her country’s debt and went on national television to blame General Motors consumers for the technical problems in the cars.

But perhaps more vile than shifting blame and keeping shady ties with economically inept government leaders is the fact that Bass is exploiting a legal loophole in order to create a profit for the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. A legal loophole that is currently being taken up by a bipartisan committee in Congress to close it.

The drug industry has united against Bass, citing his process as abusive and extortive, with no real results for the public. Bass continued to extol his morals, but after the pharmaceutical company Celgene filed a suit against him, Bass came out and admitted that he was driven by profit instead of altruism.

So the question remains — is Kyle Bass fighting drug patents for just profit, or does the fact that real people’s lives are touched by this matter at all? Time can only tell as the patents up for review must reach a conclusion within a year. Then, and only then, will anyone see the results of Bass’ work.  But as UsefulStooges shows, it’s not necessarily promising, and Bass’ choices remain exceedingly questionable.

An Entrepreneur of Vision, Grace and Heart

“Be bold. Take the first step today. Smile. Be humble. Work hard. Volunteer. Tutor. The important thing is to make a difference and follow through with your commitments.”

This has been true throughout the life of Dick DeVos. He has spent his business career in various executive positions of Amway, NBA’s Orlando Magic and the Windquest Group where he is currently President. As president of Amway from 1993 to 2002 he was responsible for all aspects of the company’s operations in 50 countries. Before becoming President, he held the position of Vice President – Amway International, where he oversaw the operations in 18 countries. Under his bright leadership, he tripled international sales to exceed domestic sales for the first time in the company’s history.

Dick DeVos inspirational leadership and insight allowed him to be a prominent leader in many community initiatives. These include the Education Freedom Fund, which awarded more than 4,000 scholarships to underprivileged children in Michigan, West Michigan Aviation Academy and serves on the State Board of Education. Mr. DeVos is an active member of multiple downtown revitalization and regional health care improvements, which include a $75M downtown arena, $212M convention center, a $130M heart hospital, $90M medical school and a $30M Downtown market.

Mr. DeVos and his wife, Betsy DeVos, joined together to found the Dick and Betsy Family Foundation. This heartfelt foundation serves as a catalyst for partner organizations that position the local and global communities for growth and viability. First formed in 1989 it is based on the solid foundation and principles that was handed down from their parents. With both of their involvement they provide a secure and beautiful path for others to follow and look up to.

Brazil’s Austerity Plan Alone Won’t Fix The Economy According To BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães

It’s no secret. Brazil’s credit rating has been downgraded, and it may happen again. It’s also no secret that most people want President Dilma Rousseff to resign. The Working Party leader was popular when she took office, but several mistakes in judgment and nagging corruption issues have tainted her record and ruined her credibility. The country has been in a recession for the last two years, and it looks like it will continue next year. Rousseff has offered an austerity plan that basically cuts spending and raises taxes, but according to BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães that won’t be enough to pull Brazil out of these devastating economic times.
Guimarães told that Rousseff’s austerity plan is not Brazil’s ticket out of a recession. China buying power, or lack of it, has a lot to do with the recession. Brazilian exports have been carrying the economy for the last nine years, but oil and commodity prices have put a dent in the export business. Ricardo also mentioned the fact that the government has to make it easier for companies to do business in Brazil. The complicated tax system and the outdated pension system need to be overhauled as well.
Even though there will be a budget deficit in 2016, Guimarães and his family owned bank will still sponsor Brazilian soccer teams in 2016. BMG Bank spends millions on soccer sponsorships, and the bank plans to spend more in 2016. The reason for the increase is simple. Bank profits from the exposure that soccer gives the bank are skyrocketing. The small, but formidable, BMG Bank is outperforming its competitors in the consignment credit industry even though inflation is more than 10 percent a year, and interest rates are the highest they have been in decades.

Mr. Guimarães is a mining entrepreneur with a vision. He wants to turn his family owned bank into one of the most respected banks in the industry. Ricardo was recently interviewed by, and he said that the research firm Endeavor, along with the British research firm Meta, did a study on Brazilian entrepreneurs. The study discovered that most Brazilian entrepreneurs are not as proactive as they should be especially during a recession. Almost all entrepreneurs have dreams, expectations, big ideas and enough creativity to help pull the country out of the recession, but they are not proactive enough to get the job done, according to the study.

