Heather Russell: New Addition to The TransUnion Administrative Team

Heather Russell will be the new Chief Legal Officer at TransUnion, a credit reporting agency. As of June 4th, 2018, Russell will be replacing acting Chief Legal Officer, John Blenke, who will soon be announcing his retirement. As Chief Legal Officer Russell will be responsible for the legal government relations, corporate governance and compliance, consumer privacy functions of TransUnion and Subsidiaries, along with other duties.

Heather Russell has over 2 decades of global financial service experience. Prior to accepting the positions with TransUnion, she led the financial institution regulation, supervision and fintech practices at the law firm of Buckley Sanders,LLP. Russell also worked for a couple of other companies such as Fifth Third Bank, where she wore multiple professional hats. Her titles there were Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and corporate secretary. She also worked for Bank of New York Mellon as Head of Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs and Managing Bank Director, for 4 years, as well as Bank of America as a General Counsel Associate, for 5 years.

According to Bloomberg, President and Chief Executive Officer of TransUnion, Jim Peck, trust that Russell will be a valuable contribution to their team. Russell has the expertise to help expand this ever-growing company. CEO Jim Peck stated, “I’m confident Heather will be a strong addition to TransUnion’s leadership team as we continue to execute on our growth strategy and provide innovative information solutions to benefit consumers, customers and global economies.” Heather Russell has proven she is more than capable of excelling in this position and continues to show her aptitude for financial service.

Go her for source: https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2018/05/01/1494394/0/en/Heather-Russell-Joins-TransUnion-as-Chief-Legal-Officer.html

Graham Edward the newest chairman of Telereal Trillium

Graham Edwards stepped up and became the CEO of Telereal Trillium since it was formed in the year 2001. It was under the leadership of their CEO that they became the market leader in property outsourcing. It is also worth mentioning that he was the one who led the negotiations for the acquisition of Trillium and so their annual revenues hit the one billion pound. Before he became the CEO at Trillium, he had studied Economics at Cambridge University. He had also worked at Merrill Lynch Investment Management as a fund manager. At this post he acquired plenty of skills that helped create a good base for his future career.

Graham Edwards is not only an investor but he is also a philanthropist. His main areas of investments include mining, real estate as well as software development. He also holds positions in different committees to help serve his community.

In the many years that Graham Edwards led the company as chief executive, since 2009, he did a great work. He has now taken another step to become the company’s newest chairman. His old position will be filled by the very able Rusell Gurnhill who was previously the company’s joint managing director. Rusell Gurnhill will have his previous seat filled by Adam Dakin. Adam will take up the responsibilities of new business and services. The other directors in the company including Graeme Hunter and Michael Hackenbroch will keep their previous roles and responsibilities.

According to Graham Edwards they had been planning the restructure for some time now. The restructure was a response to the ever changing demands and priorities of the business. Edward has much faith in his team and he believes that they have enough experience and expertise to identify opportunities and create value for all their stakeholders. They will continue to deliver great service to all their property partners and also contributing to the government’s housing targets that are based in strategic land that is meant for residential development. Graham and his team will do all these while they steel manage one of the largest property portfolios in the UK.

Kevin Seawright Has Worked Hard Through The Years

Kevin Seawright is someone who is known as a financial leader, and he has been working in Baltimore for a long time. He has spent years working hard for those who have relied on him for help, and he has done good work. He currently works for RPS Solutions. Through the work that he does with this company, Mr. Seawright is able to supply loans to those who are struggling to get the financial help that they need. This man takes the job that is before him and he works hard at it, hoping to accomplish as much as possible over the course of his career. See more of Kevin Seawright at Crunchbase

The Twitter account of Kevin Seawright is focused on sports, especially basketball. This account shares links to news about sports. The account is not very personal as it mainly just shares links and does not share a lot of personal messages. Those who are interested in the same types of sports as this man may enjoy following him on Twitter. There are some who might choose to follow the man on Twitter without really knowing who he is, simply because of all of the sports content that he shares through his account.

Kevin Seawright has been featured in various news outlets, including Markets Insider. The article about him that was shared in Markets Insider focused on the partnership that RPS Solutions made with The National Community Stabilization Trust. Another article in the news that was focused on this man shared how he and RPS Solutions help to provide low income housing to those who are in need of that. This article was shared through PR Newswire and it was an informative article that included general information about RPS Solutions and the work that it is doing. Mr. Seawright is someone who is spoken of positively in the news.

