Chronic Pain Can Be Cured At North American Spine

Imagine getting up every day, in pain, working in pain, going home in pain, and going to sleep in pain. Not only is pain something that many live with, it’s something that many struggle with on a daily basis. Anyone who is having pain all the time, may be having what’s called chronic pain. Chronic pain can be in the neck and the back, and it makes it incredibly hard to go through a day without any pain. Sometimes, a person may move a certain way, or bend to pick up something, and the pain will become unbearable. There are some with pain so bad, that they can no longer work.

Anyone who has had pain for a long period of time, in their neck and back, should consider going to North American Spine. If surgery is required, in order to cure the pain that a patient is having, a doctor will recommend that the patient be examined, and then have the surgery performed. Surgery is something that is a last resort, but it may be necessary for those who have chronic pain. If pain has taken over the life of a patient, then it’s time to do something, other than going to a doctor and taking pain medications.

Although the pain medication may be helping to get rid of the pain, wouldn’t it be better to relieve the pain permanently? North American Spine can examine someone with chronic neck or back pain, and determine the best way to proceed forward. Many are recommended to receive the AccuraScope procedure, which is a minimally invasive surgery that takes about 45 minutes. After the surgery is performed, a patient can go home, in order to finish the healing process.

Because the healing process can be relatively short, a patient can be up and walking, very soon after having the procedure performed.  Although it’s not uncommon for some people to ignore their pain and continue living with it, a procedure can be performed, so the pain can be minimized or banished completely. When visiting North American Spine, exams are performed, as well as an MRI, and the patient will find out if they are eligible to have the AccuraScope procedure performed.

The World of Plastic Surgery According to Dr. Rohrich


Dr. Rod Rohrich was born and raised on a ranch in North Dakota. After finishing high school, he received his undergraduate degree from North Dakota State University and his post-graduate degree from the University of North Dakota. Dr Rod Rohrich finished off his education by receiving his medical credentials from Baylor College of Medicine. His residency work was done in a variety of prestigious hospitals, including The University of Michigan Medical Center and in pediatric plastic surgery at Oxford University in England.

After joining the staff at the UTSW College of Medicine in 1986, Dr Rod Rohrich became a renowned plastic surgeon and was eventually appointed as the school’s chairman in 1991. As an academic, Dr Rod Rohrich spent a good deal of his time with fellow associates working on advanced research and new surgical procedures. To date, his current area of expertise is Rhinoplasty.

As an author, Dr. Rod Rohrich has written several books and textbooks related to various advanced plastic surgery topics. Dr Rod Rohrich has also been a major contributor to other publications and provided over 500 peer reviews. He currently sits as the editor-in-chief for the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery medical journal.

As a physician and plastic surgeon, Dr Rod Rohrich is considered one of the best in the country. In Early 2015, he was selected by a large group of peers at the Castle Connolly’s Top Doctor Program as one of the top plastic surgeons in America. This is one of the most prestigious honor bestowed on physicians because of the process. Over 50,000 doctors nationwide provide nominations and input into the process before the honorees are announced.

On the lecture circuit, Dr. Rod Rohrich has become a highly sought after speaker. Dr Rod Rohrich has addressed students at top medical schools and made presentations to doctors during national and world conferences. One of his favorite speaking topics is the need to promote safety and more patient care when performing various surgical procedures. Aside from his speaking engagements, he also sits on the board of many medical associations and organizations. Included in his extensive list of extracurricular associations is the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the Association of Academic Chairman of Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

JMH Development And Jason Halpern Creat New Residences In South Florida

 Jason Halpern believes in building up communities with the use of his buildings. These buildings are going to be the pillars of the area, and they are going to allowpeople to come in from all over to set up other businesses. Halpern’s company, JMH Development has built up these residences in New York to help develop disused areas, and he is going to do the same in South Florida. Some people are looking for a nice place to live, and other people want to have a nice vacation space in the area.

The homes that are being built by Mr. Halpern and his JMH group are going to provide homeowners with a beautiful condo space that sits in a gorgeous building with other families and singles. These spaces alone are valuable, but they also give the people in the building a chance to live in a nice community.

With his new South Beach plans, Halpern is going to change the way South Florida functions.  This is the best way to make sure that you get the most money out of your investment, and you will be able to live in a modern building. That modern building is going to rise in value, and the JMH property is going to turn a profit for

Dr. Daniel Amen, Holistic Eating, and the Brain

Dr. Daniel Amen, author, physician, and psychiatrist, is one of the leading experts on the link between good nutrition and maximum brain function and overall health. In his clinical practice, Dr. Daniel Amen blends his medical practice with his view on nutrition and holistic eating. He recently partnered with Dr. Mark Hyman and Pastor Rick Warren to write the book, “The Daniel Plan”.