The banker also said that members of the administration suffer from the same issue, and that is another major reason Brazil is stuck in a financial conundrum. The people that know Guimarães know that he doesn’t fall into the lack of reactiveness category. His record speaks for itself.

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The North American Spine Center Becomes Part Of Nobilis Health

The North American Spine Center is a cutting edge medical clinic that was recently purchased by Nobilis Health. The Spine Center offers a brand new procedure that allows patients to relieve lingering back pain, and the Spine Center is becoming the flagship for specialty care among all Nobilis properties. This article explains why the North American Spine Center is the best specialty clinic in the industry.

#1: AccuraScope

The AccuraScope procedure is the finest back pain relief system in the world. Patients who visit the Spine Center for help with their back pain are given a free consultation, schedule their appointment and have their back pain managed in a very short time. AccuraScope is a patented procedure that makes it possible for people to live their lives again, and the procedure need only be done once. Nobilis Health acquired the Spine Center because of this amazing and innovative procedure that is changing lives.

#2: Will Their Technology Spread?

The AccuraScope technology is the leading back pain relief system in the world, and it may be licensed to other clinics in the future. Patients across the country who are in need of help with their back pain need not travel to Texas if the procedure is licensed to other clinics in the future, and people who find an AccuraScope clinic near them will no longer struggle with the most terrible back pain imaginable.

#3: What Can Nobilis Do For The Spine Center?

Nobilis Health provides financial backing and support that will allow the Spine Center to further its work in the medical industry. The medical industry requires money to advance, and people who come to the Spine Center in the future will be met with even better technology than the center has today. Nobilis Health will help the Spine Center advance its own objectives, and the AccuraScope technology will become even more powerful than it is today. The simple AccuraScope procedure could give birth to many other procedures that will help patients.

The North American Spine reviews show that the center is a wonderful clinic that has focused its work on helping patients get past back pain that has hurt them for years. Someone who has given up hope of feeling normal again may come to the Spine Center for help, and AccuraScope will help people get the results they have been hoping for for many years. The North American Spine Center and Nobilis Health working in tandem will help change lives.

Madison Street Capital Offers Capital Restructuring

There are many cases when a business is going to need capital restructuring. Fortunately, Madison Street Capital offers these kinds of services to clients. Their focus is on providing middle-market business corporate funding solutions that are effective. Their diverse sources of funding that are available include lenders that offer loans based on assets, venture capital groups, angel investors, mezzanine lenders, private equity groups and credit providers. Madison Street Capital has a customized approach when it comes to business financing which comes from their extensive experience and care for the satisfaction of their clients. They care about providing the best solutions for their clients.

The main reason Madison Street Capital is so successful as a company is that they care about their clients. They take the time to customize everything about their services to the needs of each individual client. They look at the business not by the category, but by each individual unique trait that it carries. It is important for Madison Street Capital to understand that it is dealing with a unique client every time. If a hedge fund firm treats a client as if he is the same as a previous client, then the firm is likely to fail in providing for the exact needs of the client.

Many clients that are looking for a firm to provide some of the many different business services are going to find themselves frustrated with many of the choices. Often times, they have a hard time choosing from among the many available hedge funds. To top it off, any choice they make is likely to be a bad choice. Fortunately, Madison Street Capital is the one company that stands out from among the rest due to how they treat their clients and handle their needs. Madison Street Capital has not only been in business for years but has also learned a lot in its experience in how it can assist its clients with the different needs they have.

Madison Street Capital has been very successful in every sort of business and financing. They have been successful in helping clients with targeted startups. They also help businesses in their early stages so that they get going successfully. They have also helped with the buying and selling of business as well as management buyouts. In their ten years of business, Madison Street Capital has shown that they are a reliable firm to do business with.

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Solo Capital and Their Contribution to Ensuring Business Success

Many people have tried out different areas of investment in the hope that they will get returns that are sustainable. However, due to many challenges that happen to businesses, some end up making losses and eventually exit the market, leaving only established businesses. This does not steal all hope for investors as it is possible to invest and make profit, if you get the right information. Lack of technical know-how should never be held as a reason for one to fail to achieve a certain goal. You can rely on professionals who have been in the business world for many years and they will help you make the right decisions and at the perfect time. Solo Capital is a leading company that has been offering services that have allowed investors to embrace profits.