Read more: http://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/Increasing-Baltimore-Homeownership-is-Goal-of-RPS-Solutions-New-Partnership-with-National-Community-Stabilization-Trust-1002309082

Jim Toner: Helping with Infertility

Dr. Jim Toner graduated from St. Joseph’s college where he got his B.S. in psychology. He then went on to get his M.D. and Ph. D in 1985 from the University of Pennsylvania’s Medical Scientist Training program. He is specialist in the field of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. He is also board certified in this field. In 2000, he became a member of the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine. Before that, he was working at the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine, which is located in Norfolk, VA. When he worked at the Jones Institute, he was the director for Fellowship Program, as well as the college’s Third Party Reproduction Program.

He has published several works, including: 20 chapters that have to do with reproductive medicine, 80 different articles, and over 100 different abstracts. Not only has he evaluated the effect ovarian reserve has on fertility, but he also looked at how progesterone works with cycles. In addition, he has been known to give presentations at various different meetings. These meetings have been upwards of 200. In terms of organizations where he has held positions, they are: the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, the Registry Committee and the Informed Consents Committee. He was the President of the first 2 organizations and the Chair of the last 2. Besides these, Dr. Toner has also received many awards. Some of those are: The Ciba-Geigy Award from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists’ and the Ortho Award from the American Fertility Society.

According to fertilityiq.com, Dr. Toner’s specialty is the treatment of infertility as well as recurrent miscarriages. Since he has the degree in psychology, he is able to help with his patient’s emotions. He talks to each of them in a warm and caring manner. They can be confident that they will have a doctor that isn’t cold and reserved because he really does care about his patients. Since he has been in this field for several years, he is known for coming up with individual plans that help each person’s needs. This means that no two plans are the same because different patients have different needs.

Dr. Toner has a 4.8 out of 5 star rating on HealthGrades. There are 4 categories in which Dr. Toner’s performance is rated. Those categories are: trustworthiness, explains condition(s) well, answers questions, and time well spent. On all 4 of these, he rated excellent. This means that his patients appreciate him as a doctor and he takes the time to explain everything to his patients. In addition, there are also 4 categories that rated his office and staff’s performance. Those are: scheduling, office environment, staff friendliness, and average waiting time. For the first 3 categories, they rated excellent and the average waiting time is around 10 to 15 minutes. This shows that the patients are treated well by the staff and they don’t sit around waiting for outrageous amounts of time! All in all, the ratings are good and the patients consider him a great doctor.

Get appointment information here: https://doctor.webmd.com/doctor/jim-toner-md-4c6ae85e-1525-41ca-9f9e-1d731925191a-appointments

Ted Bauman On the Correlation Between Time Management and Success

Ted Bauman says that there is a clear correlation between good time management and success. The better you are able to manage your time, the better your chances are of achieving success. You will be more productive and get more things done. Instead of getting something done over the course of a month, for example, you can get something done in half a month or in as little as one week. If you are an entrepreneur and you are building a business, a little change in time management can often result in huge successes for you and for your business.

Ted Bauman himself says that he does not work in an office. Rather, he has an office in his basement. This helps him be more productive personally. Right after he gets his daughter to school, he is able to get work done. He does not have to waste his time in the traffic. Traffic in Atlanta, where Ted lives, can be very hectic at times. The fact that he does not have to spend so much time sitting in traffic does help him be more productive, but there is more to it than that. Visit at ideamensch.com about Ted Bauman

For example, sometimes Ted will wake up at five in the morning and get straight to work. He will have a few hours before he has to get his daughter to school, and he will work nonstop without any compunctions. He knows that the morning is the time of the day that he is most productive, and he does not want to waste it by letting it go without getting work done. He says that you will be surprised at how much you can get done if you work nonstop in the specific time of the day when you are most productive. For Ted, that is early in the morning. However, for other people, it can be late at night when the whole family is sleeping and there is peace and quiet. For others, it can be in the afternoon! It all depends on you as a person.

Ted Bauman takes his job very seriously because he knows that people rely on him for his advice. He does not want to mislead them and cause them to make the wrong decisions. That is why he does so much research before he writes about anything. Learn more: https://seekingalpha.com/user/48547799/comments


Agora Financial Offers Investment Tips

Recently, Agora Financial published information that explains to investors the best strategies for investing in the future. The most important thing for any investor to keep in mind is that in order to invest properly, the investor will need to have information and make wise choices.