According to Dr. Amen there are super brain foods that should be eaten to help the brain work at its peak. Super brain foods on his list include the following: almonds, apples, avocados, blueberries, cashews, cinnamon, coconut oil, coffee, dark chocolate, eggs, green tea, kale, olive oil, oregano, salmon, Shirataki noodles, sweet potato, turkey, and walnuts.

Each of these brain foods improves or maintains cognitive abilities.  Some, like cashews and cinnamon, help with memory. Others, like Shiraka noodles, and apples contain fiber that give a sense of fullness. Coconut oil and green tea help with metabolism and weight. Avocados and salmon contain omega-3-tatty acids which help maintain cognitive function.

Foods on this list include grains like pearled barley and the old-fashioned oatmeal, frozen vegetables, fruits like apples, bananas, and oranges, cottage cheese, eggs, beans, canned tuna, skim milk, and water.

While the cost of eating healthy may appear more expensive at first,it isn’t. Dr. Daniel Amen stresses in the long run, eating healthy is much cheaper because of what is saved in terms of physical, mental, and emotional health.

The Daniel Plan Diet has helped thousands of individuals lose weight, and transform, not only the way they look, but the way they feel and think. The benefits of this diet, however, are far greater than just weight loss. Dr. Daniel Amen has shown lack of proper nutrition may cause or contribute to common psychiatric conditions like ADHD, ADD, depression, and anxiety.

In clinical practice, Dr. Daniel Amen uses a holistic approach, looking at all parts of the individual, including physical, mental, psychological, social, and spiritual. Amen Clinics are located in California, Washington, Washington D.C., New York, and Georgia.

SPECT imaging is done to show the physiology of the brain.Detoxification, lifestyle changes, medication, nutritional changes and supplements-all are part of the treatment program. For those who can’t go to a clinic, seriously read the book, “The Daniel Plan”.

The Business and Philanthropy of Keith Mann

Business Career

Keith Mann is a well known Founder and CEO. Working in the field of executive search for 15+ years, he specializes in compensation for hedge funds and staffing strategy.  He quickly demonstrated his competency and became the executive vice president of the company. Also a former Managing Director for the same Dynamics Executive Search (based in New York City), he was tasked with recruiting quality talent for financial service firms that operated internationally. In 2002, while still at Dynamics Executive Search, he formed the Alternative Investment Practice to address the growing demand for hedge fund services and a lack of support from existing search firms.

He grew the company in 2006 to include the private equity industry, and soon after that, Mann formed DSP – Dynamics Search Partners – in 2009.  As the CEO, Mann oversees the daily operations and helps his clients in hiring great people for investment, strategy, and marketing roles in addition to building new platforms altogether. DSP has an impressive global presence, assisting firms in Europe, Asia, the U.S., and placing over 200 qualified candidates for clients each year.


Mann has maintained strong philanthropic efforts, helping charities with donations and organizing events that contribute to the causes. For example, he put on a mixer in 2008 in which Dynamics Search Partners alone donated $8,000 for Hopes an Heroes.

He also lead the effort on behalf of DSP to teach children the college skills they need to be successful through Uncommon Schools and to donate $10,000 to them in 2013.

In addition, Keith Mann has spread his philanthropic efforts to reach out to the NYPD in times of crisis, a gesture that demonstrates his commitment to the community.

Christopher Cowdray, He Made Luxury His Job.

Christopher Cowdray was born in Zambia and attending school there for a most of his early education. As a young man, he did leave Zambia and settled down in New York to continue his upper education at Columbia University in New York. Mr. Cowdray’s degree was earned through the Columbia Business School’s Executive Program. Soon he was managing hotels not just in Africa but also Asia, Australia, the Middle East and the UK.
Mr. Cowdray has over thirty years of hotel experience, holding managerial positions all over the world. In the UK, Mr. Cowdray was a previous managing director at London’s Claridge.  In three years, he became the chief executive officer of the Dorchester Collection, which is owned by the Dorchester Group Ltd.
In 2008, his first year as CEO Mr. Cowdray had added the Hotel Bel-Air and the New York Palace Hotel. The New York Hotel was later sold, but new ones keep joining the group of luxury rooms and fine dining. In 2013, Mr. Cowdray was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award at the European Hospitality Awards.
Mr. Cowdray today feels that every member of the hotel’s team must work together to allow clients to feel that pure sense of luxury. He finds that no one worker has a lesser job than those of others; rather all are critical in delivering exceptional service.
In an interview with Leaders Online in 2013, Mr. Cowdray spoke about his clients and some of the groups hopes for the future.
He doesn’t feel that luxury is the same today as it once was. The times have changed and so have our expectations. Today people tend to want friendly, happy people to interact with them. They don’t want a strict, straight and formal manner anymore. Flexibility is important in today’s definition of luxury hotels. Mr. Cowdray admits that he is picky about his choice of hotels for the group, but he states that there will be more added to the Collection. He hopes to grow into some of the markets where he already has a presence.

Dreams Are Real

Dreamers are people that can imagine things far above the constraints of the physical world. From a young age, we are told to dream big, and that we can accomplish anything that we put our minds to. However, when someone begins chasing a dream, people often tell that person to get real. It’s a bit ironic, Torchin thought,  that we are told to dream, but then told to quit dreaming moments later.

The truth of the matter is that we can accomplish anything in this life. It all comes down to belief.  Why can’t you add your name to the list of successful people?

You can accomplish your dreams, but you must be willing to go through a lot of difficulties. Nothing will be handed to you in this life. You must be willing to go out into the world and take whatever it is that you want. Obviously you cannot break the law, but you should not be afraid of what people say or think.

How bad do you want to stand out from the rest crowd? Find your passion in life, and become the best at it. You only live one life, so you should make the best of it. For more life tips, visit Buzzfeed.

Michele Ferrero, Owner of the Ferrero Group, Passes Away at Age 89

Michele Ferrero, Italy’s richest man, has passed away at the age of 89, according to reports. Ferroro, owner of the Ferrero Group, had a net worth of $23.5 billion, and had been dubbed the “richest candy man on the planet” by Forbes Magazine. He was the 30th wealthiest man on the planet.

Michele Ferrero has been credited with taking a small chocolate business and turning it into a household name. The company is responsible for the Ferrero Rocher pralines that are popular the world over, or at least Globo reports that. Ricardo Tosto says the company is also responsible for Raffaello, Mon Cheri, and Kinder brand chocolates. The company is also the owner of Nutella, the world’s most popular chocolate hazelnut spread.

According to reports, Michele Ferrero had been suffering from a longterm illness prior to his passing. The company, which is family owned, was once rumored to be in talks with Nestle. According to sources, Michele would have never let that happen to the company he built from the ground up. His passing, however, has sparked further rumors about the fate of the family-owned business.


Boredom Gives Way to Creativity

Boredom used to be the enemy. It strikes unsuspecting victims on rainy days and long car rides. Children get punished for even muttering the word. Employees feel it as the clock starts to slow. No one would ever suspect that it actually has the creative power that relaxation and excitation lack.

A recent study done by Brianna Middlewood and Karen Gasper discovered that boredom may be helpful for people assigned creative tasks said Bernardo Chua. Some people can relax while doing nothing.  This distinction implies that the later group wants to do something and still has potential to reach. Who could have known that getting bored could be a positive character trait?Gasper and Middlewood’s test asked participants to look at a word and name another that is associated with it. The word transportation makes people think of cars. If the person is bored, though, he make thing of creative ways to travel. The word camel was thrown around.

A more interesting test was done by researchers Sandi Mann and Rebekah Cadman. They instructed participants to either read a phone book or not to. The people that chose to read the book got bored.

If you said it was the first group, you may need to do something boring.

BRL Trust: An up and coming Investment Firm

When it comes to making your next investment, the Brazilian based firm BRL Trust may the best option to consider. Founded in 2005, the firm has spent the past decade offering private loans and fiduciary services along with other investment opportunities. The BRL Trust firm is comprised of a large and fully experience staff that can assure your investment is safe and satisfactory.

BRL Trust was founded by Mauricio Ribeiro, a former shareholder of Pentágono S.A. DTVM. Focusing specifically on fiduciary services, BRL started focusing on private sector credit, eventually capturing numerous leads in the local market. Ribeiro was also among members that formed a Trustee Subcommittee called ANBIMA, a firm that represents many large stakeholders in the Brazilian capital market.BRL Trust is the biggest independent establishment of investment funds throughout Brazil. Their number one mission is about pure dedication to customers by using all company resources to ensure a safe and efficient experience regardless of the type of investment pursued. They are sure to ensure an ethical business practice for everyone, utilizing their well-disciplined staff to represent the firm in a positive fashion.

BRL Trust expects to continue to grow, as ANBIMA has recognized the firm as the biggest independent manager of investment funds in Brazil. Ribeiro and his staff will only continue to expand their knowledge and experience in the investment world, and are always hiring new staff to expand their services. Overall, the firm’s promising history and positive reviews from customers and critics will spark BRL Trust’s future into dominating the investment industry for decades to come.