Solo Capital offers services in various areas, including investment management. With the help of Solo Capital, you will not have to handle difficult tasks of managing your venture and making complicated plans that you may not easily comprehend. The company will take up this role to eliminate any chances of making the wrong decisions or misinterpreting information collected about a business. This has allowed them to manage various investments for leading firms, which have also been able to record positive results.

Proprietary trading is an issue that many people will want to place in the hands of professionals due to the requirements that are needed and the risks involved. This is an area Solo Capital has embraced fully ad they have been able to offer solutions to the transactions. Many people who have used Solo Capital have confirmed that the company is always dedicated to offering the best to its customers. All documentation that is required to complete the transactions is taken care of by the company.

Brokerage is also an area that Solo Capital has ventured into successfully. They have worked on different projects that have been handed over to buyers and the sellers have been able to release their property within few days. One of the things that make the company more reliable is the fact that they have established connections and built trust due to the honest transactions they have been offering. Solo Capital has also invested in offering global security for different companies and businesses. Generally, they have been ranked among top companies that have invested in sensitive areas yet have managed to maintain top performance and reliability. Get in touch with Solo Capital on Twitter, or you can like them on Facebook.

Winning the HFM US Hedge Fund Award a Confirmation of Highland Capital Management’s Commitment to investing in the Healthcare Sector

The s Dallas based investment firm Highland Capital Management has won a series of awards for its outstanding performance in the industry. The company has made headlines in the recent wining of the HFM US based award in the 40 act category for its health care sector. The company has invested heavily in the health sector managing assets worth over $3 billion.

Traditionally, many investments firms did not have diverse products for a range of investment. The financial crises from struggling economy have changed the usual business for many investment firms. Currently their products are covering different sectors including the healthcare sector, real estate, and equity sales.

The Highland is the leading hedge firm in health care sector. The award didn’t come as a surprise but a confirmation of the company’s commitment to the Michael Gregory team. Michael is the head of health care investments and the company’s head of alternative investments. He is also the CIO for Highland.

The judges considered several factors for evaluation before deciding on the winner. The successful company had outdone its competitors in investor relations and manager pedigree. The judges also reviewed the five-year performance records of the enterprise.

The Highland capital management president Mr. James Dondero congratulated Michael and his team for making the company proud. He reiterated the company’s goals to achieve a wider platform for healthcare investments in the coming years. The Highland company has been operational since 1994 since its founding by Jim and mike Okada. The firm has taken advantage of emerging markets to expand outside the US boarders. With the latest additional in Brazil, the company is moving fast to grow its investment base past the current $ 21 billion.

Jim is a renowned entrepreneur from Dallas who has served in several senior positions in the finance industry. Since graduating from the University of Virginia where he specialized in accounting and finance, he worked in protective life firm. The firm is a subsidiary of GIC where Jim worked as the chief financial officer. Jim also worked with the American Express in the late 80’s where he grew the company’s assets to $ 1 billion. Currently, he is also the president of Nexpoint bank and the chair of cornerstone health care.

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Charles Koch Gives An Enormous $90 Million Dollars Away To Needy Southern Colleges

Charles Koch can always be relied upon as a man of great strength who stands up for what he believes in. Whether it is his beliefs in how a business should be run, or his widely publicized and sometimes controversial political beliefs, Charles Koch is a pillar of strength for many. The brilliant businessman and billionaire is current CEO of Koch industries, the second largest profiting private company in the united state, it’s valued at $100 billion dollars. Forbes named him #5 in the Forbes 400 (2015), he is listed at #29 for the Forbes list of Powerful People (2015), and is currently tied for the title for the world’s sixth-richest person.

Charles Koch has written his second book, that he coined,”Good Profit”. This interesting read reveals how entrepreneur Charles Koch applied certain basic principles and strategies that were used to take his father’s original company from the value of a mere $21 million in the 1960’s to one worth more than $100 billion today. According to Charles Koch, he made the sometimes difficult choices to take the high road and listen to his customers, as well as took advise from his employees in a time when other big corporations were known for their underhanded dealings in business. Saying that the customer always knows best Charles Koch remains focused on improving lives as well as his products. Through furthering criminal justice reform and Civil rights, Charles Koch is an avid public speaker and advocate who donates regularly to advance reform policies. Charles Koch is outspoken about making changes for the better within government and politics, but also in the treatment of employees and within business dealings.

