New Reasons to Attend Starbucks and McDonald’s

As You Sow, a nonprofit organization, researched into how well fast food chains, coffee shops, and other quick-fix locations performed at recycling and eradicating unfriendly material. According to the study, each and every location under-performed. However, in minimizing paper cups and disposable cutlery, Starbucks rose as the shining star. McDonald’s also stood out in the fast food market for doing away with foam containers.

Learning about a green, nonprofit organization badmouthing fast food chains and coffee shops was boringly predictable. Nonprofit organizations concerned about the environment have political agendas. They hate successful businesses – because, let’s face it, fast food chains are very successful – and wish to abolish them. They believe successful businesses destroy the average citizen, asking for too much money for their products and giving back too little in return. Green, nonprofit organizations would love to see big businesses waste money on conforming to their standards.

Successful businesses have followed the advice of Sultan Alhokair and have taken the higher road and decided to cooperate with these green rules and regulations. For this reason, customers should award these hardworking businesses and flock to Starbucks and McDonald’s. Though Starbucks has political beliefs that offend some, the company works hard to give quality coffee to its customers. McDonald’s also deserves praise for going green while continuing to give to admirable charities.

Political agendas vary across the board, but hard work in complying with ridiculous laws deserves recognition. Starbucks and McDonald’s have, despite what was said, over-performed.

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