The first thing that an investor should do is figure out her goals. The long-term goals are most likely retirement and buying a home. Short-term goals might include purchasing a new car or saving for a once in a lifetime vacation. Investors need to know that there are both long-term and short-term investment options. The IRA and 401(k) plans are long-term investment instruments for people to save for retirement and long-term goals. More short-term investments include certificates of deposits and money market accounts. Investors should have both types of investments in their portfolios.

Investors also need to have an understanding of how much risk that they want to take. Some people will not be comfortable in high-risk investments such as certain types of stocks and bonds. Other investors will be more tolerant of risk. These will usually be younger people who if they experience a loss, they will have an opportunity to recoup some of of the loss. There is nothing wrong with being safe with one’s money.

All investors should have a diverse portfolio of investments. They should not have all of their money in a single stock or in one single market segment. A diverse portfolio includes stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate and cash. Investors should reevaluate their portfolios from time to time to make sure that the portfolio is maintaining its diversity and overall performance.

Finally, Agora Financial recommends that those who are investing for the future seek wise council from a reputable financial advisor. A good financial advisor will be able to help an investor balance his portfolio, assess goals and determine the risk level that the investor is comfortable with.

Jed McCaleb Explains Why He Came Up With Stellar

The concept of cryptocurrencies has been around for years, long before the first one, bitcoin, was released in 2009. They are built upon blockchain technology which provides cryptocurrencies a decentralized ledger to track who owns what. They have been called a democratic phenomenon which will eventually disrupt a number of industries. One of the pioneers of this field is entrepreneur Jed McCaleb which saw their potential years ago.

Some of the main purposes that cryptocurrencies were meant to solve were to reduce the costs of moving money around and enabling people around the globe to financially connect with one another. However, this original concept has been buried by a deluge of new initial coin offerings and projects using crypto. Jed McCaleb came up with a new finance platform named Stellar which is designed to fulfill the original concept of digital currencies. Poor and rich alike can use Stellar all around the world. He set his organization up as a nonprofit, unlike pretty much any other entity behind other cryptocurrencies. His goal is to help people fulfill their basic financial needs.

Stellar Development Fund was established in June 2014. The goal is a philanthropic one, as Jed McCaleb explains it, which is to provide banking services to the half of the world who don’t have access to banking services. As a nonprofit there are no individual profits involved for either the employees of this organization or its investors. Stellar uses open-source code which allows people to send and receive cross-border payments over a service with is distributed in nature.

Jed McCaleb says that so far 100 billion Lumens have been created for the Stellar projects. Lumens are the name of the coin this system uses. His nonprofit adds another 1% of Lumens each year. In order to help get this project off the ground Stripe supplied $3 million and in exchange they received 2% of the Lumens that were available at the time. He says that 18 billion Lumens have been sent out to various entities to date, such as 4 billion to people new to Stellar and another 2 billion held by those who hold bitcoin.

Jed talks about how cryptocurrency will reshape the global payments in this article – https://gazetteday.com/2018/04/jed-mccaleb-talks-blockchain-future-cryptocurrencies/

Netpicks Forex Investing, a Guiding Hand in the Investment World

Netpicks is a trading strategy company that helps people learn the secrets when it comes to trading, offers its clients trading education and how to go about the trading industry (hitechchronicle.com). It was founded in 1996 with the primary goal of being the guiding hand for people with no idea about the trading world. The company has its headquarters in Irving, Texas. With a combination of over 25 years of experience, Netpicks Forex Investing can boast of the various achievements it has had over the years. One major achievement is designing their trading system with their clients in mind.

The advice they offer to their clients helps them take the necessary step to ensure that they are more confident in trade matters. According to Netpicks Forext Investing, Forex trading permits traders to invest in currency price movements. Forex trading is based on speculations whether the currency pair prices will increase or decrease. Forex trading is also commonly referred to as FX trading, Currency trading, or foreign exchange trading. Forex trading offers traders the opportunity to trade the currency pairs in a devolved market. People trade the currency pairs using electronic financial exchange platforms.

The financial exchange platforms are based in major cities like London, Paris, Tokyo, New York, and Sydney. The live signals and charts that Netpicks provide help traders trade with confidence. The various location of trading centers gives traders the opportunity to trade all day with no restrictions. This means when the New York exchange concludes its day’s activities, forex traders can use the Tokyo exchange center to trade. The main reason why traders prefer trading with currency pairs is that the market offers liquidity for the currency pairs.

The main difference between the stock market and the forex market lies in the array of investment offers each provides to traders. Stock markets offer their traders a wide variety of investment opportunities while forex markets offer traders limited options. In forex markets, the most commonly traded currency pairs include the pound against the United States Dollar, the Swiss Franc against the United States Dollar, and the yen against the Euro.

Read this Netpicks review, check dailyforex.com

PSI-Pay: transforming the digital wallet industry

lot of people all over the world still find it hard to get the significant purpose of a digital wallet. This is because these accounts do the similar purpose as compared to the commonly used pocket wallets. Digital wallets have the primary goal of developing a single convenient tool for all transactions in cash as well as credit or debit and loyalty cards. These digital wallets also uphold security at the same time making the owner use one mobile device in every transaction they do. This method replaces the use of numerous cards or papers which is, therefore, a better option.


PSI-Pay is a perfect example of a digital wallet. This service is a Fintech corporation that gets its regulations from the United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority. This level of government regulation as well as oversight has influenced consumers to become less worrisome towards using digital banking. Like PSI Pay many European citizens use the digital wallet to carry balances of cash. They can move various kinds of currencies, e.g., the sterling pound or euro.


The users also can incorporate the debit cards to these services like PSI-Pay and use them to withdraw their cash from ATMs. It also implies the user can pay for the needed products as well as services with money from the account balance of the digital wallet. It is advisable for the users to confirm every payment disputes, as well as chargebacks, are handled.


PSI-Pay recently announced its best year financially when it increased its volume of business users by thirty percent three years ago. The amount has been growing ever since. This is due to their services that they have been providing to both the local market as well as the international market.


The government in Britain gave PSI-Pay the authorization and permission to provide electronic funds to its users in the UK. This was approved in 2011. This approval has seen a rise in the number of users since the introduction of the new payments to solve the problem that existed before. This service enabled the company to provide the users with digital wallets as well as payment cards more efficiently.


The convenient advantages O2Pur brought to the cigarette users

O2Pur is a cigarette company that is new in the market. It was started to provide some added benefits and to do out some of the disadvantages the regular cigarettes have on the users. O2Pur provides the electronic cigarettes which use an electronic device that stimulates the feelings of tobacco smoking. This device is used to heat a nicotine liquid that vaporizes it and then the user takes in nicotine in the form of vapor but not smoke.

One of the greatest advantages that O2pur Company brought in the market for the cigarette users is that with the e-cigs, no unpleasant smell is left on your hand, clothes and generally your body after smoking the traditional cigarettes. This gives the users the confidence to use the cigarettes without the worry on how to deal with the unpleasant smell after smoking.

Another advantage the e-cigs have over the traditional cigarettes is that if they reduce the cases of fire outbreaks, especially in the bush or forested areas. In the recent years, there have been a lot of cases of fire outbreaks not only in the forests but also in the petrol stations and other delicate places that have happened as a result of the careless disposal of the traditional cigarettes after smoking. Well, e-cigs have come to act as a solution to this.

E-cigs have no restrictions regarding smoking zones. They can be used anywhere for example in the offices, in the house, while travelling in a pubic car among other places because it does not release any smoke to the atmosphere and has no effect to the passive smokers.

It has brought another advantage to the cigarette users where the e-cigs are designed in different shapes, colors and some added flavors. Some of the flavors include the strawberry flavor, apple among others. This makes it enjoyable since its delicious and it gives the consumers a choice to use the taste of his or her choice.

Another advantage of the e-cigs over the traditional cigarettes is that they are durable which makes them cost friendly to the users. The cost of making regular purchases of traditional cigarettes in one year is nearly equal to thrice the cost of purchasing one e-cig that can be used for an equal period. It is better to make one expensive purchase that would last longer than making too many petty purchases that will be accumulatively more expensive.

O2Pur as a new company in the market, it has been able to survive in the competitive market because of its creative inventions. They suit the present consumer needs and preferences since according to how busy the world has become, there is no need for restrictions on the places some products like cigarettes should be used that is, with e-cigs, a user can vape while at the same time do his or her office work.