Charles Koch is presently rising in the ranks of the worlds list of most giving of philanthropists, as he was just recently reported as bestowing an enormous amount of money to further college education. The administration of Western Carolina University located in North Carolina asked the public school’s chancellor to approve a new academic center funded by the Charles Koch Foundation, and chaired by the successful CEO. This private nonprofit headed by Charles Koch funds progressive academic programs, scholarships, professorships, conferences, lecture series and economics centers, all for the purpose of furthering advanced education. This newly gifted $90 million dollar donation makes Charles Koch among one of the highest giving philanthropists of all time. Eighty-five percent of the donations from the enormous $90 million dollar donation went to be dispersed among 147 needy Southern colleges and universities.

Giving Back With U.S. Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve are attempting to highlight the plight of the hungry during the Holiday season by starting a crowd funding effort that aims to provide assistance to a central Texas based food bank. Digital Journal explains the trader in government released gold, silver and platinum coins is looking to expand its charitable giving over the 2015 Holiday season with a crowd funding campaign to provide donations for the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas, which assist communities in more than 21 counties in central Texas.

The U.S. Money Reserve company was formed by a group of traders in precious metals who hoped to aid people in all budget ranges with their investments. As confidence in Wall Street has waned the purchase of precious metals has grown at a fast rate with U.S. Money Reserve growing to employ more than 100 experienced experts in precious metals. The major investment opportunities offered by the company include government produced coins made form precious metals that can form the basis of an investment for people at a large or small level.

U.S. Money Reserve has established a Crowdrise page allowing their clients, friends and employees to make donations towards assisting the Capital Area Food Banks of Texas in providing more food than ever before through the more than 300 agencies they partner with across central Texas. The food bank provides assistance across more than 19.000 square miles of central Texas to those who do not have enough to eat. U.S. Money Reserve has recognized the problems facing many families and individuals during the Holiday Season when many feel their need the strongest.

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Charles Koch’s Take on the U.S. Government

According to a report released on Yahoo Finance, Charles Koch thinks he is liberal, and wants to find a working relationship with the U.S. Government. Mr. Koch is considered by many as a banker and someone promoting social institutions and practices, said that he can be called ‘classical liberal’. According to him, he wants a society where there is adequate peace, tolerance and civility. Koch wants a society that doesn’t have obstacles preventing invention and opportunities among entrepreneurs and investors. His remarks were directed to the government for its excessive intervention in its operations.

Charles Koch is an entrepreneur worth about $40 billion is ranked ninth richest individual in the globe, according to Forbes ranking. He is the Chief Executive officer of Koch Industries, a company operating in oil industry and also manufacturing toilet papers that is based in Wichita, Kan. Charles is a true entrepreneur who took control of his family business in the mid-1960s when it had about $23 million in sales, to become the second-largest private organization in the United States with more than $110 billion in sales. In fact, Charles does not have three degrees, but his entrepreneurship skills and potential made him very successful. He recently donated about $90 million to help fund higher education.
Koch is recognized by many people as someone who largely criticized the U.S. Government for overstepping its mandate, is a considering a move to approach the White House, as a way of finding common grounds. Koch says that they will be doing this through reform of criminal justice and also agree on how to eliminate occupational licensing that discriminates disadvantaged persons from being employed. Furthermore, Koch wants the government to reform and supplement the education sector so that people can be educated on principles and values he learned, which enabled him to achieve great dreams that he never expected.

In the next election season, Koch wants both parties to stop overspending because it may force the country into a financial crisis. The entrepreneur pointed out that the federal government has more than $100 trillion in debt and other unfunded liabilities. Koch wants foreign policy reforms to be done in order to make American safer, which is a primary role of the government. In his opinion, Koch prefers a system where individuals can manage their lives while the government’s responsibility is to set basic rules, which does not discriminate anybody.

This info was originally published on Yahoo Finance: